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Sep 14

VApreneurship and Homeschooling Adventure

By rochefel | blogs , Simple Thoughts

I have always been a fan of freedom and flexibility, the two main reasons why I chose VApreneurship. The idea of having a business that I can bring anywhere, on my own terms is superb especially when I learned that I can also do the same in my daughter’s education. Let me show you how our family is able to live a world of VApreneurship and homeschooling adventure.

I was still pregnant with my daughter when I discovered that regular families can also homeschool their children with cost that will not rip off an average-income-family’s budget. Since prices vary in many DEPED-accredited-homeschools, it’s up for us to choose which one we think can best support us. After all, homeschooling rely mostly on the eagerness of the parent to teach while the school guide or coach parents in implementing more effective activities to make learning fun and exciting both for the child/ren and parent/s.


Before deciding if homeschooling is for you and your child/ren, you as a parent may want to consider answering these few questions.

Answer the following questions, please…

1. Do you love to teach?
2. Does innovation of processes excites you?
3. Do you have 3-4 hours/day to spare (sometimes more) for homeschooling activities?
4. Do you believe that your child/ren can learn best when taught the way he/she wants it?
5. Do you believe that this is a commitment and needs more attention, critical thinking, artistic ideas and tons of prayers and perseverance?
6. Do you love going to field trips more often than usual?
7. Are you willing to go an extra mile just to make a fun-learning-environment for your child/ren?

If your answers above are all YES, then you may consider shopping for the best DEPED-accredited-homeshools nearby. If you can’t find any, there’s a lot in Manila and they cater to provincial students, even those abroad so distance shouldn’t be a factor for your decision.


Homeshooling parents normally love to travel not just because their children are enjoying it but also because WE are enjoying, too!

This is a good way to bond with kids and show them the world as they are rather than showing pictures in text and workbooks.

Children learn more by interaction, actual experience and playing, of course! That’s what we do during field trips that we, parents also organize. This also serves as our time to bond with other parents, share homeschooling tips, arts and learning materials that we mostly make out of recycled materials from home.

See, homeschooling doesn’t have to be limited inside our homes. My daughter and I usually go out once or twice a week for socialization and co-curricular activities like in her case, Ballet. We also see to it to have all our books, art materials and my laptop handy in case we need them.


Combining homeschooling and VApreneurship is not easy and definitely not for everyone. I chose this road because I believe that the BEST SCHOOL IN THE WORLD is the WORLD itself. I don’t want to confine her in a school setting where she can see limited things and learn only from the teachers.


I believe in time management, tasks prioritization and in being happy in everything we do. This is the road I chose and with God’s grace, I’ll do my best to become the BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD, too!

Boy on boat
Jan 08

To all Virtual Assistants, #VApreneurs and Dream-Reachers

By rochefel | blogs , Simple Thoughts

Sometimes, I wear my creativity hat and just let ideas flow on my head. I let loose and absorb things. I try to remember and forget at the same time. I try to remember my dreams and the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing. I also try to forget the pain, the sadness and the uncertainties of life. To all Virtual Assistants, #VApreneurs and dream-reachers out there, this is reality.
We will fall, we will cry, we will stumble and sometimes find ourselves in the deepest pit that we can ever have. But if our DREAMS are bigger than all of these, our hearts WON’T FAINT. We will continue to build our dream business until time comes that we can see ourselves live the life that we’ve been dreaming of.
Boy on boat

To all Virtual Assistants, #VApreneurs and Dream-Reachers, this is for you

DREAMS are mere thoughts until we ACT and COMMIT
Write them down, be SMART and make them GOALS instead
Life would go on, whether we LOSE or WIN
Wisely use our time and fight the odds ’til the end
We’ll all grow old, have families and kids
When that time comes, can we truly say, “Hey! I did my best!”?
Did we do enough or just stayed in our comfort zones?
Did we CONQUER life’s struggles or just let ourselves LOSE?
Dreams do come in many faces
Just as passion lies within us, until we take time to comprehend
Until we’ve truly commune within the deepest part of ourselves
Will we understand the joy that lies in doing what we LOVE best
It’s NEVER too LATE for us to chase a DREAM
No one is too OLD or WEAK or SCARED if we BELIEVE
If God is willing and our HEARTS never faint
In His own TIME, we will ACHIEVE.
May we all continue to be supportive of everyone’s dream. May we all learn to thank God in everything that He’s giving. For He knows better and His LOVE is overflowing. May this short post inspire everyone that needs it. May we all find peace in our hearts, rest in our spirits and the WILL to go on…

May 07

Chinkee Tan’s MONEY KIT Can Make You Say, “Til Debt Do Us Part “

By rochefel | blogs , recommend , Simple Thoughts

Do you often find yourself in tighter budget a few days before payday? Chinkee Tan‘s MONEY KIT Can Make You Say, “Til Debt Do Us Part”. Let me show you how as you read more of this post. I will also be holding a FREE Webinar that will show you exactly how to use it. Though there isn’t any definite date yet, if you sign up in THIS LINK, I’ll send you a special invite to hear the lessons that I personally did!
After an almost heart-attack experience from the #pacmanvsmayweather fight, everybody is back to normal. Win or lose in your bets, we all have to face our financial situation. If we are not as rich as Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather, we better be learning how to become one! Let’s admit it. Not all of us are able to apply the lessons stated his books.
The best part is, he already created a fail-proof formula how to apply the lessons he’s been teaching to all of his talks as long as you’re willing to follow his instructions, there’s no reason why you can’t! It personally helped me strategies with my business investments and I’m sure, you can also do the same!
I consider money handling a talent but it’s something all of us can learn. If you’re into doing any kind of business, this is something you should be learning to manage, too. Using Chinkee Tan’s Money Kit, save and pay off your debt even without increasing your income and be able to fund your long time dream business or investment just like what I exactly did!
The Money Kit has 6 other books that come for free. Look at the titles and you’ll probably have an idea what they’re for.


1. Till Debt Do Us Part
2. Chink+ How To Inspire yourself To Inspire Others
3. For Richer or For Poorer
4. Secrets of the Rich and Successful
5. Why God Wants You to Prosper
6. How I made My First Million Through Direct Selling and How You Can Too!
After reading the 6 books, you can also install the CD that comes with the kit into your computer to help track your finances. This way, you don’t have to calculate expenses and income by yourself, it’ll do it for you. If you hate Math, this will do the trick (wink, wink)!
My favorite item in the kit is the accordion envelopes. I’ve been practicing some of Chinkee Tan’s advises even before seeing his MONEY KIT and I’m so happy that he has established this system that will guide everyone in properly budgeting their income to pay off their debts and eventually be able to save for future investments. For me, investments are the best part because it means you’re able to see the benefits of what you’re saving for!
Beside using the envelopes for proper income segregation, it is also a good practice to save up for something we need or want to buy to avoid getting deeper into debts. If we don’t have a budget on something, we better be contented with what we have but strive harder to earn more.
When I read Chinkee Tan’s books, I told myself, everybody should read this! Everybody should learn the science of handling one’s finances. His advice is worth more than the price of the kit itself. They’re practical, easy to follow and won’t do you any harm for sure!
But wait, there’s more! You if you sign up separately in the form below, you can also get a FREE shirt from Chinkee Tan himself! Isn’t that cool? Well, this is the part where I say, “What’s keeping you from signing up?” Besides, he also has a live event on June 20th, where I will be joining, of course! So, I guess, see you around, wearing one of his shirts! Let’s go for a DEBT-FREE year and SAVE UP for our own INVESTMENTS!
If you know someone that can benefit from this post, don’t kill the fun! Share away! Feel free to comments and ask your questions below and I’ll definitely answer back! 🙂

If you want to receive the give-away being offered on this blog, just fill up this form to reserve (DO THIS FIRST). You will receive an opt-in confirmation email to ensure you are not being added without your consent. Once you confirm, you will get an email that has the links to purchase Chinkee Tan’s books and training programs.


Apr 11

Back-to-School Virtual Assistant Project

By rochefel | blogs , Simple Thoughts

December 2014 when I started a campaign for a Gift-Giving Program together with other VA’s, friends and family. It was then that I realize that more people want to support these kind of events, only if someone will step up and initiate so here I am again, asking everyone to join help some kids get to school this year. C’mon and let’s unite one more time for a cause.
Two-four months from now will be the start of our next school year and it has been my dream to help as many children as we can and send them to school or at least, help with their primary school needs. If there’s anyone that is also willing to give on a regular basis, please contact me directly and let’s discuss how you want to help.
This should not be much, since this will only comprise of notebooks, pens, paper and a decent and durable school bag that can carry their things.
Below is the picture of our transaction in our last campaign. I am appealing to those who want to support this project and make a difference. Please send your donations to: and together, let us inspire these children to study harder and reach for their dreams.
If you have any questions, please comment below or add and pm me in my Facebook account.
Thank you in advance and may we raise more than we’re expecting. Prayers and blessings for everyone!

Mar 21

15 Symptoms Of Social Media Dependency Syndrome

By rochefel | blogs , recommend , Simple Thoughts , Social Media

I’ve been in the online business since 2013 and I noticed how I got hooked in Social Media and relied on it to market my services and help new and aspiring VA’s learn the business. This post is my own way of making you smile while you may find yourself infected with these 15 symptoms of social media dependency syndrome. May you be a virtual assistant, freelancer, online entrepreneur or just a social media fanatic.

15 Symptoms You May be Infected With Social Media Dependency Syndrome

1. You wake up and look at your phone first before you go to the bathroom, brush your teeth or even have breakfast. Sounds familiar?
SocialMedia  Dependency Syndrome_professionalvas_9
2. You sometimes or often times eat, drink and talk while looking at your phone more than usual, assuming for any new notification or PM’s to pop. Oh, and once it does, you can hardly help replying ASAP as if your life depends on it.
SocialMedia  Dependency Syndrome_professionalvas_5
3. You take pictures of anything you do so you can have new material for posting.
SocialMedia  Dependency Syndrome_professionalvas_1
4. You also take pictures of anything that interests you though most often times everything does and you have difficulty figuring out what to use anymore.
5. Once someone cracks a joke or say something interesting, you’re fingers itch, wanting to post it, again, ASAP.
6. You go to the bathroom with your phone even if you know there’s a risk of getting it wet as if your 5-10 minutes “stay” will delay your social networking activities.
7. You sleep with your phone.
8. You can hardly go to sleep with your phone.
9. You want to ditch your phone during movie time, swimming or family and friends’ gathering but is really having a hard time doing so.
10. Your circle of friends share the same symptoms with you.
11. You’re an active member of at least 5-10 Social Media Groups, or more.
12. You rarely go out with friends and find yourself enjoying the online community.
13. You often smile or laugh by yourself because of a post or comments to a post and feel you’re obligated to reply, like or comment back.
14. You have more NetLingo vocabulary or at least know three of them. Most popular terms are: LMAO, ROFL, LOL, SMH, BRB, ASAMOF, IDK, BBL. You may also find more of them here:
15. You enjoy reading this post.
Now, to further test yourself, tally your “score”. How many times did you find yourself having these “symptoms”? If you have at least 10 out of 15 of these symptoms, you must be joining the club! hahaha! Anyway, I’m just making fun of it but I find it true for myself. 15 out of 15 for me and I really had fun writing it! If you like it or have more to add, feel free to comment below. You may share this to your friends, too and make them think if they’ve been “infected” with the #SocialMedia Dependency Syndrome and has these symptoms, too.

Dec 09

7 Questions A virtual assistant should answer before planning the business

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , ilike , Motivation , recommend , Simple Thoughts

“If money is not an issue, what is that ONE thing you’d want to do? One that would make you feel fulfilled and happy.” I always ask this question to my clients every time I’m coaching them. It sounds so simple, yet most of them can hardly answer it in one sitting. I believe there are 7 questions a virtual assistant should answer before planning the business. Well, actually more, but these are the basics.
Why is it so important? People just want to earn, get clients and work, right?
True. Most people does. That’s the very same reason why most of them get stuck in the cycle of getting up to work for someone else, go home, sleep and do the same thing the next morning. Before they knew it, 30 years had passed. This is what we’ve always been and if we’re NOT going to break the cycle now, we’ll never get to where we want to go. Time will pass and we’ll all get old and all our ideas will still remain ideas. Dreams will still be dreams.
And we would all be watching those who did and admire what they’ve done or worse, we’d be bitter, complain about life and its injustices. Then, we stop dreaming and get contented with what we have until we’re laid to rest.
We would never experience how to declare our own holidays, take a month or two of straight family vacation, never worrying about having enough money left or if the business is still running smoothly. We would never be able to see the people that we’re able to touch, inspire or those lives we’ve changed.
It’s not yet too late. Not for anyone who wants to start anew. In order to do that, we have to really know what we want. Dig deeper to yourself for a couple of days or weeks and ask these very important questions. Be honest to yourself. Write them down until you’ve poured all your heart’s desire, leaving no trace of inhibition or fear of not having to achieve it. You can worry about it later. For now, just be yourself.

7 Questions a Virtual assistant Must Answer

What kind of job I like doing?
How much do I want to earn?
Why do I want to set up a business?
What do you and your business want to become 10 years from now?
If you’ve reached your financial goal, would you stop working? WHY?
What are you good at? I mean REALLY good at?
What do you LOVE doing that you would even do for FREE?
Now, keep your notes and become one with it. What I mean is that you start your day believing that you can become whatever or whoever you’ve written there. Read and say it loud everyday. Feel it. COMMUNE with your DREAMS and BELIEVE. This is the first step.
The rest is not an easy road. I’m not saying you’d be rich after doing this but this is a good start. Only by knowing who you are and what you want that you’ll be able to make better plans for yourself and your business. Get yourself a coach if you think you’re having difficulty finding it all out by yourself.
There are many coaches out there. Many programs that would best suit your needs and the best is, all of them are just a “Google” away. Here’s a few that I see valuable for your business and it’s been with mine. You may take a look at them and who knows, we might be together in any of these programs soon.
1. Certified E-Commerce Specialist, E-Commerce Entrepreneur, and E-Commerce Professional Program – This is a 100% Filipino site that gives so much value, owned and operated by the mother of Philippine E-commerce herself, Janette Toral. I’ve been in some of her offline and online classes and she truly is a great teacher and coach.
2. – it has never been a secret to you how my relationship with Sheila started that lead to the partnership. Right now, I’m enrolled in one of her coaching classes and I can’t wait to get started!
3. – is another site owned by Susan Mershon, the “techiementor”. This is where I got my (VASK) VA Starter Kit certification when she gave me a scholarship to her program. It was the best learning experience for me and that’s where I learned that getting a “coach” and “training” helps a lot in speeding up the process of your learning curve. It cuts out your trial and error time experimenting things that might or NOT work for your business.
4. – of course, this is the site that I’ve started since middle of this year which aims to help Filipino VA’s start the business the right way. One of my goals is to help YOU find your niche, do your DREAM business and reach your GOALS.
There are so many courses and coaches online. You can also learn most of the lessons for free and there’s no doubt about it but having a coach can pinpoint your strengths, weaknesses and give you direction based on your dreams. That is something very hard to do when you’re all alone trying to figure out what fits and which ones are for what. Just like when you’re picking your favorite restaurant, you can pick your coach, too and which training you want to take.
Check them all out and tell me in the comments below what you think. I hope to see more of you in the next post and feel free to join our Facebook group. Our Youtube channel also offers TONS of FREE training that you can take advantage of. See you at the TOP, dreamer…

Nov 24

How Do Virtual Assistants Keep Themselves Motivated

By rochefel | blogs , recommend , Simple Thoughts

I am compelled to write this very sensitive topic today because of a very recent incident. People that started and succeeded in business, whether online or brick and mortar are ordinary people, too. Just like you and me, they also cry and get depressed. The question is, how do virtual assistants keep themselves motivated despite having problems instead of letting getting drowned by it?
Problems come in different forms and we all have it. If you don’t have a single problem or life issues, please let me know in the comment below and I would love to feature your story for everyone to admire.
But having a problem doesn’t make a person less happy or contented. It’s just a normal part of our daily life. It makes us smarter, stronger and more appreciative of what we have and we should NEVER let these problems, BIG or SMALL affect our DREAMS! We’re no longer kids that get spooked by costumes and decorations during Halloween.
Going back to the problem, which is our main topic today, may it be personal, relationship, family or even emotional, physical and psychological ones have great effect on us. It’s hard to even eat when we’re sad or we can hardly sleep at night. Most often than not, our moods change and we become more irritated by simple things we usually have greater patience for.
At school, in the office, the way we talk to people, even in the bus, or the way we treat and play with our kids. Even the taste of food and our hair follicles are affected when we deal with these problems too seriously.
What do we do to still function like a normal, happy, motivated dreamer despite the heavy burden we carry?

So, How Do virtual assistants keep themselves Motivated

Ask yourself three questions.
1. Can you solve the problem? Yes or No?
2. If the answer is YES, will it require time and money to get resolved? Yes or No?
3. If it doesn’t require time or money, what does it need?
Now, here are my own practices to it. My own Dragon inside me!
1. If your answer is yes, solve it now!
If not, let it be and don’t worry too much because time will fly and others will solve it or it will be solved on its own. If it won’t, it shouldn’t be your worry anymore because you’re not in a position to help. Simple. Never sulk or bury yourself in a depression only you will suffer. Remember, the world will continue to live whether you’re happy or not.
Choose to be happy.
2. If you can readily provide the money, give it and problem is solved. If it needs time, you and everybody else involved has to wait. There is nothing you can do to make time fly faster just because you need to solve a problem.
3. If it doesn’t require time or money, what does it need? Identify the solution and do it, assuming you can provide the solution. If you can’t and others can, either compel or ask them to do it.
These are some of the things I personally apply to my problems that I want to impart on you. It all boils down to attitude. How we look into things and how we appreciate the smallest thing around us.
When was the last time you stopped and appreciate the beauty of a flying butterfly? Or simply watch the moon and feel the cool air while you’re walking on your way home? Simple things that we forget to appreciate but are always there to give us joy and comfort because we’re too busy for a solution that we don’t have. Let us enjoy what we have instead! Like these two little girls I’ve been so privileged to love everyday.

For example, the problem in traffic. Can you solve it when you become irritated and shout at all the MMDA’s (traffic enforcer in Manila)? If you think you can’t, shut up and enjoy the traffic. What comes out of your mouth shows what you are inside so just play a nice music from your phone or talk to your friends. You can even talk to your seat mates if you’re in the bus and who knows, you might end up meeting a new friend?
But if you’re in the traffic planning and execution department, there! You can do something! Make use of it and do it right! Or you can protest in the street for incompetent officials and add to the heavy traffic itself. Or next election, vote for someone who promise to resolve the traffic issue and pray that he delivers. See what I mean?
There are so many things that we shouldn’t be worrying about. Let us all solve those things we can and leave those we can’t because for sure, somebody else has the capacity to solve it and pray that we’ll have peace of mind over those we can’t control. Always choose to be happy and make others happy, too! Telling a joke or two won’t make you a penny poorer. Share your happiness, like Coca-cola’s famous tagline (though I don’t drink soda). Smile always and people will be drawn by it.
And one last thing… Keep your eyes on your goals and keep working happily for it! Become a dream reacher rather than just a dreamer and then help others reach their dreams, too! Because when your dreams become bigger than you problems and fears, you will surely make it happen!
How better could this world be if everybody is thinking like this?
Like this post or you think someone you know would benefit from it? Feel free to share and tell us what you think.

fairy kids in yellow and purple costumes
Nov 19

Virtual Assistant’s Meet-up Gift-Giving Project For A Special Cause

By rochefel | blogs , ilike , Motivation , recommend , Simple Thoughts

Since most virtual assistants literally work from a home office, we rarely go out to socialize so I thought of organizing a VA meet up once a month just to make new friends, share our experiences and inspire others. This idea started three months ago and we’ve successfully had two meet-ups. This time, I thought of making this different. Something worth while and about giving back, thus the Professional Virtual Assistant’s Meet-up Gift-Giving Project was born.
On December 21st, the Carmelite Sisters will be holding a simultaneous (all of their branches will hold the same event at the same time) feeding program for street children. Fortunately, my sister is one of the organizers and I thought of inviting interested VA’s to participate and give something to the kids so I’m inviting anyone who likes to join and help in their own ways.
If you’re interested to come and be a part of the VA Gift-giving Project, there are so many ways you can help and participate. Please see below for the initial ideas that we drafted, together with a few VA’s I’ve been consulting with for this project.
fairy kids in yellow and purple costumes

How to Participate in the Gift-Giving Project

1. Everybody can come to the event as long as they will bring their own food. Snacks, water and lunch to share with 2-3 people will be fine. We don’t want to be eating the food for the feeding program, do we? Your friends and family are welcome, too.
2. You can help in 5 ways.
A. Come to the event and help distribute “goodies” to the kids.
B. You can also donate if you can’t come.
C. You can both donate and come to the event.
D. You can help buy and pack the gifts as soon as we’ve completed the fund.
E. You may also share this event to your friends and family members who want to donate, participate
and spread the word.
3. We are looking at around 150 children, anywhere between 4-17 years old. There may be younger, we can’t tell. We can’t estimate how many boys and girls so whatever gifts we’ll be preparing should be applicable for all ages.
4. Our deadline for the donation should be on December 13th, 2014, Saturday, to give us time to buy and pack our gift/s.
5. The ideal gift amount per child is 100 pesos ($2.30) or more but considering the number of children that will be attending, I suggest to set our initial target amount per child to be Php 100 at the moment, which will total to Php 15,000 ($349) . If we’re to add the purchasing and wrapping expenses, I am estimating at least Php 17,000 ($395.45). This will be our initial target. See below for the targets and the proposed gift.
Target Donations table
This is a very small amount if more people will donate and will surely make more children happy this holiday season. Bear in mind that these children and their families rarely eat GOOD food and anything that we can give will be highly appreciated. Rest assured that whatever amount that would exceed our initial target will also be added in our gift budget.
In order to have proper accounting for the funds, we will be creating an open document at the Professional VA’s group which can be seen by everyone. All donations including the donor, expenses and purchased items will be recorded there. Should you donate and doesn’t want your name to appear, please let us know so we can make necessary arrangements.
It has also been suggested that if a business wants to donate, we will be giving them a link from our blog and will be included in our Donor TREE. A picture of a Christmas Tree will be posted each day, the names of the donors in a Christmas ball or Star will be added as they donate. This will serve as our “thank you” gesture for supporting the project. Those who doesn’t want to be named can be arranged, an anonymous star will be added on their behalf.
There is a separate Paypal account that we set only for this purpose and the screen capture of the transaction/s will also be posted for transparency.
If you feel you’re ready to donate now, our project’s Paypal account is:
Event Venue : 154 Kaliraya St. Tatalon, QC. Right accross Sto. Domingo Church
Date: December 21st, Sunday, from 8AM-5PM.
happy children
For those who want to participate but can’t afford to donate, feel free to send me a message and you’re also welcome to join us. Everybody is welcome to help in any way. We can’t do this alone and really need more people to make this event successful. We will also be posting a document at the Professional VA’s Group for those who want to participate in any way. This will serve as our final list of participants so make sure that if you sign up, you’re willing to come, participate and/or donate.
You may also ask donations from your friends and families, just make sure they read this post first and fully understand our purpose before anything else.
This is our chance to give back and make a meaningful holidays. It doesn’t matter if you’re Catholic, Muslim or whatever religion you have. In the eyes of a child, Christmas is a time of gift-giving and it would make them happy if they receive something from someone who cares. I hope that we’ll all unite for the same purpose without looking at the things that separate us, like religion, political views, gender, status or anything else.
If you’re one of us in heart, please like, share, participate and be part of this project. May we make more children happy this holiday season! Bless us all!

lego free yellow
Sep 25

5 Ways Virtual Assistants Can Train For Free

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , recommend , Simple Thoughts

People thought that building an online business is easy and if you’re one of them, I’m telling you, it is NOT. Now, to help you get started, here are 5 ways virtual assistants can train for free. If you’re not a VA, it’s okay. As long as you want do an online business or already there, this is something you should be doing.
A free business never happens. Aside from the monetary investment one should put for a business, time, skills and dedication have equal or greater value than how much you may be shelling out to kick start. Though I didn’t build mine for free, there were little expenses that I incurred and I’ll share them with you on my next post but first, let me show you the free resources that we all have access for.

So, How Do Virtual Assistants Train For Free?

1. Make use of the world wide web, the internet! If you’re resourceful enough, there are tons of sites that offer free information. From blogs, webinars and Youtube videos teaching you how to start a business, they’re just all online. All you need to do is dedicate your time to research, watch or read them and apply them to your starting VA Business.
lego free yellow
Just remember, get 1-2 sites to train yourself at a time and don’t get overwhelmed. Choose the coach or free courses that suits your needs best. To ensure that you can maximize your time, make a list of the things you want to learn and search them on by one. That way, you can concentrate on one skill first before jumping to another.
2. Everybody started somewhere. If you really want to learn and can’t get work experience, offer a free service to a coach in exchange for training and coaching. Take note that this should only take a few hours a day or week and should not take most of your time. An hour or two a day will be enough or 5-10 hours a week of service. Who knows, if that person sees your value, you might end up getting paid anyway?
Please take note that you should also do this with caution. Choose the person that you’re offering a free service with so you won’t get abused as well.
3. Remember your closest friends and families who have existing businesses. They can also help train you. Though they are in a brick and mortar business, the skills that you’ll learn from them can also be applied to your online business. Just make sure you’re training for the right skill. Don’t offer to flip burgers for example. Offer to handle their bookkeeping or social media management instead.
virtual assistant conference
4. Apply for cheaper rates for 2-4 hours a day and use the remaining hours to build your business foundation. Sometimes, the best thing to get training is to get trained for a fee, no matter how little they may be. Just don’t get too comfortable or you might end up NOT working for your dream business anymore but back in the rat race you so wanted to get out of.
5. Go to, a site that offers free training for all other online applications you’ll need or go to he app’s site itself. More often than not, they offer a free training. For example, freshbooks offer a training on their site including mailchimp, aweber, 1shopping cart and many others. No need to pay for tuition, just time and effort to do it yourself. You may also check out my Free Training Videos in Youtube but be sure to take a pen and paper handy! What you’ll learn might change your life.
Time is of so much value. Use it to your own advantage. It will fly and will never go back so make sure to use it wisely. If you didn’t use it to train yourself, use it to have fun with your friends and families! This is your most valuable resources. In fact, aside from your skills, this is what you’re selling as a virtual assistant. To give your clients more time so they can do what they want, right?
On the next post, I’ll give you an idea how much will it cost to put up a virtual assistant or any online business. Leave your comments if you want to learn something and I’ll do my best to write one for you. Share this to your friends if you think this may help them, too! You may also download this free ebook as my gift to you and start training yourself, FREE!

Paypal's 21-day-verification process-professionalvas
Jul 22

How to Resolve The 21-Day-Paypal-Verification

By rochefel | blogs , recommend , Simple Thoughts

Just very recently, a few Facebook Group members complained about the “21-day-verification process” of Paypal that held their virtual assistant services fee for 21 days.
It created a buzz in the group so I decided to write about it for anyone that might be experiencing the same “money-hold-verification” problem by Paypal. Group members gave different suggestions to solve the problem but in the end, we found out the best thing to do directly from Paypal’s Customer Service.
We found “the light”, so to speak and we’re all sharing it to YOU.
Paypal's 21-day-verification process-professionalvas
Most Freelancers or VAs get paid this way so this is an important issue specially if the money sent has been allotted for payment of rent, bills and other needs. All complainants sent a complaint to Paypal and got different answers from different customer service personnel.
One of them, Carlo Masamayor, had a good explanation and answer, so to avoid getting into that same trouble, here’s what you should do if you’re already in that situation.

An excerpt from Paypal customer service representative’s response

I understand, the payment was sent with the option of ‘Goods’ and that is why it was placed on hold. Put the worries aside, I have released the payment to your Account. You can access the funds now, to withdraw or send as payment. For future payments, if it’s indicated as for ‘Goods’, then payment could not be released before 21 days. Just let your clients know and get them to send as for ‘Services’.
Have a nice day!!
– Gopiraj
Whoever he or she is, thank you so much for answering a long time question regarding Paypal’s 21-day-verification process.
Another input from Franz Josef Valdivia came today and I quote, “Good day All. With respect to Carlo and the PayPal rep he spoke with, the current options for client to choose are:
1. I’m paying for goods and services and
2. I’m making personal payments (i.e., shared expenses, rental charges, payment and others).
To make things short, the payer must choose #2 so the funds will be instantly/readily available for withdrawal by the recipient, FYI”

These are great inputs coming from those who have asked Paypal directly and I appreciate their willingness to share their experience so others can be aware of what to do in case they found themselves in the same situation or better yet, avoid having been there at all!
If you’re new to Paypal, I’ve also written a step by step guide how to open a Paypal account and link it to a credit card or EON card for withdrawal.
Let me know in the comments below if you have more Paypal or online payment experiences and what you did to resolve them.