I have always been a fan of freedom and flexibility, the two main reasons why I chose VApreneurship. The idea of having a business that I can bring anywhere, on my own terms is superb especially when I learned that I can also do the same in my daughter’s education. Let me show you how our family is able to live a world of VApreneurship and homeschooling adventure.

I was still pregnant with my daughter when I discovered that regular families can also homeschool their children with cost that will not rip off an average-income-family’s budget. Since prices vary in many DEPED-accredited-homeschools, it’s up for us to choose which one we think can best support us. After all, homeschooling rely mostly on the eagerness of the parent to teach while the school guide or coach parents in implementing more effective activities to make learning fun and exciting both for the child/ren and parent/s.


Before deciding if homeschooling is for you and your child/ren, you as a parent may want to consider answering these few questions.

Answer the following questions, please…

1. Do you love to teach?
2. Does innovation of processes excites you?
3. Do you have 3-4 hours/day to spare (sometimes more) for homeschooling activities?
4. Do you believe that your child/ren can learn best when taught the way he/she wants it?
5. Do you believe that this is a commitment and needs more attention, critical thinking, artistic ideas and tons of prayers and perseverance?
6. Do you love going to field trips more often than usual?
7. Are you willing to go an extra mile just to make a fun-learning-environment for your child/ren?

If your answers above are all YES, then you may consider shopping for the best DEPED-accredited-homeshools nearby. If you can’t find any, there’s a lot in Manila and they cater to provincial students, even those abroad so distance shouldn’t be a factor for your decision.


Homeshooling parents normally love to travel not just because their children are enjoying it but also because WE are enjoying, too!

This is a good way to bond with kids and show them the world as they are rather than showing pictures in text and workbooks.

Children learn more by interaction, actual experience and playing, of course! That’s what we do during field trips that we, parents also organize. This also serves as our time to bond with other parents, share homeschooling tips, arts and learning materials that we mostly make out of recycled materials from home.

See, homeschooling doesn’t have to be limited inside our homes. My daughter and I usually go out once or twice a week for socialization and co-curricular activities like in her case, Ballet. We also see to it to have all our books, art materials and my laptop handy in case we need them.


Combining homeschooling and VApreneurship is not easy and definitely not for everyone. I chose this road because I believe that the BEST SCHOOL IN THE WORLD is the WORLD itself. I don’t want to confine her in a school setting where she can see limited things and learn only from the teachers.


I believe in time management, tasks prioritization and in being happy in everything we do. This is the road I chose and with God’s grace, I’ll do my best to become the BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD, too!