Last January 28th, 2017 was a very special day for us, the Professionalvas Road team since this is our 2nd VApreneur road tour workshop held in Iligan and our first out of town, at that! You can imagine how excited the whole team was and so as the participants, so let me share with you what happened in the event and how the participants love the training.

Workshop Proper…

Doing their seat works…
Sharing their goals…

Did you get excited with this, too?
What’s event more fun is how they willingly shared their goals, skills and business plans that they didn’t know they have right before they attended the training.
Look how serious they were…

When I first realize the business side of the virtual assistant industry, I said to myself, “This is something all Filipinos should know about”. Lucky for them because they can start younger and with a group of people to start them with.
You see, the hardest part of starting a business is to unlearn the usual things that we do, how we behave, think and even act. Since we’re brought up as effective and efficient employees, we missed the part of building our self confidence to become CEO’s of our own empire.
We’re trapped in the box of our school curriculum and the environment’s own version of “normal” lifestyle. Sleep, work, pay bills and do it all over again like a guinea pig running his wheels endlessly until we all get old, sick and leave without a legacy or never even try to live the life we wanted.
Take a final look on how they’re all excited when they had their certificate of completion.
VApreneur awarding of certificates
10 years from now, I hope to see familiar faces from these people, living their dream life. I would love to hear how the Workshop has opened their minds into pursuing what they want and earn from their passion.
I know it’s not an easy road ahead and not all of them can make it but for those who will endure, see you there… Keep going and don’t forget to keep in touch.