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Jeremiah Cards for sale
Jan 21

Virtual Assistants and Friends Made The Jeremiah Girls Happy

By rochefel | blogs , Provas & Friends Foundation

Virtual Assistants and friends made the Jeremiah Girls Happy last Monday, January 18th, 2016. We were so blessed to be given a chance to meet these girls from the Jeremiah Foundation to give our combined gifts of love.
The girls are between the ages of 11-18 but all are happy and excited to see what we have to share with them.
Jeremiah Foundation for Girls

Virtual Assistants, Friends and the Jeremiah Girls

Though they were shy, they still introduced themselves to show us how glad they were for the visit.
Jeremiah Girls At Home
A very energetic dance number was also presented by the girls.
Jeremiah Girls Dance Number
One of our friends taught some tricks on letter-hacking, which they were all so excited to do.
An eleven-year-old girl was also playing with our kids and even conducted a mini-class, teaching them how to write the alphabets while of the volunteers sat with us to show the cards that these girls made. Check out these beautiful pieces!
Jeremiah Cards for sale
The girls are all young and innocent but were abused by people who don’t regard them as valuable creations of God. We can all do something to make their lives a little easier and happier by sending in anything that we have in excess. As a team of VA’s, families and friends gathered together for one purpose, we can all make a difference. Join us for an all-year-project for the Jeremiah girls and hopefully, we can help provide for their shelter and other needs.
Our next project for them is to provide a projector that they can use for their home-schooling activities. All of them are under home-schooling programs and since their computers are very limited, a projector will help a lot in facilitating tutorials and trainings done by online volunteer teachers. Help us fund this project once more and put a little of our savings to good use. We’re going to call them, #PROJECT100. Your Php100 can help give these girls a better life. No small or big amounts because everything counts. What are you waiting for?
Jeremiah Foundation Office
For your dollar donations, you may send $1 or any amount here:

Jeremiah Girls with Virtual Assistants
For Php100 or more, simply click here:

You may also become a part of the official PROVAS and Friends Foundation by liking this page:, where we’ll be posting most of the updates about this project.
If you want to see my previous post, check out here:
All thanks and glory to God for bringing all of us together in one cause. After all, life is not about making money and spending it. Using our extra funds in things worth spending makes it more meaningful. Let us all start to create a heartfelt commitment to help these girls grow up to be “beautiful, with a heart.” 🙂

yellow flower
Dec 21

Virtual Assistants and Friends Joined For #ProjectJeremiah

By rochefel | blogs , Provas & Friends Foundation

In December 2015, Professionalvas, together with VA friends and families initiated an event called “The Virtual Assistant Gift-Giving Project”, making 100 kids happy with a simple Noche Buena package given to them. This year, interested Virtual Assistants and friends joined for #ProjectJeremiah, a small effort to help a foundation for girls in Green Park, Manggahan, Pasig City.
To give you an idea what we did last year, you may click this post and read more. This year, we will be giving gifts that can benefit our chosen foundation, depending on what they need. As much as possible, we would love to have a small party and make them happy even after the holidays, since our target date for the event is on January 11th, 2016(tentative).
Friends who joined together to make this happen are the VA community, their families and friends so anyone who wants to be a part of this is welcome to join. You may send your donations to our official Paypal account: heshambr(at)ymail(dot)com or you may simply CLICK the BUTTON below for your donations in PHP.

yellow flower
You may also become a part of the official PROVAS and Friends Foundation by liking this page:, where we’ll be posting most of the updates about this project.
We also tried to have a back to school gift-giving project last June, 2015 but it wasn’t a success so the funds collected stayed in our official Paypal account up to now and has been added for this year’s total donated amount. Look below for what we have so far… So feel free to share the word and let’s make a difference!
paypal balance
Jeremiah Foundation has been housing young girls since March 2015. They are home-schooling, with the help of their foster parents, Founders, Reylindo E. Ortega and other volunteers.
To get to know them better, below are their Mission, Vision, Goals, Programs and Services.
Vision: to have a haven for girls toward renewed wholeness providing them with opportunities to heal and mature beautifully so they will become the confident, independent and intelligent women that they can be.
Their Mission is to provide a wholesome, nurturing home environment that shall nourish and renew their bodies, mind and spirit offering total quasi-parenting attention to meet their basic, secondary and formation-transformation needs.
Goal: to provide the home-parental care and environment needed by the girls while equipping them with knowledge, abilities and skills and other opportunities for self-awareness, self-improvement and self-transformation through various exposures and experiences until eventually they seek their rightful place in our society and community.

Their Objectives Supported by Virtual Assistants and Friends

1. To provide a warm and supportive atmosphere close to home living and care
2. To provide for the rehabilitation (social, emotional and psychological) needs of the girls.
3. To partner with schools and other available units in the locality in assisting the girls with their educational progress.
4. To partner with identified groups who can assist in the social, moral and spiritual upliftment of the girls.
4. To work towards family integration and reunification, if possible and if this proves impossible–
5. To prepare the girls for higher educational pursuits and/or economic independence should family integration proves improbable.

Their Programs and Services

1. Home Life Services
2. Rehabilitation Services
3. Educational Services
4. Health Services
5. Spiritual/Values Formation
6. Legal ang Paralegal Assistance
7. Socio-Cultural Immersion
8. Family Integration/Reunification
9. Homemaking Arts/Livelihood Crafts and Skills
For Donations in USD, you may CLICK this BUTTON:

If you wish to send something by bank, you may send it to:
BDO Taytay Account No. 002490428582
Account Name: Maria Rochefel R. De Ocampo
Thank you very much in advance for all you support and thank God for giving us this opportunity to become a blessing to those in need.
Note: The pictures you’re seeing here are from last year’s Gift-giving project.