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Mar 21

15 Symptoms Of Social Media Dependency Syndrome

By rochefel | blogs , recommend , Simple Thoughts , Social Media

I’ve been in the online business since 2013 and I noticed how I got hooked in Social Media and relied on it to market my services and help new and aspiring VA’s learn the business. This post is my own way of making you smile while you may find yourself infected with these 15 symptoms of social media dependency syndrome. May you be a virtual assistant, freelancer, online entrepreneur or just a social media fanatic.

15 Symptoms You May be Infected With Social Media Dependency Syndrome

1. You wake up and look at your phone first before you go to the bathroom, brush your teeth or even have breakfast. Sounds familiar?
SocialMedia  Dependency Syndrome_professionalvas_9
2. You sometimes or often times eat, drink and talk while looking at your phone more than usual, assuming for any new notification or PM’s to pop. Oh, and once it does, you can hardly help replying ASAP as if your life depends on it.
SocialMedia  Dependency Syndrome_professionalvas_5
3. You take pictures of anything you do so you can have new material for posting.
SocialMedia  Dependency Syndrome_professionalvas_1
4. You also take pictures of anything that interests you though most often times everything does and you have difficulty figuring out what to use anymore.
5. Once someone cracks a joke or say something interesting, you’re fingers itch, wanting to post it, again, ASAP.
6. You go to the bathroom with your phone even if you know there’s a risk of getting it wet as if your 5-10 minutes “stay” will delay your social networking activities.
7. You sleep with your phone.
8. You can hardly go to sleep with your phone.
9. You want to ditch your phone during movie time, swimming or family and friends’ gathering but is really having a hard time doing so.
10. Your circle of friends share the same symptoms with you.
11. You’re an active member of at least 5-10 Social Media Groups, or more.
12. You rarely go out with friends and find yourself enjoying the online community.
13. You often smile or laugh by yourself because of a post or comments to a post and feel you’re obligated to reply, like or comment back.
14. You have more NetLingo vocabulary or at least know three of them. Most popular terms are: LMAO, ROFL, LOL, SMH, BRB, ASAMOF, IDK, BBL. You may also find more of them here:
15. You enjoy reading this post.
Now, to further test yourself, tally your “score”. How many times did you find yourself having these “symptoms”? If you have at least 10 out of 15 of these symptoms, you must be joining the club! hahaha! Anyway, I’m just making fun of it but I find it true for myself. 15 out of 15 for me and I really had fun writing it! If you like it or have more to add, feel free to comment below. You may share this to your friends, too and make them think if they’ve been “infected” with the #SocialMedia Dependency Syndrome and has these symptoms, too.

oleg on top of daddy's shoulders while working
Aug 31

If You’re A Virtual Assistant That Blogs, Join The #emergingblogs2014

By rochefel | blogs , Motivation , Social Media

Blogging is a new way to show our thoughts, views and share knowledge to anyone that may be interested in reading them. It has no boundaries and can reach beyond borders. It has already helped change lives, achieved dreams and influence many. This is the new media where anybody can write and publish their thoughts so, if you’re a Virtual Assistant that blogs, join the #emergingblogs2014.
The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2014 event is headed by the mother of Philippine e-commerce, Janette Toral. This is a blogging project that helps identify new and emerging blogs that are making a huge impact to its readers in 2014. These are blogs that started anytime from August 2013 to the present.
To be able to qualify for the event, I am writing this blog post as my official entry, citing the sponsors below as part of it.

Meet the sponsors of the #emergingblogs2014

1. Digital Influencers Marketing Summit
2. Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program
3. Philippine Internet History #phnet20 Project
4. Digital Creators Boot Camp
5. Infinity Hub
Top 10 Influential Bloggers 2014 logo
This is another opportunity for bloggers to showcase their work not only to their potential clients but to more readers, co-bloggers and online enthusiasts. Not only that, the blogger can also have an opportunity to make new friends in the same community, promote their advocacy and learn from all participants and speakers alike.
To start my nomination, here are the blogs that I have cited and believed to be #emergingblogs2014, including my reason for nominating them. Hope you’ll like their blogs as you read through them, too! Let me know in the comments below which ones you love and why.

As a Virtual Assistant, Here are My #emergingblogs2014 Nominees

1. – I met Jennifer Lopez Gana at a blogger’s meet up and was impressed by her personality right from the start. For anyone wanting to start a blog site, this is a one kind of post that took a lot of time and effort to make. I’m still at awe, though I don’t have the courage to do it at the moment. Lol!
2. offers a lot of information in business, marketing, entrepreneurship, practical tips and the blogger’s view about his topic. Of course, we’re all free to express our opinion and for the readers, it’s up for them to agree it or not. I find his standing up for his beliefs as a sign of independence and courage.
oleg on top of daddy's shoulders while working
3. reminds me of my BPO days and seeing all the posts regarding past events, BPO predictions, statistics and even the cases filed in the NLRC by agents make me feel I can be up to date on what’s happening in the countries fastest growing industry today.
4. shares tips and tricks for online entrepreneurship and jobs. If you’re looking for more ideas, this is the place you need to check out, written by a co-blogger and virtual assistant, Sherlane Fortunado
5. gives inputs on the Filipino culture, stories and even shares fun events, places, entrepreneurship, marketing and many more. Again, its writer is online friend, Rey Baguio whom I already met in two occasions.
6. I rarely find a Filipino SEO site and being one of those who likes the challenge that SEO brings, definitely this one site can give you more SEO information that can satisfy your curiosity.
7. tackles about the nutritional value of the food we eat, which we normally ignore before we open the packaging or even buy them from the store.
Please take note that all these bloggers write based on their chosen niche and are also trying to make a difference. As for me, there’s no way out to poverty except doing it your way. Stop working to build somebody else’s dreams. Build yours, instead.
way out signage
8. Going back to my nomination, also amazes me because it gives so much information on niches alone. I never thought that one can write as many topics on niches as this blogger can and they’re all relevant in the business so don’t hesitate to take a look.
9. is another one that I resonates with my advocacy and message. To promote online entrepreneurship and educate the people how to do it right.
10. is a mom’s blog that helps mothers find pleasure in what they do and simple tips and tricks on mommy tasks and challenges. I find it fun and interesting.
Now that you’ve seen my top 10 Influential blogs of 2014, it’s time for you to start your own business and find that passion in you. If you don’t like writing, you can create a video of anything you enjoy and love doing. This way, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Have fun and earn at the same time.
Watch out for the event on September 13th at the SMX Convention Center. See you there!