People are often misunderstood. We shouldn’t always assume that people understands what we do, what we want and how we want things done. It’s sad but it’s true, both in our personal lives and business. As a working mom and a business owner, I learned this as I continue to build my own business and at the same time, find ways to teach you how to make your Virtual Assistant business 6 Steps to start your Virtual Assistant business survive in the online industry. Education and motivation is the key. But how?
It’s not easy. We all have to plan it right, stick to it and never give up. Now, it seems so easy as you’re reading it. It looks so simple but as you apply it everyday, you may get frustrated in the process, get demotivated and feel like you’re not progressing at all. If you find yourself in this situation, find someone you can talk to My VA guardian angel . Better yet, find an accountability partner. Both of you may lift each other up when the other is down, keep you accountable for the tasks you set yourself to do and inspire each other with your little accomplishments.
You see, I get a lot of emails and private messages every day asking where to find clients, how to get started and how do I manage to maintain my online business, homeschool my 5-year-old daughter and still do coaching and training on the side. My answer is always like this:
“I have created free training videos in my Youtube channel where you can train yourself and get started. There are home works available and I recommend that you do them, too to help give you clarity and commit with your business goals. As you go along, never quit no matter how hard it may seem. Things aren’t easy but once you do it right, things will fall into its proper place. About me having to juggle so many hats, it’s a matter of time management, self-discipline and task prioritizing. Try to make a schedule for the day and check out the things that you’re able to do and you’ll see and appreciate how many tasks you’ve done.”
At the end of the day, our productivity can be measured by how much we accomplished in all the hats we’re trying to put on. Asking yourself these questions may help you with your daily routine. Give it a try and share your answers at the comments below.
How much time do I need to allot for my house hold chores? 1 hour? two?
How much time does my clients’ tasks need?
How long does it take for me to constantly do online marketing each day?
How long can I answer RFP’s (Request for Proposal) from prospective clients?
How much time should I allot improving my skills?
How much time should I use in my business tasks? Accounting, blogging, etc?
Do I still have enough time left for my kids? Husband? Myself? how much?
These are just some of the things every VA should understand and should have answer for in order to have a work-life balance. Let’s say we have 12 hours a day to spare for all those tasks, try to chunk them out. You don’t have to do some everyday. Some may be done twice or once a week and you can also set your own days off. When things get rough, a Virtual Assistant finds a way
Now that you have created a nice chunk of hours, I suggest you print it in a nice, decorated paper and put it on your desk, where you can see it every day. Surely you won’t miss a task from now on!
Now, going back to the basic question most coaches are asking. “What is that thing that you would keep on doing even it’s for free?” Something that you’re so good at or you really want to learn and become an expert of? What is your ZONE OF GENIUS?
The reason why I always ask this is because it’s always been related to your inner goals. Ask yourself these questions.
1. What kind of job I like doing?
2. How much do I want to earn?
3. Why do I want to set up a business? Your story and message.
4. If I’d be doing something for free, what is it?
5. Apart from reaching your financial goal, what else would you want to do? Something that will make you feel happy and fulfilled?
6. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 10 years or more?
7. Who would you want to share your dreams and struggles with? Why?
Some questions may take you weeks or months to answer. Take your time. Top 10 Business planning essesntials for Virtual Assistants Business building can’t happen overnight. It’s like you’re building a physical building. It needs a visual of what you want in the beginning, then the structural design where the foundations are laid, then the architectural design. It takes a lot of skilled hands with different expertise to finish it so don’t beat yourself when you can’t do accounting or logo design for your business. If you can’t do something, find someone who can and concentrate on what you do best.
The road to building a business isn’t a smooth ride and I always say this in every blogs, webinars and videos that I make. The road is rough, with lots of twists and turns. Find your WHY’s and the HOW’s will follow.
Please feel free to answer the questions above and share them below. You may also find my previous post helpful, about “5 ways virtual assistant can train for free” Until my next post. 🙂