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Lazada Online Affiliates Online Revolution
Oct 26

How Affiliate Programs Can Help Virtual Assistants?

By rochefel | blogs , Content Marketing , Technology

Last Thursday, October 22nd, 2015, the online shopping site, has launched their Affiliates Program here in the Philippines, dubbed as “Lazada Philippines Affiliate Online Revolution” at the Best Western Antel Hotel in Makati. It was attended by online influencers, bloggers and freelancers who want to learn more about it and and since I am an advocate of home-based businesses, I want to share how Affiliate Programs can help Virtual Assistants like you maximize your online income potential.
Affiliate Program contracts including privileges and payout varies depending on the company that’s offering it but if you’re not familiar with how it works, think of it as a “referral fee” given to those who help promote a company’s product or services. The only difference is, it’s done online using a special tracking system to be able to make it work on a large scale basis, regardless of location. Meaning, one company can launch a program at a particular place or worldwide using the same system and the number of affiliates is endless.
Lazada Online Affiliates Online Revolution
Depending on the product or services being offered, the company that offers Affiliate Program designs a commission system exclusively for Affiliate Marketers. In lay man’s term, the “referrers”. As an Affiliate Marketer, one must do promotional activities for the company, helping them make a sale or get more leads. This is a win-win situation for the company, having more people promoting them while the Affiliate Marketer gets a percentage for every leads or sales done as a result.
Now, this is where the Affiliate Marketer’s online expertise should come handy. There are many ways to promote online and everybody has their own way of doing it but an effective online marketer doesn’t only stick to a particular strategy to succeed but a combination of any of the following.

9 Affiliate Marketing Strategies

1. Blogging
2. Social Media Posting
3. Webinars
4. Videos
5. Online ads or Pay Per Click (PPC)
6. Sales or Squeeze Pages
7. Email Marketing
8. SEO, etc.
The above mentioned strategies are just a few things any affiliate marketer must do to gain more traffic to his/her site and be able to get more “referrals” for the company. If you’re interested in learning Affiliate Marketing, you must have knowledge of any if not all of these. After all, the online industry is a vast place to start a business. Any fresh idea is welcome as long as the market welcomes it, too. Who knows, this might be your next “bread and butter”?
Now, let’s get back to Lazada’s Affiliate Marketing Launch. One of the reason I’m writing this post is because I’ve joined in their recently launched program and is trying to learn all possible ways I can in order to become an effective Affiliate Marketer and to share their recent invitation. If you’re interested, below is an excerpt of their press release where you’ll get all the information you need to get you going.
“The Lazada Philippines Affiliate Online Revolution calls on all bloggers, SEO practitioners, social media influencers, community managers, and digital marketers to step up to the challenge of generating the most number of sales for Lazada PH. It will run for two months with the first round starting on October 26 to November 22, 2015 and the second round from November 23 to December 20, 2015. A point system will be used to rank the participants whereby each successful sale is worth 10 points and an additional 10 for every Php 1,000 sale. Lazada will be giving away a total of one million pesos (Php 1,000,000) worth of cash prizes to be given weekly and on the recognition day set on January 2016. This contest was officially launched in Best Western Plus Antel Hotel in Makati City gathering over fifty new and existing affiliates of Lazada for the contest briefing.
The contest is open to all individuals and teams, 18 years old and above residing in the Philippines who have signed up or are already part of Lazada’s affiliate program. For those who want to be part of the program, you may sign up via affiliate-registration. To join the competition, new and existing affiliates must email their name, social media accounts, and blog/website URL to with the subject, “Lazada PH Affiliate Online Revolution”. All official affiliates will be given a Lazada PH Certified Affiliate badge which should appear in their websites.
Be part of Lazada’s affiliate program and enjoy additional revenue through commission on sales and a long term partnership with the number one online shopping and selling destination in the country.”
If you’re as excited as I am, this is your chance to contact them and be part of the #LazadaAffiliateOnlineRev.
But… if you’re not interested to become an Affiliate Marketer, you might want to sign up and download the Lazada App and get a Php200-peso-voucher! They have so much on sale at the moment and you might want to shop at their best deals! Happy shopping!

Sep 08

Online Security From E-commerce Entrepreneurs’ Summit Manila 2015

By rochefel | blogs , Technology

Last Saturday, August 29th, 2015, I had the privilege to attend Janet Torral’s event. Another eye-openner for start-ups and brick and mortar businesses to look at a different avenue to market and look for clients. And because I had that “Eureka” moment myself, I’d like so share with you what I learned in Online Security from E-Commerce Entrepreneurs’ Summit Manila 2015 that may change the way you handle your business as it did to mine.
Since there are many speakers, let me site one of the most important things in the online business. Website security. Although all of the speakers gave a lot of information in the Philippine e-commerce statistics and its current trends, marketing strategies, the tools and applications, and all other topics, Online Security by Isaac Sabas of Pandora Security Labs is what interest me the most. This company’s CEO is Sean Patrick Sy, also the owner of, another Filipino young entrepreneur who managed to get his fair share of the online business.
Going back, having an online Security partner in life and business has shown me a lot of vulnerabilities that our online system has. If you post or put anything online, that’s open for hacking at any given time from all countries you can think of. There may be website plugins available that will tell you when a security breach is happening but the little time they have in getting inside your website is already enough to deface, steal and use all the information you have wherever they want.

Top 7 Hackable Information Pertaining to Online Security

1. Your email list
2. Credit card information
3. Any existing database you may have from customers (name, address, age, gender, deseases, political or religious affiliation, financial information, emails and passwords, etc.)
4. Bank Account Numbers
5. Credit Scores and Reports
6. A person’s entire BIO or history
7. Application or Tools you may have installed like HR, accounting and payroll systems, etc.
Now, if your website is keeping all these information or asking for it from your customers, you have a VERY BIG reason to think and re-think about having your site secured. Why? Because once you put your data base at risk, your business is also at risk.
Can you imagine a person suing your company for leaking his/her information? Now imaging 10 people suing you. Or a hundred. What if you have a thousand people in your list? Can you imagine the trouble it will cause you to prove your innocence in a proper court? The investigations, lawyers and all the time it will take, not to mention the possibilities of having to freeze your website and the entire business operation by power of a Cease and Desist order.
I’m just talking about all the possibilities but it’s better if you know that these informations are at risk at any given time. They’re like merchandise in the market open for anyone who knows how to “get in” your data base. Scary, isn’t it?
What I’m sharing you now is just the tip of the ice berg. What I’ve seen is bigger than that. I’ve seen a government website defaced by a hacker. I’ve seen how a payroll and accounting system of a large fast food chain in the world got hacked without them knowing it. Nobody noticed. They’re lucky nothing was taken because it was just for demo purposes but I’ve seen how vulnerable these big companies are and how much more us, start ups?
What measure can we do to ensure that our site is protected? Where should we start?
Depending on the size of our database, we should start looking for applications that offer these types of service or if your company is big enough, you can hire someone to really watch the site for you and strengthen your online security.

What You Can Do NOW to Secure Your Site If You Don’t Have a Budget?

1. Regularly Back-up your site. In case something happens, you can easily put it up.
2. Install Wordfence or other security plugins
3. Don’t use untrusted e-commerce system
I’ll leave this up for you to think about for now and special thanks to the event’s main sponsors, To GO Travel and Citibank. Anyway, we are ALL vulnerable in this digital world. Hope to have all our information safe and secured always.

Jul 30

Ultimate Tips On E-Commerce For Our Business Advantage

By rochefel | blogs , Technology

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend an E-commerce Summit by Janette Toral of This will NOT only give us the ultimate tips on e-commerce for our business advantage but will also educate all of us on how we stand online as a developing country.
Writing this post made me realize two things:
First, you will never see yourself improve unless you apply what you learn.
and Second, the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know and would keep looking for more.
3 years ago, I wouldn’t care about these kind of topics. I only know about the booming call center industry in the Philippines where I used to be a part of but I only know the tip of how it works. Now, I’m more interested on how we, Filipinos can make the most out of it for our home-based businesses, aka, the Virtual Assistant (VA) industry.
One of the topics that I love to learn, is how we as individuals can use the technology and strategies for competitive advantage and improve the quality and impression of the Filipino VA’s.
Among other topics are social media, with my friend, Valerie Joy Deveza as the speaker, start-up projects, trustworthy e-commerce system and more to be added.

Your Ultimate Tips on E-commerce

1. How we can maximize e-commerce as a revenue channel for our business, may it be online or traditional.
2. Create new business models
3. Improve the supply chain system
4. Resolve logistics distribution
5. And understand the Filipino online behavior
Any business owner that know all of the above can surely find a way to either create a successful start-up or make your existing business flourish. What are you waiting for? Sign up here and see you there!
Sign up here and take advantage of a Php500 DISCOUNT for this event. The regular rate is P4,000 and shall be valid until July 15, 2015 only. The rate of P4,500 shall apply for registration from July 15 to August 15, 2015. The rate from August 16 onwards shall be at P5,000 per head.
In order for you to take advantage of the discount, follow the following steps:

Option 1: By filling up the form in the E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit Website

1. Fill up the form
2. In the billing instruction, indicate that you want to avail the P 500 discount and where you saw the promo. (“I want to avail the P 500 discount that I saw in website”)
3. Choose your payment option (cash, credit card, Paypal) and click submit
4. Follow the billing instructions that you will receive in your email.
5. Email the proof of payment at janette(at)digitalfilipino(dot)com or send it via private message at Digital Filipino Facebook page.

Option 2: By signing up and registering in the E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit Website

1. Click register and fill up the necessary data needed in the registration process then check your email to validate your registration (check your spam folder, bulk folder or update tab in gmail if you dd not receive it in your inbox).
2. Logon to your account and return to the E-commerce Entrepreneurs Summit Event Page. Click the “Take This Course” Button located in the lower portion of the announcement.
3. Click the portion where you will put the coupon code (located in the upper left corner of the event logo). Put “advocate” as coupon code, fill up your billing details, the payment option that you want to use and then click “place order”
4. Follow the billing instruction that you will receive in your email.
5. Email the proof of payment at janette(at)digitalfilipino(dot)com or send it via private message at Digital Filipino Facebook page.
For bank payment, please deposit to: iMarket Events and Services, Inc. at BDO 209-0233-385.
Official receipt shall be given on August 29, 2015 at the event venue.
Schools interested in sending at least 10 students can avail of our special rate of P2,000 per student. This does not include 1-year Protege membership access rights. Deadline for school sign-up is on July 31, 2015.
You can check the E-commerce Entrepreneurs Summit Facebook event page for more details.
[Disclosure: I am an accredited online lead generator for DigitalFilipino Training Programs]

Jun 22

How to Use Hootsuite for Social Media Posting

By rochefel | blogs , Technology

I had a post about how to use Hootsuite bulk sending capability but I wasn’t able to post another one for manual posting, so to back it up, here are the steps how to do so.
Picture Source: Hootsuite
This is how the Hootsuite Dashboard looks like. Notice the left side just below the URL where it says “Send to”, that’s where we’re going to choose all the social media platforms that we want to post to. On the right side, where it says, “Compose Message” is where we’re going to type our post together with our link or file/photos.

The Step By Step Procedure in Posting Using Hootsuite

Step 1. Hover your mouse to the “Send to” box and click the Social Media platform of your choice. It will be shown like in the picture below. Click as many as you want/need and it will show on the upper part of the box with the number of social media platforms you clicked.
Step 2. Type your message in the right box where it says’ “Compose Message”.
Step 3. Just below the message, there is a small box there that says, “Add Link” . Paste your link there, either to a website or blog and another clickable icon that says “shrink” will appear. Click that and it will automatically shrink your link and paste it above, after your message.
Step 4. If you are going to attach a file or photo, click the “clip” icon at the right side and you’ll be able to attach the file you want.
Step 5. You can choose to send the post right a way by clicking the “Send NOW” gray button at the bottom right of the same window or you may schedule the post by clicking the calendar icon at the right side, just beside the “clip” icon.
Remember that when you schedule, you may choose what date and time you want by simply choosing the day from the calendar and clicking the drop down button for the time. Don’t forget to specify AM or PM before hitting send.
You may also choose to auto-schedule the post by turning the Auto-schedule “ON” which you can find at the upper part of the calendar or hit the “X” or “OFF” if you want your own schedule.
Step 6. In order to check for your scheduled posts, you may click the “Publisher” icon and all your posts can be seen. Each has an “edit” and “delete” option at the right side to give you more options in case you want to change/delete the scheduled post.
Please take note the counter at the bottom left part of the window. For Twitter posts, you only need 140 characters including the link. If the counter goes red, time to reduce your snippets. It’s a challenge for everyone but it’s also the reason why Twitter has been embraced by many. It makes posting challenging.
Working for your dream job or business is not easy but we can make it easier using technology and tools such as this. Hope this post will help make your Social Media posting fun, fast and accurate. All images are screen captured using my free Hootsuite tool. Let me know if you like it and if you have a request for more short tutorials.

Jun 11

What is an Auto-Responder And How Can It Help Virtual Assistants?

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , Technology

When I first heard of “Auto-responder” a year ago, it was “alien” to me and I don’t have any idea what it is or what is it for! At that time, I thought it is something so technical that I need not learn it.
I was wrong. A few weeks after my website is up, I learned about it and how it’s relevant for a website especially for a Virtual Assistant like me.


An auto-responder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. They can be very simple or quite complex according to WIKI.
Have you experienced signing in one of those free ebooks that other websites offer? If your answer is yes, the automatic message that you received is a product of an auto-responder.
The page where you put your name and email address is called an optin page where you as a consumer “opted in” or voluntarily put your email information in exchange of something that has value to you. A good example, an eBook, a free report, list, diet program, statistics or anything that a website offers.


How Important An Auto-Responder is To Virtual Assistants?

Our name and email address goes in an “email list” of their target customers where they send ezines (a short, emailed information about their product or service in a magazine format), product discount offers or simply educating you on a certain topic.
Auto-responders are important in building a “list of your ideal clients for future marketing campaigns and the best way to do that is by giving something of value to your customers, my best example, an ebook showing my clients what a Virtual Assistant is and how to work with one.
Once a person signs up, the auto-responder automatically sends a thank you or congratulations email. This is a preset email that you, as the website owner should create. You should also send more emails in relation to your marketing plan, product or service offer or simply build relationship to your customers. Here’s an example of an auto-responder campaign:


1st email : Upon sign up. Thank you and confirmation email
2nd email : 4 days after 1st email Link to video tutorial #1 (product introduction)
3rd email : 5 days after 2nd email Link to video tutorial #2 (product benefits)
4th email : 5 days after 3rd email Link to video tutorial #3 (more benefits)
5th email : 3 days after 3rd email Link to a “sales page” (discount offer)
The above example of an email can go from as little as the confirmation email to as far as 100 email schedules depending on what marketing campaign a company has. This is where they build relationships, show their products/services and ask their customers to buy.
There are a lot of auto-responder providers to choose from. Here are just some of them, but surely there’ll be more out there.


Auto-Responder Samples

1. Aweber
2. GetResponse
3. Infusionsoft
4. Mailchimp
5. Constant Contact, ect.


All of these auto-responders have different interface and features, you may find one that suites your needs and budget. Mailchimp has a forever free plan that allows up to 12,000 email sending and 2,000 email list. If you think you don’t have enough list yet, you can start with this and then just upgrade to a premium once you exceeded your list.
For now, start building a list of your ideal clients and make sure to ready your email campaign. The work of a Virtual Assistant or Freelancer is just starting. Buckle up!

May 09

How To Add A Badge in Hangouts On Air

By rochefel | blogs , Technology

Creating online authority is something that needs a lot of time, effort and strategy. One of the most common is by creating video blogs, webinars or trainings which is exactly what I love doing. This is where my favorite tool comes into play. Google Hangouts.
And why not? It’s free, user friendly and has a lot of tools you can play with!
I’ve been doing it for quite a while and I realized that we don’t have a Company Badge on every videos so I tried capturing how to do it and shared it to those who are looking forward to using Hangouts as their video tool.

Hangouts Company Badge HOw TO’s

Step 1. follow the instructions in my previous blog about setting up a Hangouts on Air if you still don’t know it.
Step 2. Once your Hangouts is set, don’t click the Start Broadcast yet, just the blue “Start” button below. You’ll be able to start the Hangouts, off air so you can still do your little editing.
Once you click “Start”, your screen will look like this. Don’t click the green “Start button” below because it would readily start broadcasting.
Step 3. Hover your mouse on the left side of the screen and click the “Hangouts Toolbox” icon on the left side of the screen.
Step 4. A tool box will appear on the left side of your screen. Click it.

Then click on the icon with the person’s head on the right side of your screen. Click on “Lower Third” and make sure that the ON/OFF button against it is OFF. You can’t edit it if it’s ON.
Step 5. Fill out the Details.

Enter Display Name : Name you want to appear
Enter Tagline : Tagline or Your Company Name
Choose Logo : Upload your LOGO or an image
Note : Logo needs to be adjusted or you may try multiple images
Color : Color of the line that will appear alongside your name and tagline
Custom Overlay : You can upload a picture you want them to see while you’re talking.
You can activate it by clicking the ON button against it.
Save Presets : You can save your preset so you can go back to it the next time you do another Hangouts on Air. You can also create multiple presets if you’re doing multiple Hangouts for different clients. That means you can use different logo and company name/tagline so next time, you simply click which preset you’ll be using, then SAVE.
This is what custom overlay look like. That only means you can talk on behalf of someone and never show your face. Just your presentation and whatever photo you upload and viola!
This is great if you or your client doesn’t want to be seen on air. In fact, you can even create videos on her behalf! Disadvantage is, you get less engagement and kind of defeats the purpose of being on video. Anyway, at least we’re given this option by Hangouts so it’s up to us to use it or not.
After step 5, your Hangouts Badge would look something like this. It’s on mirror view from your end.

Here’s how it would look on your viewer’s screen.

Quick 5-simple-steps to make your Hangouts On Air videos look more professional! If you like this post, share it with your friends and please let me know if there’s something you’d like to tackle next time.

May 05

10 Things to Check Before Sending Full-Payment to Your Website Designer

By rochefel | blogs , recommend , Technology

I recently had my website built and I’ve learned a few lessons that I want to share to everyone so you won’t end up like me. Lol! Kidding aside, I’ve created a list for the things you need check before sending the final payment to your web designer and make sure that you have all the information you need to be able to update the website on your own once you part ways.
Picutre Source:

A Quick Web Page Check

1. All Pages. it’s important that all words are properly typed, spaces, distances, paragraphing, capitalization and even the correct fonts. Proofread or hire an editor if you don’t like to do it or if you don’t have the time.
a. Home
b. About Me/Us
c. Services
d. Products
e. Contact Us – create a sample contact email to check if it will be forwarded to
your email address.
f. Blogs and Categories
g. Testimonials
h. Portfolios
Picutre Source:

Check Everything Else your Website Shows

2. Links from a page to other pages. It’s important that they are working and brings you to the right page.
3. Opt in page. Make a test opt in and see if you’ll receive an email especially if you put it in two positions/pages.
4. Auto-responder. Check if you’ll receive the correct auto-responder and proofread it too! Last thing you would want to to send a possible client with a misspelled email. One more thing is the FREEBIE, make sure that they can get it. You don’t want to give a false promise to your audience, right?
5. Pictures. You must see to it that pictures are in the right position and most importantly, in the right page and in its best look! If possible, have them taken by a professional and when uploaded, see to it that they are not stretched, pixelized, too dark, too bright, too small or too big.
6. Social Media. This is often missed because they’re so small. Sometimes, you put them in two or more positions/pages in the website, make sure they’re all functioning, too!
7. Buttons If you put a button to your site, like JOIN HERE or CLICK here, make sure they’re working, too.
8. Shopping Cart. If we put a shopping cart button in the website, check and double check that it would go in the right account. You can do a test purchase just to ensure everything will turn out fine. Coupons and discounts may be a tricky part so you might want to test on that, too!
9. SEOBasics. All websites should be prepared for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), even if you don’t understand it, you should still ask if they did this or not and ask what steps they did. You can research online on the foundation of SEO in a website and I promise to write a specific blog about it next time.
10. Username and Passwords. The most important thing is to ensure that you have all of these and that you’ve checked they’re all working, then change the passwords right away so they can’t have access to it anymore. By doing this, you can be sure that nobody else has access to your site but only you, unless you plan to get your designer to maintain the site.
a. WordPress
b. Domain
c. Hosting Provider
d. Auto-responder
e. Google
Picture source:
These are the things that I personally checked while I was having my websites built. Lucky for me that my designer is my hubby, so I don’t have to worry about changing a feature/page. If you’re paying someone to do do the designing for you, all of the pages, features and exact lay-out should have been agreed before the contract is signed.
If you want to see the checklist I’ve made on the things you need to prepare before you create your website, check out my previous blog!
One last thing. Creating a website is not easy whether you use a template and much more when your designer creates it from scratch so giving them ample time to do it helps with their peace of mind and of course, a good working relationship with them, too!
Picutre source:
You can always find me in Professionalvas Facebook group where we give support to all new and aspiring VA’s who want to build a successful online business. Join us there!

Apr 29

Quick and Easy Professional Looking Email Signature

By rochefel | blogs , Technology

As a business owner, it is important to always look professional in everything we do though sometimes we tend to forget the littlest stuff. Today, I discovered a new way to do that by having a professional-looking signature that can be used in all our email accounts.
First : Download Wisestamp for Chrome by going to their website, Simply click the green button that says’ “Claim Your Free Signature Now”.
Second : You will be directed to this page. Click the green button that says “Get it now” and install the wisestamp add-on.
Third : Once it’s installed, go to
Create an account using your email or sign up using your Facebook account.
For me, to avoid the hassle of filling out my information, I chose to login with my Facebook account and clicked the blue tab that says, “Sign up with Facebook” and here’s what will happen.
Simply click “Okay” and you’re good to go.

Designing Your very own Email Signature

Fourth : Fill out the details as shown in the picture below and upload your most beautiful (or handsome), professional-looking picture! As you fill out the details above, you’ll see the what the email signature will look like.
Fifth : You have the option to modify the design according to the templates and colors provided and there are many to choose from that would surely fit your personality. You can also add your social media links with icons.
Sixth : You can now pick your email and start sending!
Mine looks like this. What’s yours? Care to share?
I hope you like today’s post. Feel free to share it for your friends!
Photos taken from and my own screen capture of the process.

Apr 25

Building a Website? Here’s a Checklist of the Things You Need Before Contacting a Designer!

By rochefel | blogs , recommend , Technology

Have you ever thought that website building is only the web designer’s J-O-B? Well, think again… Here’s the list of things I personally prepared for my website. You can use it as a guide and hopefully make your website building a FUN experience.
Picture Source:

Front-end of a Website

I. FRONT-END – the part of the website that can be seen.
CONTENT – these are the stories and messages you want your audience or “Ideal Client” to read. If you’re not confident to write your own, I suggest you get a professional copy and content writer to help you with it. Here are some contents you need:
1. HOME PAGE – this is your marketing message and story. This is where you talk to your audience and tell them what your website is all about, what can you do for them and the benefits they can get.
2. ABOUT ME – this is a short BIO of you and your business. Whatever you put here will reflect on their impression of you.
3. SERVICES – this is where you put all your services if you’re offering a service. You can choose to define the service in detail with prices or not, your choice.
4. PRODUCTS – if you have a product, you have to prepare a separate page for it and of course, good quality pictures to match it with. Might be a little tedious if you have HUNDREDS of products but it’s part of it.
5. CONTACT US – this is where all your contact information should be seen. Others provide a calendar for scheduling especially if you’re into coaching and consulting business.
6. OPT-IN PAGE – most websites have opt-in pages.This is where we give FREEBIES for our audience to voluntarily put their email so we can offer them our products and services in the future. Here, we prepare a short benefit message of what people can get in exchange of putting their emails. A clear CALL-TO-ACTION (CTA) is a must.
7. FREEBIE – after the opt-in, people SHOULD get what you promised to give so you also have to prepare a valuable FREEBIE. It can be an ebook about a solution to a problem, a checklist or report, a weight loss program or anything of value to your customers.
8. ERROR PAGE – if your audience got an error page, they should be able to read something there and direct them to the right page.
9. TAG-LINE – this is only optional but it’s always best to create one.
10. SITE MAP – A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for Web design, or a Web page that lists the pages on a Web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion. (courtesy of wiki)
12. BLOG – I forced myself to write two blogs a week since December 2013 and I’m glad I did. I can use all the topics now for my social media and it has really helped a lot in establishing online credibility.
Now, we’re done with the main parts, let’s get to the “accessories” and make your site look and feel the way you want your audience to feel when they visit.
13. PICTURES – your site needs picture. It makes your site look good and adds a good impression. You should provide pictures of the following:
a. Yourself for the About Page
b. Your team if you have some
c. Home Page pictures – maybe anything that compliments your theme and
d. Products – physical product or even the downloadable ones
e. Services – optional
f. Error Page – if your audience got an error page, they should be seeing
something there and direct them to the right URL
g. Freebie – if you’re giving an eBook as a freebie, it’s always better to show an eBook cover with your name as the author and a catchy title. It’s also good to make as similar design and color to your website so as to be consistent in your business branding. Hire a professional graphic designer if this is not your expertise.
h. LOGO – the most important symbol for your business. You can choose 2-3 colors and a design you believe best represents your business. If you can’t think of a design, leave it to the graphic experts.
i. BANNER – if you don’t like a logo, a banner is another alternative for branding and same principle with logo applies.
j. Color/Theme – of course, you will be needing at least 2-3 colors that would serve as your website and business theme. It must be consistent in everything you do. I suggest you pick a color hex code and use the same hex code (example for orange, #ee6e1a) every time.
k. Fonts – same as the color, fonts are very important, too. Choose 2-3 fonts that you can use, one for the body, for title and for highlighting. Again, consistency is the key. Google Fonts is one of the best sites to go if you’re choosing fonts.
l. Social Media Icons – there are social media icons that you can download but it’s also best if you can have one that resembles your theme.
Have you been enjoying so far or already overwhelmed with the TONS of stuff to prepare? We’re far from being done yet. This is only the FRONT-END of the website and we still have a lot of list for the BACK END. Buckle up and be ready!

BAck-end of a Website That Needs Preparation

II. BACK END – this is the part that most of new website owners don’t realize they need. Even I myself was overwhelmed when I found out about this and got me dizzy for a moment (grin)..
1. Auto-responder account – they have free version but you have to manually reply to any list you may have. Mailchimp is free for up to 2,000 subscribers though I doubt if you can still manually email all of them when you reach that number. Ideally, you can keep the free version up to 100 subscribers and then get the paid version once you’ve exceed or until you can’t handle the email volume anymore.
a. Email Newsletter/eZines – emails sent to a subscriber using an
auto-responder. Number of emails may vary depending on your
marketing campaign so I suggest you start creating one, too.
a.1. Thank you or congratulations email as soon as someone
subscribes to your list.
a.2. Succeeding emails which may vary depending on your
marketing campaign as previously stated. For example, the
email that sends out the FREEBIE you promised in the
OPT-IN page.
a.3.Unsubscribe note – always include the unsubscribe link to every
email you send in compliance with the anti-spamming law.
Picture Source:
2. Plugins – In computing, a plug-in (or plugin, extension, or add-on / addon) is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing software application. When an application supports plug-ins, it enables customization.
How are you doing by now? I hope you’re still up to the website building challenge! These are so much to look at if you plan to do this in one sitting and is impossible to do without breaks and a few days off. What I suggest is that you print the checklist and then start putting them in your “to do” list.
Make sure to give yourself a deadline for every copy/content and take a break after finishing one. This way, your mind can always have a fresh start. The only secret is to keep on working and NEVER STOP.
As soon as you’re done, you can then get an expert in website design and bring your virtual office to life! Have fun!
If you like this post or you think someone will benefit from this, feel free to share it and leave a comment below. I always love to know what you’re thinking (wink).

Mar 14

Joint Forces! How to Link Paypal & Unionbank Eon or Other Card

By rochefel | blogs , recommend , Technology

Since I am into promoting entrepreneurship, I would like start by showing you how to get paid if you’ll be working online. One most popular and widely used is Paypal,
so I’ll be showing you how to create a Paypal account and link it to your Unionbank Eon, other Bank Account or Credit Card.
Step 1. Go to the Paypal’s secured site. Make sure that the URL starts with https
Step 2. Click on the word that says “Sign Up” at the upper right side of the site.
Step 3. Enter all the information and make sure that the information you are putting is the same as the information in your bank to avoid future problem in identity verification. After that, click the “Yes, I agree to the terms….” box and the “I Agree” yellow tab at the bottom of the sign up page.
Step 4. Once done, you will receive a congratulations page that say’s you have successfully created your Paypal account.
Now, to give you an idea how much they charge if you’re applying for a merchant account, here it is. Merchant account has a monthly premium depending on the bulk of your online transactions or payment received. If you think you won’t be receiving that much yet, I suggest you start with the personal first and just upgrade to premium when needed.
The difference of a premium and free account is that you can add the Paypal Button. Premium Plan is at $5 per month and the next plan is at $30 with the rates shown below. Please take note that the + amount after the % charge varies per country so you might want to check out yours first to avoid getting surprised.
Step 5. Once a client pays you, an email will be sent to your Paypal email account, showing the payment details. You can readily withdraw the money once your Paypal account is verified.
When I opened my Paypal a year ago, I received the first 2 transactions right away and the 3rd one was processed after 21 days, as Paypal said I had to go through the process of verification if you’re a member in good standing. That means of no complaint is received within 21 days, you’ll get your money after.

How to Apply for an EON/Unionbank Card

Now, in order to withdraw the money sent to you, you must link your Paypal to your credit card or bank account first. Here in the Philippines, the most popular and cheapest way to withdraw money from your Paypal account is through a Union Bank Eon ATM.
Step 5.1 If you don’t have it yet, you may log in to their site and fill out their Eon Online Application Form.
They will provide a confirmation number once the form is submitted. You need to present that number as you go the bank together with 2 valid ID’s and a proof of billing and you’ll get the card right away.
Please make sure to inform the bank teller that your purpose of opening the Eon Card is to link it to your Paypal account so you don’t have to come back to them once Paypal won’t accept the card because of that reason. They are supposed to do something in their system that will allow the card to be used online. Verify this before you leave the bank.
Step 5.2 After 24 hours of getting your card, you can change its PIN at any Unionbank ATM’s and you’re ready to withdraw payment from your Paypal account as soon as it’s linked.
Step 5.3 To link your Eon card to your Paypal, just follow these simple steps.
Step 5.3.1 Log in to your Paypal account and go to Profile.
Step 5.3.2 Step After clicking the Profile, this page will appear, showing you the option to add or remove a bank account or credit card.
Step 5.3.3 Fill out the necessary information. Make sure that the exact name and
billing address you gave to the bank is exactly the same as in you Paypal account or you’ll have another trouble to fix.
After the form is completely filled out, click the yellow button below that says “Add Card” to confirmed the transaction.
Step 5.3.4 If you get this kind of message instead of a “Congratulations” page, go back to Unionbank and tell them that you can’t link it to you paypal because of the said error message. It takes 2-3 business days to fix this in the bank so make sure to have this set up upon card application.
One more thing, deposit at least Php 200 to your Eon to able to do the linking successfully because Paypal will get a Php 100 fee from your bank but will credit it back to you after verification.
If your card is ready, you will see a page saying that the card has been successfully linked and can now be used to withdraw funds.
Step 6. After your Eon or any other card is linked to your Paypal, you can readily withdraw the money sent to you.

How to Withdraw Your Paypal funds using EON or other card

Click the “Withdraw” button just below the “Send Payment”. It will give you options to withdraw the funds from a credit card or from a bank account. Note that the Eon Card is a debit card, so if it is your card, choose the “Withdraw from bank account”. It’s also cheaper that way.
You may also choose to withdraw from a credit card as long as that credit card is linked to your Paypal, in the same way as we did with Eon Card. Take note of the processing time, too.
Step 7. Type the desired amount you want to withdraw. You may choose not to withdraw it all, though I normally withdraw everything since I can also use my Paypal even without any balance as long as my Eon Card has funds in it. Since they are linked, Paypal will automatically search your bank or card’s funds upon Paypal payment.
If you have more than one card or account, choose which account you want to transfer the funds to, using the drop down arrow at the bank/card choices.
Step 8. Upon successful fund transfer, your Paypal page will look like this:
Please note that Paypal needs 3-4 business days to transfer the money to your bank account so I suggest to stretch your budget a few more days until the fund is available for withdrawal. “Business days” means they don’t count Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.
Whew! I hope you found this blog helpful. It may be tedious to make but worth reading if you don’t know what to expect in doing the transaction. Comment or email me for post suggestions and questions you may have.
If this posts help you in anyway, I’d appreciate you sharing it. In my next post, I’ll show you how to link your Freshbooks to your Paypal account so your clients can pay you directly from Freshbooks site upon receiving the Invoice. Watch out for it!