It was 2013 when I first had a taste of the Virtual assistant (VA) industry and I admit, I love the privilege of working from home regardless of the pay. For me, it was already a blessing to be helping out in the family expenses while taking care of my kids. But then, I learned the business side of it. My question then, was… How can a virtual assistant transition from employee to VApreneur?
Back then, all I was doing was research, watch TONS of webinars a week, read a lot of blogs and implement what I’m learning to the business that I want to build. It was a shot in the dark. I’m a foreigner in the ocean of Western VA’s who all know that we, Filipinos accept a $2/hour VA rate. It was sooo frustrating, considering the fact that I know my skill is at par with theirs. I had to believe I am worthy of the real VA rate before they do, so worked for my online credibility and authority using social media, blogs, eBooks and FREE Webinars.
I didn’t stop from there, of course. Knowing that marketing is one of my weaknesses, I worked on my sales funnels, built a solid plan on how to do the business, prayed harder and true enough, hard work and prayer works. From one client to another, I was able to discover a part of me that’s already there from the very beginning that I wasn’t taking notice of. Teaching.
Little Girl Rowing
Because of a blogging challenge I started last September 2013, all of my ideas were poured into that blog. My passion for writing started when I was in high school but I don’t know what to write back then. I was just writing poems and essays before but now, as I look back at all my posts, I came to realize that there is a “teacher” inside me that wants to share something to the world.
If you have been following my blogs and webinars for a while, you’ll also notice that even if I inject a new topic on my post, it’s always about “teaching someone how to do something”. And since I was in the VA industry for 3 years now, the theme of my blog has slowly gathered Filipino mothers wanting to earn from home but don’t know how.
This is how the 6 months VA Coaching Program started in 2014 which I continually crafted until the end of 2015, teaching 35 more students how to build their online business from home and capitalize on their skills and passion just like I did.
Not all of them made it, of course. Some of them stopped, applied for regular jobs and some have applied in VA agency sites. But there are few who continued and faced all the business challenges and were able to make it until now. They were able to transition from employee to #VApreneur. From a virtual assistant that accepts $2/hour to the real acceptable VA rate.
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It was never easy for me and surely it wasn’t for them, either but for those who are brave enough to try and cross that gap, imagine what part of your life will change once you take that plunge. Where will you be 5 years from now if you pursue your dreams? Regardless of what you have or DON’T have right now, chasing for your dream is a choice.

What Hinders a Virtual Assistant from Becoming a VApreneur?

1. FEAR – We’re so scared of financial security, we never realized that our employers bought our time and dreams so we can build theirs. Until when we’re going to build our own?
2. SELF-DISCIPLINE – A very important trait that a business owner must have since no one would be there to police yourself if you’re doing the right thing at the right time.
3. MOTIVATION – One of the main reason most business fail is because of this. Motivation is something that we should all learn to find everyday because it’s not always around. Without this, we can’t be consistent in pursuing our goals.
These are just some of the things that I want to share with you. The lessons I learned, the experiences that I had, the ups and downs of my business, until I found out where I should be. If you want to be a part of the #VApreneur: 6 Months To FREEdom! Program, batch 2, check out this link and feel free to email me from the CONTACT PAGE for a Discovery Session to answer all your questions about the course.
You may also type your comments below and let me know what you think and what you want to learn. See you on my next post!