I planned to host a FREE Webinar last week about Multiple Intelligence for Virtual Assistants and VApreneurs like you and show you why it’s important but due to unexpected technology issues, I had to move it. Good thing I didn’t let technology put me down!

It was sad and panicky but we have to deal with technology glitches at times, right?

Being in my daughter’s home schooling parents’ training gave me this AHA moment and I thank her school, CFA, for that. Now, let me chunk the topics on by one and share them with you, just like I did in the webinar.

As a Virtual Assistant, why do we need to determine our Multiple Intelligence?

We need to understand ourselves in every endeavor. I mean EVERYTHING. Whether it’s our job, hobby or learning process. I suggest you answer these questions first before we proceed so we can be at the same pace.

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Getting to Know Yourself Questions

1. What do you want to do that makes time pass without you knowing it?

2. What kind of work makes you happy when you do it?

3. What kind of work keeps you going even if all else has stopped?

4. What triggers your creativity?

5. What makes you do things beyond your regular scope of work?

6. What types of activities you feel most fulfilled with?

7. What is that one thing that you can do for the rest of your life and you’ll never get tired doing it?

By understanding yourself and answering all these questions, you get to realize that we all need to be doing what we do BEST and those things that we LOVE to be able to maximize our true potential. We tend to be happier at work or business and has a better purpose.

But how do we know what our zone of genius is? First, here’s the 8 Multiple Intelligence as proposed by Howard Gardner, an author and psychologist from Harvard University, with a representation of some of the activities that people do in line with their gifts.

Multiple Intelligence


howard gardner

Photo Credit: https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/theory-of-multiple-intelligences

Now, you may already have an idea what your zone of genius is. But that’s not all. Here’s a link to the Multiple Intelligence assessment test that you can take to see if what you’re thinking is correct. It may not necessarily be 100% accurate but it wold us understand ourselves better.


After taking the test, would you do me a favor of going back here and sharing your zone of genius? I would appreciate it much. 🙂 You may also share it to your friends and make them guess what you got! That would be more fun, isn’t it?

Next thing is to find a business or work that actually does the activities that you like or even compliment with your gift. For example, if you’re a linguist, you can write website copies or blogs or become a journalist. The list could go on but I know you got my point there.

This particular topic is an excerpt in one of the Modules that we have in the VApreneur Program. If you want to learn more about discovering your zone of genius and making a business out of it while you’re at the comforts of your home, feel free to email me and let’s about you.

It’s not easy to discover what you do best or what you love doing but until we take time to understand ourselves better, there’s no way we’ll realize what can make us happier at work or business.

Let us pause for a while and commune with ourselves and share us what you’ve discovered on your gift. We all have one or more. It’s time for us to unravel them all!