Very recently, my daughter and I joined a parent’s organized field trip to the Philippine Air Force and Army Museum for home-schooling kids. This homeschooler’s field trip is a great way to unplug for Virtual Assistants like me and for other working parents out there who rarely have time to think and organize a quick, worthwhile time with kids.
For busy parents like me, this activity is a blessing for many reasons. Let me share a few things with you.
This is a done-for-me activity where I no longer have to think of a way to introduce a new lesson to my daughter. Educational and fun at the same time.
The museum trip covers a lot of subjects, not to mention the values that we can all get from the history of our ARMED forces.
Mural PAF
1. Kids soooo love to play with their school mates, thus, burning all their energy for the day.
the jeep
2. A good family-bonding activity for us.
battle field
3. And a good way for moms to catch up with co-parents and friends.
PAF wall 2
4. Affordable, of course!
5. Travel is no sweat for those living in the metro.
PAF wall
See, I’ve already enumerated 7 advantages, so there’s nothing left for me but to say YES when it was proposed by our co-parent, Thea Berida. Thanks to her undying passion in organizing these types of activities and to Rusty, who coordinated with PAF and ARM, despite short notice.
Oleg loved the games that Len and her husband created for the kids and their running and chasing each other for hours gave them so much sweat and fun while parents relax and watch them with amazement and a little jealousy of their strength.
The games were random, according to the kids’ liking, as they chose their own group of friends to play with but when they were grouped as BOYS vs GIRLS, they were all so competitive and very eager to beat the other. I sensed that they all learned how to compete in a friendly manner, without having to fight and bully each other. I also noticed that they were sharing ideas, communicating to each other and suggesting game plans and ideas.
The value of friendship and sharing while having fun. For me, nothing beats that! What else can I ask for but a part 2?