Last October 22nd at the Bluefin Grill in Metrowalk, Pasig, we held our first VApreneur Workshop for virtual assistants and aspiring ones. This was a long time dream for me and the whole Road tour team. To empower VAs in competing to the global market and help fuel their business right at the comfort of their homes.
As I always say, the road to entrepreneurship is not an easy road. A lot of battles needs to be won. A battle to yourself, the people around you and the series of events you’ll encounter along the way.
If you’re one of those who attended the event, you know what I mean but if not, let me tell you the battlefields where you need to rule.

5 Virtual Assistant Battles to be Won

1. Getting to know yourself
2. Deciding what you really want
3. Committing to doing it
4. Learning and unlearning things
5. Keeping yourself on track
Now, let me tell you why those 5 battles are important for a VApreneur and every person wanting to build their own business whatever they may be.
First. Getting to know yourself. A lot of people doesn’t know themselves pretty well, would you believe that? Sometimes, they have dreams they don’t realize they have or talents they don’t know the value of. This is crucial for a business owner. Without knowing who you really are, accepting your weaknesses, appreciating your strengths and hold on to your dreams, there’s no way you can focus to get to where you want.
Second. Deciding what you really want. Once you had a successful communion with yourself and discovered the many things you can and can’t do, what you want or don’t want, the next question is, what do you want to do for the rest of your life? What is that something that gives you inspiration and motivation to keep you going even if other have already quitted?
This may seem to be an easy question at first but as you think about it more, you may find yourself in deep empty thought. It is to your advantage if you’re one of the few who already knows what they want because they can skip this battle and go to the next.
Third. Committing to doing it. Doing what? Your answer to the second battle. See how everything needs to be done in proper order? Miss one and you’ll surely go back to square one. Commitment is doing something without any assurance of winning. Are you willing to fight for it anyway?
Fourth. Learning and unlearning things. Would you agree that you don’t know everything you need to get to where you want? Would you also agree that you need to unlearn things that might hamper your journey? If you’re up for this, then you’re ready for the next battle.
Fifth. Keeping yourself on track. Plans are easy to make. What’s even harder is to keep yourself going in the same direction regardless of what’s happening around you. This is the stage where most entrepreneurs fail. Because they let their current situation dictate their business decisions. They lose control of the steering wheel and let it loose. And then they fall.
What I mean is, in every business, we all have to be ready for anything that may come our way. Whatever outcome we may encounter, we always have to be prepared to back it up a sound plan and solid decision to keep going.
I may not make sense to some but if you’re already in business, any business you can think of, I’m sure you may have gone through these battles. Remember, we should always win our number 5. We need TONS of prayers, faith and perseverance to do it. You’re not alone.
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All thanks to God for making the VApreneur Workshop possible and sending us partners like Payoneer PH, The Happy Organics, Vansol Travel and Tours, Awe-Mazing Photography and When In Manila to help make the event possible.