Do you often find yourself in tighter budget a few days before payday? Chinkee Tan‘s MONEY KIT Can Make You Say, “Til Debt Do Us Part”. Let me show you how as you read more of this post. I will also be holding a FREE Webinar that will show you exactly how to use it. Though there isn’t any definite date yet, if you sign up in THIS LINK, I’ll send you a special invite to hear the lessons that I personally did!
After an almost heart-attack experience from the #pacmanvsmayweather fight, everybody is back to normal. Win or lose in your bets, we all have to face our financial situation. If we are not as rich as Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather, we better be learning how to become one! Let’s admit it. Not all of us are able to apply the lessons stated his books.
The best part is, he already created a fail-proof formula how to apply the lessons he’s been teaching to all of his talks as long as you’re willing to follow his instructions, there’s no reason why you can’t! It personally helped me strategies with my business investments and I’m sure, you can also do the same!
I consider money handling a talent but it’s something all of us can learn. If you’re into doing any kind of business, this is something you should be learning to manage, too. Using Chinkee Tan’s Money Kit, save and pay off your debt even without increasing your income and be able to fund your long time dream business or investment just like what I exactly did!
The Money Kit has 6 other books that come for free. Look at the titles and you’ll probably have an idea what they’re for.


1. Till Debt Do Us Part
2. Chink+ How To Inspire yourself To Inspire Others
3. For Richer or For Poorer
4. Secrets of the Rich and Successful
5. Why God Wants You to Prosper
6. How I made My First Million Through Direct Selling and How You Can Too!
After reading the 6 books, you can also install the CD that comes with the kit into your computer to help track your finances. This way, you don’t have to calculate expenses and income by yourself, it’ll do it for you. If you hate Math, this will do the trick (wink, wink)!
My favorite item in the kit is the accordion envelopes. I’ve been practicing some of Chinkee Tan’s advises even before seeing his MONEY KIT and I’m so happy that he has established this system that will guide everyone in properly budgeting their income to pay off their debts and eventually be able to save for future investments. For me, investments are the best part because it means you’re able to see the benefits of what you’re saving for!
Beside using the envelopes for proper income segregation, it is also a good practice to save up for something we need or want to buy to avoid getting deeper into debts. If we don’t have a budget on something, we better be contented with what we have but strive harder to earn more.
When I read Chinkee Tan’s books, I told myself, everybody should read this! Everybody should learn the science of handling one’s finances. His advice is worth more than the price of the kit itself. They’re practical, easy to follow and won’t do you any harm for sure!
But wait, there’s more! You if you sign up separately in the form below, you can also get a FREE shirt from Chinkee Tan himself! Isn’t that cool? Well, this is the part where I say, “What’s keeping you from signing up?” Besides, he also has a live event on June 20th, where I will be joining, of course! So, I guess, see you around, wearing one of his shirts! Let’s go for a DEBT-FREE year and SAVE UP for our own INVESTMENTS!
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