The Level Up: VApreneur One Day To FREEdom! was an old project that took years to be fulfilled. This October, my Road Tour team and I are so happy to share with you a whole day of fun and VApreneurship learning experience to finally kick off your home-based business or freelancing career. Join us in our first ever event and help spread the word.

The goal of the project is to teach you how to earn up to 10X your current VA rate doing the things you love and servicing the clients that appreciates your skills while having more time with family and friends without leaving the country. Sounds good or too good?

If you’re an ordinary employee in the Philippines, some of these scenarios are probably part of your everyday reality:

1. Two or more hours on the road going to and from work everyday
2. Little time spent with family and friends
3. No time to indulge in personal interests
4. Infrequent and short vacations (laging bitin!) due to work commitments
5. Always tired and irritable coming home from work
6. Braving the flooded city streets to get to work or home
7. Stressed out from negative vibes from co-workers
8. Little or no savings due to steady income but ever increasing expenses
9. Debt incurred to cover urgent, unexpected expenses
10. Bored to death working in an unfulfilling or dead-end job

Please, please don’t tell me that you experience ALL of the above!

So if those are part of your everyday existence, wouldn’t you want to make a change for the better? For the sake of your family?



Would you want the following instead?

1. Be your own boss
2. Have a location-independent lifestyle (work from home or whatever location you choose, thanks internet!)
3. Work in your pajamas or pambahay
4. Work on your own time
5. Spend quality time with family and friends
6. Say goodbye to long commute hassles
7. Say goodbye to worrying how to get to work and home on rainy days
8. Work on your own, or work with others who work from home too (and avoid office drama!)
9. Take vacations and travel when you want to
10. Have time to pursue personal interests
11. Earn steady income that’s more than enough for your family’s needs
12. Earn income that lets you live the life you want for yourself and your family

Wouldn’t it be sooooo nice to live these happy scenarios with your family?

You’ve probably seen photos of foreigners lounging in some exotic location and captioning their photos with #working. You’re probably read about some internet marketers, folks who tell stories of how they went from being broke to being millionaires thanks to the wonderful world wide web.

life at the beach

But you tell yourself: “I can’t do that.” “Only foreigners can do that.” “That’s not for me.” And you go back to your daily routine. You miss out on a lot of life’s little pleasures because you chose a path that’s safe, but full of endless hardships. And you continue to complain about it.

But really, why complain when you can do something about your situation? YES, YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! THE FIRST STEP IS TO DECIDE TO TAKE ACTION NOW.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” -Henry Ford

Grab this chance to learn how to earn DOLLARS and have more time for yourself and your family by working from home as a VApreneur (Virtual Assistant + Entrepreneur).

Attend the VApreneur: One Day To FREEdom! Workshop on October 22, 2016 at the Bluefin Grill In Metrowalk, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. The workshop will empower existing and aspiring Virtual Assistants to compete in the global market and fuel their businesses right in the comfort of their homes.


In this workshop, you will learn:

1. How to transition from employee to VApreneur
2. How to capitalize on your passion and existing skills while using the business model suited for your lifestyle
3. Possible opportunities behind online entrepreneurship
4. How to find clients that pay and appreciate the value of your work
5. How to take advantage of technology and build your dream business from home
PLUS: Network with like-minded individuals to learn together in a fun, supportive environment!

Rochefel Rivera of Professional VAs Academy will facilitate the workshop, to be assisted by the ProVAs Road Tour team composed of Bernice Biong, Sherlane Fortunado, Mychelle Chrystiene Tan-Remonte and Maria Cristina Pre, all online entrepreneurs.

Rochefel is a VA coach and an authority in the local VA industry. She conducts online trainings to help individuals get started in their VA business. Working as a virtual assistant herself, she saw the global opportunity for Filipinos in the industry but was dismayed at how Filipinos were being promoted as “cheap VAs with excellent English communication skills and work ethics.” This drove her to help VAs realize their potentials as business owners. Rochefel has mentored many VAs and has helped them thrive in the VA industry.

Sign up now and avail of the early bird discount. Sign up with a friend and get a pair discount. Slots are limited so secure your slots now!

Sign up today in the VApreneur: One Day To FREEdom! Workshop and be free to live the entrepreneurial life that will give you the time and money you need to secure your family’s future!

See you on October 22nd, 9am to 5pm!

Special thanks to Payoneer Philippines, Awe-Mazing Photography, VanSol Travel and Tours and our Media partner, When In Manila for sponsoring this workshop.