I have been in the Virtual Assistant business since 2013 and I pretty much saw the different possibilities of earning online and how to do it. As I chose VApreneurship, the road less travelled, I knew right then that it’s not going to be easy.
You might be wondering why I chose this path rather than simply polish my resume, send online applications to many agency sites, wait for a successful job interview, do as the Job Description says on the specified time and wait for a fixed paycheck and/or benefits if any. This sounds easier than becoming a VApreneur, right?
I won’t take it against you if you think that my choice of path leads to a narrower, more difficult journey. But my eyes are focused on a “THIN CUP“:
1. Time flexibility for my family
2. Help more Filipinos realize what they want and find a way to get it
3. Inspire more mothers like me to build their own business from home
4. Network and learn from/with other business owners like me
5. Charge what my skills are worth
6. Uncover more about myself
7. Pursue my passion and offer what I love doing
Choosing the easier way by becoming an employee VA (some call it a remote staff or freelancer) doesn’t mean you’re weaker. It just means you chose another path.
If you’ve been following me for quite a while, you may have read my blog about “Define Your Success” http://www.professionalvas.com/define-success/#.WFj0lHd7Fp8http://www.professionalvas.com/define-success/#.WFj0lHd7Fp8
where I cited that each of us has different definition of success based on what makes us happy and what we want in life which may fall in any of these categories:
1. Family and relationships
2. Spiritual
3. Career and Passion
4. Financial
If we find ourselves fulfilled in any one (or more) of these categories , then we are successful in our own ways and that’s all that matters.
However, if you’re one of the few people who likes challenges and thinking without a box, VApreneurship or online business might be for you. Find out what your passion is and how you can earn from it from the comfort of your homes.
Aside from the benefits I mentioned above, there are more possibilities ahead of us when pursuing this path. Because we’ll be working in a global setting, our career/ business possibilities are endless. The only limit is our imagination and fear.
Because of the success of the first VApreneur Workshop last October 2016, the VApreneur Road Team would like to help you decide which path you want to go. We’ll be holding more workshops in 2017. If you think this interests you, kindly CLICK and FILL OUT this FORM so you can take advantage of the early bird special offers.