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Feb 08

VApreneur Workshop in Iligan City

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , Motivation

Last January 28th, 2017 was a very special day for us, the Professionalvas Road team since this is our 2nd VApreneur road tour workshop held in Iligan and our first out of town, at that! You can imagine how excited the whole team was and so as the participants, so let me share with you what happened in the event and how the participants love the training.

Workshop Proper…

Doing their seat works…
Sharing their goals…

Did you get excited with this, too?
What’s event more fun is how they willingly shared their goals, skills and business plans that they didn’t know they have right before they attended the training.
Look how serious they were…

When I first realize the business side of the virtual assistant industry, I said to myself, “This is something all Filipinos should know about”. Lucky for them because they can start younger and with a group of people to start them with.
You see, the hardest part of starting a business is to unlearn the usual things that we do, how we behave, think and even act. Since we’re brought up as effective and efficient employees, we missed the part of building our self confidence to become CEO’s of our own empire.
We’re trapped in the box of our school curriculum and the environment’s own version of “normal” lifestyle. Sleep, work, pay bills and do it all over again like a guinea pig running his wheels endlessly until we all get old, sick and leave without a legacy or never even try to live the life we wanted.
Take a final look on how they’re all excited when they had their certificate of completion.
VApreneur awarding of certificates
10 years from now, I hope to see familiar faces from these people, living their dream life. I would love to hear how the Workshop has opened their minds into pursuing what they want and earn from their passion.
I know it’s not an easy road ahead and not all of them can make it but for those who will endure, see you there… Keep going and don’t forget to keep in touch.

Nov 05

Our First VApreneur Workshop For Virtual Assistants

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , Motivation

Last October 22nd at the Bluefin Grill in Metrowalk, Pasig, we held our first VApreneur Workshop for virtual assistants and aspiring ones. This was a long time dream for me and the whole Road tour team. To empower VAs in competing to the global market and help fuel their business right at the comfort of their homes.
As I always say, the road to entrepreneurship is not an easy road. A lot of battles needs to be won. A battle to yourself, the people around you and the series of events you’ll encounter along the way.
If you’re one of those who attended the event, you know what I mean but if not, let me tell you the battlefields where you need to rule.

5 Virtual Assistant Battles to be Won

1. Getting to know yourself
2. Deciding what you really want
3. Committing to doing it
4. Learning and unlearning things
5. Keeping yourself on track
Now, let me tell you why those 5 battles are important for a VApreneur and every person wanting to build their own business whatever they may be.
First. Getting to know yourself. A lot of people doesn’t know themselves pretty well, would you believe that? Sometimes, they have dreams they don’t realize they have or talents they don’t know the value of. This is crucial for a business owner. Without knowing who you really are, accepting your weaknesses, appreciating your strengths and hold on to your dreams, there’s no way you can focus to get to where you want.
Second. Deciding what you really want. Once you had a successful communion with yourself and discovered the many things you can and can’t do, what you want or don’t want, the next question is, what do you want to do for the rest of your life? What is that something that gives you inspiration and motivation to keep you going even if other have already quitted?
This may seem to be an easy question at first but as you think about it more, you may find yourself in deep empty thought. It is to your advantage if you’re one of the few who already knows what they want because they can skip this battle and go to the next.
Third. Committing to doing it. Doing what? Your answer to the second battle. See how everything needs to be done in proper order? Miss one and you’ll surely go back to square one. Commitment is doing something without any assurance of winning. Are you willing to fight for it anyway?
Fourth. Learning and unlearning things. Would you agree that you don’t know everything you need to get to where you want? Would you also agree that you need to unlearn things that might hamper your journey? If you’re up for this, then you’re ready for the next battle.
Fifth. Keeping yourself on track. Plans are easy to make. What’s even harder is to keep yourself going in the same direction regardless of what’s happening around you. This is the stage where most entrepreneurs fail. Because they let their current situation dictate their business decisions. They lose control of the steering wheel and let it loose. And then they fall.
What I mean is, in every business, we all have to be ready for anything that may come our way. Whatever outcome we may encounter, we always have to be prepared to back it up a sound plan and solid decision to keep going.
I may not make sense to some but if you’re already in business, any business you can think of, I’m sure you may have gone through these battles. Remember, we should always win our number 5. We need TONS of prayers, faith and perseverance to do it. You’re not alone.
If you want to learn more about VApreneurhsip, join in our FB group so you can ask questions and take advantage of the FREE training materials accessible only to members.
All thanks to God for making the VApreneur Workshop possible and sending us partners like Payoneer PH, The Happy Organics, Vansol Travel and Tours, Awe-Mazing Photography and When In Manila to help make the event possible.

vapreneur road tour team
Sep 23

The Level Up: VApreneur One Day To FREEdom!

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The Level Up: VApreneur One Day To FREEdom! was an old project that took years to be fulfilled. This October, my Road Tour team and I are so happy to share with you a whole day of fun and VApreneurship learning experience to finally kick off your home-based business or freelancing career. Join us in our first ever event and help spread the word.

The goal of the project is to teach you how to earn up to 10X your current VA rate doing the things you love and servicing the clients that appreciates your skills while having more time with family and friends without leaving the country. Sounds good or too good?

If you’re an ordinary employee in the Philippines, some of these scenarios are probably part of your everyday reality:

1. Two or more hours on the road going to and from work everyday
2. Little time spent with family and friends
3. No time to indulge in personal interests
4. Infrequent and short vacations (laging bitin!) due to work commitments
5. Always tired and irritable coming home from work
6. Braving the flooded city streets to get to work or home
7. Stressed out from negative vibes from co-workers
8. Little or no savings due to steady income but ever increasing expenses
9. Debt incurred to cover urgent, unexpected expenses
10. Bored to death working in an unfulfilling or dead-end job

Please, please don’t tell me that you experience ALL of the above!

So if those are part of your everyday existence, wouldn’t you want to make a change for the better? For the sake of your family?



Would you want the following instead?

1. Be your own boss
2. Have a location-independent lifestyle (work from home or whatever location you choose, thanks internet!)
3. Work in your pajamas or pambahay
4. Work on your own time
5. Spend quality time with family and friends
6. Say goodbye to long commute hassles
7. Say goodbye to worrying how to get to work and home on rainy days
8. Work on your own, or work with others who work from home too (and avoid office drama!)
9. Take vacations and travel when you want to
10. Have time to pursue personal interests
11. Earn steady income that’s more than enough for your family’s needs
12. Earn income that lets you live the life you want for yourself and your family

Wouldn’t it be sooooo nice to live these happy scenarios with your family?

You’ve probably seen photos of foreigners lounging in some exotic location and captioning their photos with #working. You’re probably read about some internet marketers, folks who tell stories of how they went from being broke to being millionaires thanks to the wonderful world wide web.

life at the beach

But you tell yourself: “I can’t do that.” “Only foreigners can do that.” “That’s not for me.” And you go back to your daily routine. You miss out on a lot of life’s little pleasures because you chose a path that’s safe, but full of endless hardships. And you continue to complain about it.

But really, why complain when you can do something about your situation? YES, YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! THE FIRST STEP IS TO DECIDE TO TAKE ACTION NOW.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” -Henry Ford

Grab this chance to learn how to earn DOLLARS and have more time for yourself and your family by working from home as a VApreneur (Virtual Assistant + Entrepreneur).

Attend the VApreneur: One Day To FREEdom! Workshop on October 22, 2016 at the Bluefin Grill In Metrowalk, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. The workshop will empower existing and aspiring Virtual Assistants to compete in the global market and fuel their businesses right in the comfort of their homes.


In this workshop, you will learn:

1. How to transition from employee to VApreneur
2. How to capitalize on your passion and existing skills while using the business model suited for your lifestyle
3. Possible opportunities behind online entrepreneurship
4. How to find clients that pay and appreciate the value of your work
5. How to take advantage of technology and build your dream business from home
PLUS: Network with like-minded individuals to learn together in a fun, supportive environment!

Rochefel Rivera of Professional VAs Academy will facilitate the workshop, to be assisted by the ProVAs Road Tour team composed of Bernice Biong, Sherlane Fortunado, Mychelle Chrystiene Tan-Remonte and Maria Cristina Pre, all online entrepreneurs.

Rochefel is a VA coach and an authority in the local VA industry. She conducts online trainings to help individuals get started in their VA business. Working as a virtual assistant herself, she saw the global opportunity for Filipinos in the industry but was dismayed at how Filipinos were being promoted as “cheap VAs with excellent English communication skills and work ethics.” This drove her to help VAs realize their potentials as business owners. Rochefel has mentored many VAs and has helped them thrive in the VA industry.

Sign up now and avail of the early bird discount. Sign up with a friend and get a pair discount. Slots are limited so secure your slots now!

Sign up today in the VApreneur: One Day To FREEdom! Workshop and be free to live the entrepreneurial life that will give you the time and money you need to secure your family’s future!

See you on October 22nd, 9am to 5pm!

Special thanks to Payoneer Philippines, Awe-Mazing Photography, VanSol Travel and Tours and our Media partner, When In Manila for sponsoring this workshop.

Little Girl Rowing
Jan 28

How Can A Virtual Assistant Transition From Employee To VApreneur

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , Motivation

It was 2013 when I first had a taste of the Virtual assistant (VA) industry and I admit, I love the privilege of working from home regardless of the pay. For me, it was already a blessing to be helping out in the family expenses while taking care of my kids. But then, I learned the business side of it. My question then, was… How can a virtual assistant transition from employee to VApreneur?
Back then, all I was doing was research, watch TONS of webinars a week, read a lot of blogs and implement what I’m learning to the business that I want to build. It was a shot in the dark. I’m a foreigner in the ocean of Western VA’s who all know that we, Filipinos accept a $2/hour VA rate. It was sooo frustrating, considering the fact that I know my skill is at par with theirs. I had to believe I am worthy of the real VA rate before they do, so worked for my online credibility and authority using social media, blogs, eBooks and FREE Webinars.
I didn’t stop from there, of course. Knowing that marketing is one of my weaknesses, I worked on my sales funnels, built a solid plan on how to do the business, prayed harder and true enough, hard work and prayer works. From one client to another, I was able to discover a part of me that’s already there from the very beginning that I wasn’t taking notice of. Teaching.
Little Girl Rowing
Because of a blogging challenge I started last September 2013, all of my ideas were poured into that blog. My passion for writing started when I was in high school but I don’t know what to write back then. I was just writing poems and essays before but now, as I look back at all my posts, I came to realize that there is a “teacher” inside me that wants to share something to the world.
If you have been following my blogs and webinars for a while, you’ll also notice that even if I inject a new topic on my post, it’s always about “teaching someone how to do something”. And since I was in the VA industry for 3 years now, the theme of my blog has slowly gathered Filipino mothers wanting to earn from home but don’t know how.
This is how the 6 months VA Coaching Program started in 2014 which I continually crafted until the end of 2015, teaching 35 more students how to build their online business from home and capitalize on their skills and passion just like I did.
Not all of them made it, of course. Some of them stopped, applied for regular jobs and some have applied in VA agency sites. But there are few who continued and faced all the business challenges and were able to make it until now. They were able to transition from employee to #VApreneur. From a virtual assistant that accepts $2/hour to the real acceptable VA rate.
Little Girl in the bank with cash
It was never easy for me and surely it wasn’t for them, either but for those who are brave enough to try and cross that gap, imagine what part of your life will change once you take that plunge. Where will you be 5 years from now if you pursue your dreams? Regardless of what you have or DON’T have right now, chasing for your dream is a choice.

What Hinders a Virtual Assistant from Becoming a VApreneur?

1. FEAR – We’re so scared of financial security, we never realized that our employers bought our time and dreams so we can build theirs. Until when we’re going to build our own?
2. SELF-DISCIPLINE – A very important trait that a business owner must have since no one would be there to police yourself if you’re doing the right thing at the right time.
3. MOTIVATION – One of the main reason most business fail is because of this. Motivation is something that we should all learn to find everyday because it’s not always around. Without this, we can’t be consistent in pursuing our goals.
These are just some of the things that I want to share with you. The lessons I learned, the experiences that I had, the ups and downs of my business, until I found out where I should be. If you want to be a part of the #VApreneur: 6 Months To FREEdom! Program, batch 2, check out this link and feel free to email me from the CONTACT PAGE for a Discovery Session to answer all your questions about the course.
You may also type your comments below and let me know what you think and what you want to learn. See you on my next post!

Jul 06

Financial Literacy Is A Must for All Virtual Assistants

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I haven’t been writing for quite a while because of too many business engagements and I really miss doing this! Writing makes me alive. Sharing what I learned is a must for me especially after attending Chinkee Tan’s event, “How to Retire Before the Age of 50”. I realized, I have to share this. Financial Literacy is a must for all virtual assistants, parents and entrepreneurs alike so I hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.
I believe this should be in the school’s curriculum from their first grade up to their last year in college in order to appreciate the value of time, money, hard work, values, perseverance and dreams. Only when people fully understand all of these will they be able to explore entrepreneurship without getting scared of what awaits them.
Let’s start from the 4 things I learned about money from Chinkee Tan himself in his previous speech that I attended and kept on repeating. These are the things we should always remember, no matter where we are in the “Financial Statute”.
Save – according to Chinkee Tan, “money NOT spent is a money EARNED”. Cut down on those things that you don’t need and start saving. May it be a bottle of water that you buy everyday or a cup of coffee. Make it a habit. Make a list of these things and mark those you can sacrifice to save. Share to a family or friend, too! Who knows, you might be inspiring others to do the same, right?
Create – he reiterated Robert Kiyosaki’s 4 ways of earning money. Aside from your regular source of income (employment), add more BASKET, as they say. Learn to start self-employment, build a business and invest. Having more than one source of income will make sure you won’t go into debt.
Grow – the growing part is a bit tricky. Because you have to keep the income going in a steady and growing manner. This would mean mastering your marketing, networking and other skills pertaining to your business.
Protect – once you have it, protect it and make sure you have back up plans in case something happens. As much as possible, teach your partners, children and everyone around you to treat the business the way you’re treating it.
The above lessons are great but getting into specifics is even better! What I mean is, where do you bring your money after saving a certain amount?


Save enough for contingencies. If anything happens, it’s better that you have extra cash that you can get from time to time.
Save for your Health insurance. Most of us, because of too much savings and thrift forget about saving for their health care. We’re not getting any younger and let’s face the fact that as we grow older, our bodies become weaker. Just like a car that needs regular maintenance, we also need to have ourselves checked from time to time and if we really can’t avoid to be admitted in the hospital, there’s something to back us up with the bills.
Life Insurance is next on the list. Accidents happen and if it does, we can be sure that our families will have a little something to start with.
This last one is my own addition to Chinkee’s list, hope you agree. Many people forget or fear the thought of dying including preparing for it but since it comes unannounced, it is also better if we set something for it. There are a lot of burial and memorial plans available. This will also save our families a lot of trouble looking for funds and they can concentrate on grieving and letting “us” go. Agree?


In funding a business, it is always important that you know what you’re dealing with. If these businesses require training, invest in it and equip yourself first to reduce your chances of failing. The more you know, the better you can succeed at it.
Start-up investments is a must after educating yourself. Make sure you have enough and that the amount you’ll invest is NOT the last money you have or you may end up taking loans when things aren’t going the way you expect it to be. I remember Susan Mershon, the techie mentor once said that if you’re resigning from your regular employment or starting a business, make sure that you have enough funds to last you for at least 6-12 months. Sounds a lot at first but it pays to have funds when you need them, right?


I can say that almost if not all of us experienced saving in a piggy bank in whatever shape or form. Next to this is in banks with very little interest, less tax deductions, take note (eyes rolling). Needless to say that saving this way doesn’t bring much profit so I suggest you keep on reading.
UITF and Mutual Funds. These are good ways to start investing in stock market when our funds are still low. Just make sure to check your broker’s license and accreditation before giving anything and again, research and learn more about it.
Stock Market when the funds are enough. Not the trading part, (unless you’re really good at it with more time to spare) but the “invest and forget” way. This is passive but has a greater chance of earning bigger amounts rather than learning the whole thing and trade. If you’re more aggressive than I am, get yourself a broker and try it with minimal amount. Make sure you’re investing money that you DON’T NEED and willing to lose. That way, it won’t hurt much in case it disappears. 🙂
Watch out for more bits and pieces of Financial Literacy advice from me as we go on. Share your comments below and tell us what you think! How many BASKET of EARNING do you have at the moment? What do you plan on adding next time?

Apr 20

Brand New School Supplies For Kids

By rochefel | blogs , Motivation

In a faraway island in the town of Mariveles, Bataan, lies a small community that lives the old fashioned way. Though they have cellphones, nobody has computers, no internet and definitely no smooth roads to get to school. I wonder… If they are risking their lives just to get educated, what joy could a brand new set of school supplies give them? Together, let’s paint the biggest smile on these kids face through the Provas and Friends Foundation.
They are not expecting anything, actually. I’m planning a surprise visit to the families, together with mine and some friends to see how they’re doing, then leave the supplies as our token. Would love to see the children’s eyes as they open the bags filled with new things they need as the school opens.
The island takes four hours from Manila by land and an hour and a half by boat from the town proper but the trip is so worth it. Some friends were already there for the initial visit and I’d love to go there, too!
Below are some pictures they’ve taken to show you how beautiful the island is.
With a beautiful white sand beach and a small farm from afar, it looks like a paradise to me. What do you think?
Anyway, these kids aren’t the only one we’re helping. Depending on the amount that we’ll gather, we’ll give it all to as many kids as we can so if you’re with us in this cause, share this post to as many friends and family as you can. Please like our Facebook Page, too and let’s stay connected!
Because we don’t have to be rich to be able to bring a smile on someone else’s face. We just need a little amount, a pinch of cooperation and lots of love. Also, with the recent tragedy that happened in Nepal, I am proposing that half of the donations will be given to the #NEPALVICTIMS. Any amount will help a child get a FREE school stuff and save lives through the #SaveNepal project at the same time.
Please send all your donations to PayPal account
See you on my next update.

Mar 24

A Message Of Wealth From Chinkee Tan

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , Motivation , recommend

Today, I was lucky enough to be listening to a message of wealth from Chinkee Tan, a well-known author and financial coach here in the Philippines. I said lucky because NOT many people get to hear him speak and NOT everyone gets his real message. Most of all, NOT everyone who got the message are willing to apply what they’ve learned.
For me, this is the most essential part of learning. To execute your knowledge through well-planned actions to improve yourself, become a better person and pursue a certain goal. Let me share a few of my take-aways in his presentation and hopefully, it’ll be the start of a new YOU.

4 Things I learned from Chinkee Tan

Money is something we all spend but not all of us know how to handle properly so let me show you the 4 things he mentioned that we all fail to do.
1. Create multiple source of income – “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, a famous quotation says. No rich person earns from a single source of income only so as early as now, plan for a multiple-source of income. Start with one and create as many as you can.
2. Handle wealth properly – As soon as you have the wealth you worked so hard for, make sure you know how to manage it. Business may get you the money but the people that helped you get there also makes up your “wealth”. Value the people that shows genuine concern for you, your business and believes in what you do and where you want to go.
3. Grow your wealth consistently – If you know how to handle wealth properly and appreciates the people around you, it is also important to learn how you grow your business in a constant manner. Innovate and update your processes, products and services. Keep up with change and use technology to your advantage.
4. Protect it – Because if you don’t, it can easily vanish.
If you want to learn more about them, CHINKEE TAN will be speaking live on June 20th, Saturday at the Metro Walk, Pasig. CLICK HERE. You may also SIGN UP HERE for a special MONEY KIT webinar series I will be conducting in the next couple of weeks and months.
Going back to doing lesson #1, how can you invest in something if you don’t have anything in your pocket to start with?
This is where his latest product, “The Money Kit” comes in. This is the only product in the Philippines made to teach Filipinos how to handle our finances, get us out of debt and have the ability to invest in any business opportunity in the future.
In his “Money Kit”, he tells us how we all need to practice budgeting through his book, “Till Debt Do Us Part” which comes with the package. What makes the steps even easier is that it comes with templates, forms and a downloadable “Money Kit Program” to help monitor your finances. Of course, this will only be effective if you are willing follow the steps religiously and make a few adjustments on your normal spending habits. Isn’t this what you want?
I am an accredited online lead generator for this particular product but apart from anything else, I believe in the product’s effectiveness and in its drive to teach everyone the value of saving and living within our means. Being financially smart is an advantage we can all use in your future financial decision making and having enough savings in the bank lessens stress and pressure, making life more fun and enjoyable.
Virtual Assistant Costing
The only thing you need is a proven system such as this one and your willingness to follow the program itself. As my gift to those who want the “Money Kit”, I will be creating a video series exclusive only to those who will SIGN UP HERE.
See you in our journey to master the art of handling MONEY the right way. As an added bonus to those who will buy the MONEY KIT, sign up below and get a FREE Chink+ T-shirt!

If you want to receive the give-away being offered on this blog, just fill up this form to reserve (DO THIS FIRST). You will receive an opt-in confirmation email to ensure you are not being added without your consent. Once you confirm, you will get an email that has the links to purchase Chinkee Tan’s books and training programs.

Mar 14

6 Steps To Start Your Virtual Assistant Business

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This has been sitting in my blog draft for a while and now is the perfect time to publish it, so here it is! The 6 steps to start your virtual assistant business, those that I used to increase my rates from less than $2 an hour up to more than 10 times of that. Interested now?
If you are, keep on reading and make sure that you apply what you’ll read after. Most DREAMERS fail because they don’t start right away and drown themselves with all the training they thought they need. Actually, yes, you need the training but apart from that, you need to START! You’ll learn everything you need in the process. Now, get your pens ready and start taking notes.

6 Steps To Start Your Virtual Assistant Business

Do you want to ask why this has to be the first step? Because if you’re comfortable with where you are at the moment, why start a business? If becoming an employee is easier for you, VA business will NOT make it any easier. So if you’re looking for EASY, this may not be for you. Think again. Look below for some differences of an employee and a business owner.
Once you got everything covered, start writing your dreams. Set deadlines and plan how to set up your business. Think like a BOSS! This part may be tricky because most of us tend to get lost among the chaos of establishing what we really want and how we want it done.
Now, you have to equip yourself for your journey. Get some training. Get a coach or follow someone who you want to be, 5 or 10 years from now. Surely you won’t get lost. A coach will guide you and hold your hand to save yourself from frustrations, experimentation and a lot of time figuring out which is which. This is an investment every business owner should have.
What’s best of it is, you don’t have to pay for everything! There are TONS of free training that can be found online. You just have to ask “GOOGLE” and he’ll be happy to show you some answers. What you need is time and dedication to learn and apply them right away before you forget them again. Experience is the best teacher, right?
This is it! Once you’re about to start, DECIDE and COMMIT to it! When I say commit, you have to act like you’re in the office working from 9-5 with deadlines and bosses that will kick your butt at any time. If you’re the procrastinator type, find a partner that will push you. Find anything that will keep you going. No turning back. Are you in?
Lack of money may be an issue to start a business but it’s never an excuse to entirely put off a dream you so long been wanting to launch. Business owners are innovative and self-driven. Start thinking like one. Own it. You are an entrepreneur now!
Social media is an underestimated platform for most people. They don’t understand how powerful it is and what it can do to launch a start-up. Use it to your advantage. If you’re not sure how, there are a lot of social media FREE and PAID trainings out there. I for one has free social media training videos in my Youtube channel and talk more about it in my blogs, too.
Once you’ve already started working on social media, doing it consistently is one of the key. Remember how you always think of “popular fast food chains” whenever you’re out for a bite to eat when you can’t think of something else? That’s the effect of advertising. Think of social media as your free ticket to get closer to your ideal clients. For them to get to know you and get interested in what you offer. Check these steps and follow them religiously. Like you can’t live a day without logging in and posting. 1-2 times a day will do for starters and sooner, you’ll discover more things you need to do.
Have you ever received a present wrapped in a lousy paper? Like a re-used wrapper of some sort without a touch of effort in it? Since you don’t know what’s inside, it doesn’t make you excited, right? This goes the same with branding. You have to show what help or product you can offer to your ideal clients, what benefits they can get and show your own personality, too! Sounds complicated now?
As you see these six (6) tips on marketing, there may be sixty (60) more as you start doing it. A simple logo may make you think and not come up with something for three (3) weeks. A business name can delay you for months. Yes, that’s how hard it is even if it looks as simple as choosing a colour, font or logo design. If you have the budget, a coach can help you figure things out or a branding specialist but if you don’t, more research and staying in groups will help you a lot in putting the pieces together.
The last but definitely NOT the least, keep doing it. Make it a daily habit. Live it and never look back to what you were doing. Look forward and keep your eyes on your GOALS. As they say, “Eyes on the Prize”.
By the way, there is one thing more that you may need to help you kickstart at the right momentum. When I was starting, has helped in my marketing and in boosting my self confidence. That I deserve $20-25 an hour to start with and NOT $5 and definitely NOT $2! So, here are the benefits of being in the network. Just CLICK HERE to see and let’s get started! See you on the “other” side!

Mar 13

A Virtual Assistant Interview, Covering Business Preparations to Success

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Last month, February 9th, 2015, I was able to host a Virtual Assistant interview, covering business preparations to success of his own VA business. Our purpose is to share his story to new and aspiring VA’s and encourage more people to dream big and live them.
No matter where you are or what your passions are, there is always an opportunity for everyone to grow right at the comfort of your homes or rooms, if I may say. Find out how the interview goes with the transcripts below.

Virtual Assistant Interview on “6 Steps To Start Your VA Business” FREE Webinar

Franz Joseph Valdivia
Virtual Assistant/Project Manager
1st Question
Roche: What are the preparations you did in order to get started?
Franz: I was doing my website March 2013 & I revisited it the following year 2014, that’s when I polished the website. Well, it’s not quite perfect but I made some alterations and made it a bit more professional. I also attended some seminars for VA’s to get started, took advice from coaches. Aside fro my wordpress, I also attended seminars and talked to a lot of VA’s, tried to pick their brain’s out and ask how they started & what they’re doing to be successful.
2nd Question
Roche: Tell us about how you got connected with Sheila and what kind of help she was able to give you?
Franz: I was connected to Sheila through Roche and a Facebook group. On March 2014 my wife pushed me to go back into VA endeavor & pushed me talk to Roche and find out about Leapfrog VA Network which Roche was part of & was also promoting to her students and that’s how I found out about Sheila.
3rd Question
Roche: Is there any challenge in the process and what are they or what is the
hardest thing that you have ever experience in building your VA business?
Franz: In building a business, there is always a challenge in it. The hardest part is not knowing what you’re doing, just throwing out there, just to see what works. That’s the most difficult part. I tried to compensate from reaching out to other VA’s to those already in the business and knew what they are doing, I also attended seminars, joined facebook groups and monitor conversations and got a lot of tips from there. That’s how it work out for me. It was through observation & desire for learning. The challenge was to start up.
Next challenge to me is to continue. I have this “WHY”. I just revisited my “WHY’s” when I feel like lazy and my big “WHY” is my family and they motivate me. That’s where I get my inspiration.
4th Question
Roche: Was there ever a chance or time that you felt you can’t do it anymore or you’re
tired? What did you do aside from you’re wife being there, pushing you and from the inspiration you have?
Franz: I had a lot of those times. The first time I felt that was when I was working
on my website initially and was getting trouble with work so that’s how I restored my website but when work was coming back to me in corporate world, I’m getting back to office and unable to do my job, I got back again into my comfort zone, if that makes any sense.
How did it stop? I was working for it 2013, (I was working on my website 2013) and got back into the office and got comfortable again and I stopped. I actually stopped doing the VA business and was trying to concentrate on my work but then my second son was born, we have to resign from work and move over here in the province. We didn’t have any work, my wife and I, so that’s how I was able to overcome that stoppage in the VA Business.
I pushed myself to a point where in I had to provide for my family but I don’t have any means than to start something on my own. I was qualified to the jobs over here but it won’t fit to provide for my family so I have to think of something (something else do) other than go back to the office. So there I was, how I overcame that feeling when I almost stopped doing the VA Business. It was pushing myself to a point where in I have no choice and that works for me.
5th Question
Roche: When was the time that you’re feeling the effects of your labor? That you are
reaping the seeds that you worked for?
Franz: After I got my first job (First VA Job), after I got back to my website within a month, I felt the impact of the work that I was doing on 2013 and I got my first job 2014. I felt it. At first, it was amazing, I was working at home and I was earning almost as much as I was working in the corporate world and I don’t have those extra expenses like transportation, food, rent and then that was the first time.
The second time was when I got my second other client in May 2014 they were paying me more than my first client when in March, So I was making the same amount of money as I was working in the office and working from home without the expenses, so my take home minus taxes and other expenses in the house was more than I was looking for. That was the second time and then, the third time. I got this Premium Client which was this year, I signed a contract and started working last week. I still have to feel the feeling of premium client on the 15th. It’s already coming so I know how it feels.
6th Question
Roche: Is it worth it?
Franz: Yes! Very much worth it! The only problem I’m having right now is that I
didn’t exert more effort to get more. That’s what I’m working for right now.
Response by Roche: Keep on marketing ‘coz you never know when other client will quit. As much as possible, we should always prepare for plan B. If we have 5 or more clients, if something happens to one, we have more to back (our expenses) it up.
Final Question
Roche: Is there any other words of encouragement you want to share to everyone?
Franz: For those of you who are starting out, I encourage you to do so because
working at home is freedom with your family. I was still able to do my VA work. With an office job, you can’t do that, you have to gamble all your leave’s for the entire year just to get a month off. It equates to that, so I encourage everyone if you’re looking to start a VA business and work as a VA, just Do It! Get in to groups and learn, established your big “WHY” that will motivate you because there are a lot of challenges on the way and your big “WHY” will motivate you to continue and it’s very much worth it and i’ll never go back to the office again.

I guess, I need not say more. Franz said it all and it’s all up to you to decide if working from home os for you or not. For me, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me and my family. By far, the BEST business, or job if you want to call it.

Mar 03

Things I am Thankful For As A Virtual Assistant

By rochefel | blogs , Motivation

Today, “somebody” took my picture without permission and edited it. Instead of getting upset like most people, I realized how lucky I am to enjoy the kind of business I have and more! So as NOT to spoil the fun, let me share a couple of those things I am thankful for as a virtual assistant and hopefully, you’ll realize you want to become one, too! Or not…
1. I can go to sleep anytime I want. I don’t think this is really an advantage because now, I have set a time that I should be sleeping in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle. If you enjoy work as much as I do, you’d probably find yourself sleeping at 2 or 3 in the morning, too. Waking anytime I want is also part of it, of course!
2. Manage my own schedule. Just like #1, if you’re not the type of person that prioritizes REST, you may find this one hard enough to maintain. As for me, this one is one of the BEST!
3. Take a shower whenever I want. I don’t have to wake up early in the morning and force myself to get wet when I don’t feel like it! An evening shower is my thing, what’s yours? Anyway, do I still have to tell you exactly which picture was taken and edited without my permission? 🙂
4. Start working as soon as I wake up. Yes, just need my coffee!
5. Take my snacks on the bed or while working at the same time. My call. Though I rarely do this. I’d rather enjoy my snacks before back to work. I don’t usually multi-task.
6. Play with my daughter anytime she wants. Yes, literally anytime she wants though if there are deadlines that I should meet, I have to explain why I can’t. Fair enough, right?
7. Don’t need to hire help or leave my daughter to child care because I can do it while working. A house-keeper might be needed, though.
8. I can schedule a family field trip anytime we want. From simple unplanned grocery to lunch or dinner, up to going somewhere where we can all relax, learn or have fun! Days off can be managed, of course!
9. I love my boss! Because I work for myself!
10. I have the best TEAM of VA’s because I chose them myself and is training them, too. We share a dream together and is looking forward to the time when we’ve realized all of them together.
These and a lot more make the best of my chosen business. How about you? Have you decided to start one? Share your dreams and stories below and let’s start reaching them!

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