I strongly believe that everyone, especially the Virtual Assistants and VApreneurs should master financial literacy. This is where it all began…
18 years ago, I read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It had a great impact for an ambitious young lady like me at that time but no matter how I tried to put up a business, I always fail. What I didn’t know was that I lack the business foundation that every entrepreneur must have. Though I have business mindset, I lack these three things.
Road to Success
1. Goal
2. Passion
3. Roadmap
Well, I can’t put all the blame on me since I was raised to become an employee. My parents were employees and the society dictates that we excel in academics to become successful employees. But that’s NOT what I want! I want to earn money doing the things I love. More than enough for my family’s expenses to have the opportunity to help others and have more control of my time.
Only when I took Susan Mershon’s The VA Starter Kit (VASK) and VA Business Blueprint (VABB) in 2013 did I realize what my reasons for failure were.
Having to realize this, I remember the “Four Baskets of Income”, also known as the Cash Flow Quadrant that Robert (yes, I want to be on first name basis with him) was preaching in the book, which I was so hardly trying to do. First, let’s enumerate them.
Employee – E
Self-Employed/Small Business – S
Big Business Owners – B
Investors – I
Since 1995, I was an E (employee) until I was able to successfully got out of it to become an S (self-employed) in 2014. It was never easy. Lots of rough roads along the way, no client stability and money was depleting consistently on a monthly basis.
I was a risk taker and I know that. Most of the time, I follow what my heart says but in business, you have to be brave, bold and wise at the same time. Though I already know the theory, I’m only starting to apply its lessons at the moment.
step up
Thanks to the online technologies that opened a worldwide opportunities for Virtual Assistants and VApreneurs like me and to the newly introduced applications such as AirBnB, Grab, Uber and a lot more. These new ways of earning gave an array of options for everyone, even those who doesn’t know how online works.
In his video that inspired me for this blog,
(http://www.knowledgebringsmoney.com/cash-flow-quadrant.html), he said that there are 4 types of people out there. Those who liked to be:
Winning and success takes sacrifice and if you’re one of those people who want to win, there’s so many work to do, many failures to learn from and a long way to go. The challenge is to keep on going.
keep going
From E to S quadrant, I plan on transitioning to B and I. To WIN, acquire financial freedom and be able to use my gift into something more meaningful.
I hope I’ve shared enough stories with you today that will inspire you to make BOLDER decisions in life. Nothing will be achieved without the will of our Creator, so before doing anything else, let’s pause and seek for His guidance first and don’t forget to give thanks at all times.
See you on my next post!