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Lazada Online Affiliates Online Revolution
Oct 26

How Affiliate Programs Can Help Virtual Assistants?

By rochefel | blogs , Content Marketing , Technology

Last Thursday, October 22nd, 2015, the online shopping site, has launched their Affiliates Program here in the Philippines, dubbed as “Lazada Philippines Affiliate Online Revolution” at the Best Western Antel Hotel in Makati. It was attended by online influencers, bloggers and freelancers who want to learn more about it and and since I am an advocate of home-based businesses, I want to share how Affiliate Programs can help Virtual Assistants like you maximize your online income potential.
Affiliate Program contracts including privileges and payout varies depending on the company that’s offering it but if you’re not familiar with how it works, think of it as a “referral fee” given to those who help promote a company’s product or services. The only difference is, it’s done online using a special tracking system to be able to make it work on a large scale basis, regardless of location. Meaning, one company can launch a program at a particular place or worldwide using the same system and the number of affiliates is endless.
Lazada Online Affiliates Online Revolution
Depending on the product or services being offered, the company that offers Affiliate Program designs a commission system exclusively for Affiliate Marketers. In lay man’s term, the “referrers”. As an Affiliate Marketer, one must do promotional activities for the company, helping them make a sale or get more leads. This is a win-win situation for the company, having more people promoting them while the Affiliate Marketer gets a percentage for every leads or sales done as a result.
Now, this is where the Affiliate Marketer’s online expertise should come handy. There are many ways to promote online and everybody has their own way of doing it but an effective online marketer doesn’t only stick to a particular strategy to succeed but a combination of any of the following.

9 Affiliate Marketing Strategies

1. Blogging
2. Social Media Posting
3. Webinars
4. Videos
5. Online ads or Pay Per Click (PPC)
6. Sales or Squeeze Pages
7. Email Marketing
8. SEO, etc.
The above mentioned strategies are just a few things any affiliate marketer must do to gain more traffic to his/her site and be able to get more “referrals” for the company. If you’re interested in learning Affiliate Marketing, you must have knowledge of any if not all of these. After all, the online industry is a vast place to start a business. Any fresh idea is welcome as long as the market welcomes it, too. Who knows, this might be your next “bread and butter”?
Now, let’s get back to Lazada’s Affiliate Marketing Launch. One of the reason I’m writing this post is because I’ve joined in their recently launched program and is trying to learn all possible ways I can in order to become an effective Affiliate Marketer and to share their recent invitation. If you’re interested, below is an excerpt of their press release where you’ll get all the information you need to get you going.
“The Lazada Philippines Affiliate Online Revolution calls on all bloggers, SEO practitioners, social media influencers, community managers, and digital marketers to step up to the challenge of generating the most number of sales for Lazada PH. It will run for two months with the first round starting on October 26 to November 22, 2015 and the second round from November 23 to December 20, 2015. A point system will be used to rank the participants whereby each successful sale is worth 10 points and an additional 10 for every Php 1,000 sale. Lazada will be giving away a total of one million pesos (Php 1,000,000) worth of cash prizes to be given weekly and on the recognition day set on January 2016. This contest was officially launched in Best Western Plus Antel Hotel in Makati City gathering over fifty new and existing affiliates of Lazada for the contest briefing.
The contest is open to all individuals and teams, 18 years old and above residing in the Philippines who have signed up or are already part of Lazada’s affiliate program. For those who want to be part of the program, you may sign up via affiliate-registration. To join the competition, new and existing affiliates must email their name, social media accounts, and blog/website URL to with the subject, “Lazada PH Affiliate Online Revolution”. All official affiliates will be given a Lazada PH Certified Affiliate badge which should appear in their websites.
Be part of Lazada’s affiliate program and enjoy additional revenue through commission on sales and a long term partnership with the number one online shopping and selling destination in the country.”
If you’re as excited as I am, this is your chance to contact them and be part of the #LazadaAffiliateOnlineRev.
But… if you’re not interested to become an Affiliate Marketer, you might want to sign up and download the Lazada App and get a Php200-peso-voucher! They have so much on sale at the moment and you might want to shop at their best deals! Happy shopping!

Nov 04

Liberating the Bloggers and Virtual Assistants Through Branding

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , Content Marketing

In my previous post, #DPOP Professional Blogging Summit, I purposely left Jeoff Solas‘ topic and because I want to discuss it separately plus share more information about him, too. He’s into liberating the bloggers and virtual assistants through branding, which is his field of expertise. You may be wondering why he’s so special so I’ll cut the chase and get to the point. and have partnered to bring you an online summit, entitled, “The Professional VA’s Leap, Summit 2014′ to help new and aspiring bloggers, virtual assistants and other entrepreneurs build the business the right way and earn what they deserve. Jeoff is a Filipino Digital Marketing and Branding expert, a college professor, a blogger and an online entrepreneur himself. I met him at the Influential Bloggers 2014 event and personally approached him to share his knowledge to the online community who are hungry for knowledge in creating a thriving online business.
Jeoff Solas or liberatingjepoy has 15 years of marketing experience: from Retail, to University, to Print publishing, up to Hotel tourism and more. He is a frequent speaker in Marketing and a professor of business courses from Centro Escolar University, a Certified Digital Marketer by Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) as recognized by both Yahoo! and Google.
He has been part of digital advertising of the largest hotel chains in the world like IHG where he handled its SEO and now by Best Western, where he assumes a more focus to the most premier property in the country as PR & Marketing Manager of Best Western Plus Antel Hotel. He is also a consultant to various brands like SM Supermalls, Freshaire Salon, and many more. He is also doing series of seminars like #Dpop or Digital Pop with Ms.Janette Toral.
Best WEstern Antel Hotel
More than digital campaigns, Jeoff fuses the brand with the whole concept of Marketing 360. Whether your brand is local or international, the power of relevance is critical to make your brand not just recognized but indeed the customers preferred choice.
When I introduced the idea to uplift the lives of my fellow home-based business owners and for those who are still in the process of building one, he readily said YES and was very open for it. I know that his expertise in Marketing and Branding has been proven by the brands that he’s handled.
As I personally hear him speak and his passion in what he does, he will surely be helpful in any business so much so for bloggers and virtual assistants alike. His topic at the #DPOP Blogging Summit has so much information that I’ve decided to share them here to give you an overall idea what “branding” is all about, why it’s important and for you to have a feel of how he talks and shares his expertise in the field.
Jeoff-solas-solo pic
The rest of the stanzas are my own version of what I learned from him so bear with me if I won’t be able to relay them to you word for word (wink!).
According to, Branding is the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.
Let me rephrase it for you as I understand it, now basing on what Jeoff shared in the Professional Blogging Summit. “Branding” is a term used to create an image or impression of a certain product for sale, a celebrity, a company or even politicians to their target audience by means of marketing strategies, campaigns and carefully putting them all together to achieve the desired result.
In his presentation, he mentioned the difference and relevance of Digital and Traditional media and why they shouldn’t be treated separately, putting a stress on relationship building among your media partners, customers and even target market. To be able to achieve this, you as a blogger must carefully do your research in writing your posts and pay attention to your audience. Being sensitive about what they want, what they need and what interest them most.
As a blogger, virtual assistant, online entrepreneur, or any business, it is important to build and grow your relationship with your clients or their Personal Relations (PR) staff. For example, by simply remembering their Birthdays and sending them a present or greeting (via social media, perhaps) that will make them feel your genuine interest, not just because you’re doing business with them but because you really care.
Putting a personality in your blogs and not just a simple post with links also matters. In order to catch people’s interest, your post should relate to your audience, answer their problems, give solutions or entertain them in any way or else, they won’t go back to check out more of you, your product and services. Once you did this right, DO the REPLAY! Do them again and again in every event, business opportunity and people that you meet. What’s important about branding is the Brand itself, the PR (personal relationship) and yourself.
Once you’re able to put them all together, you’re more likely to stay and grow in whatever business you start with. Relationship lasts longer than any campaigns so take care of the people around it as you put effort on the campaign itself.
I hope I was able to do justice in his presentation and explained it to you very well. If you have any questions or want to learn more, register for FREE HERE to get an invite and join us as we learn more about the business. In case you want to see all speakers after Jeoff, here are the complete list of speakers, topics, schedules and even sites and social media so you can check them all out or follow them as you wish.
Now, about his topic on the event, he’ll be talking more about his expertise, of course!
BEnefits of Jeoff Solas' speech
Below are the list of speakers, including those who have finished their class schedule. I have provided a link to all of them including the blogs I’ve posted about them and their topics.

Meet the VA Summit 2014 Speakers

1st Speaker : Amanda Goldman-Petri
Title: Marketing Implementation Coach & Virtual Assistant
Topic: Top 3 Marketing P.I.T. falls Every Virtual Assistant Must Overcome For More Clients, More Cash, and More Money In the Bank!
Event Date: October 30th, 10:30AM EST
Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube
2nd Speaker: Rochefel Rivera
Title: Filipino Virtual Assistant and Virtual Assistant Coach
Topic: Overcoming Fears and Sharpening Your Saw
Event Date: November 5th 8AM EST
Site/s: and
Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube
provas leap summit speaker JEOFF SOLAS
3rd Speaker : Jeoff Solas
Title: Certified Digital Marketer, Brand Professional and Professor
Topic: Professional Branding and Packaging
Event Date: November 8th, 8AM EST
Site/s: and
Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube
4th Speaker : Beth Van Koetsveld
Title: Social Media Coach, WordPress Developer, Designer, Client Care Specialist
Topic: Captivate Their Hearts: The Most Affordable & Effective Marketing Strategy You May Be Forgetting To Use
Event Date: November 12th 9AM EST
Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn
5th Speaker : Sheila Logan Davis
Title: Virtual Assistant Coach and Headhunter
Topic: Price It Right So They WANT It AND You Make $$$!
November 15th 10AM EST
Site/s:, and
Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube
Join us as we all learn together how to build, manage and strengthen our business, may it be online or off. Register for FREE at the Professional VA’s LEAP Summit 2014!! Sometimes, it only takes someone to show you the way and you can become what you really want! A partnership by and See you all there!

blogging summit sponsors
Oct 26

#DPOP Professional Blogging Summit for WAHMS

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , Content Marketing , recommend

Last Saturday, October 18, 2014, I attended the #DPOP Professional Blogging Summit for WAHMs or work at home moms or individuals who want to earn while at the comfort of their homes. This has been so much fun and TONS of learning experience for me as a new blogger and I can’t wait to share them with you so brace yourselves!
All speakers are experienced bloggers and online entrepreneurs that has been in the business for a while, learned from their journey and the people that they met within the industry. All these, combined with their own skills and strategies were generously shared to us in more than four hours.
The first to speak is Azrael Coladilla Who talked about building and monetizing one’s blog and collaborating with fellow bloggers to leverage your bargaining power to advertisers and businesses owners wanting online exposures and reviews. A team of ten has better chances of getting a project altogether than a single blogger doing the same thing.
blogging summit sponsors
Everyone is a leader and all you need to do is to learn how to maximize the individual skills to benefit the team. No need to be better than the other but appreciate how each can contribute.
You can also organize an activity or meet-ups to strengthen your bond as a group and consult with one another. You can also involve your audience and don’t hesitate to ask when needed.
One’s mistake is your freebie to learn from it so make sure that you are a keen observer of the things that others are doing. Be it an excellent performance, a mistake in strategy, misbehavior, working ethics and professionalism, you have to learn how to observe and learn from them all.
How’re you so far? If you’ve enjoyed Azrael’s speech, Ross del Rosario stressed the quote, “Life is not about getting and having, it’s about giving and being” and the 7 steps to success by John Maxwell. Just so you won’t have to research, I already saved them for you.
blogger's summit speakers

7 steps to success for bloggers and WAHMS

1. Make a commitment to grow daily
2. Value the process than events
3. Don’t wait for inspiration
4. Be willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity
5. Dream big
6. Plan your priorities
7. Give up to grow up
He also cited Paolo Coelho’s quote in his first book, “The Alchemist” which also happens to be my favorite. “When a person want to realize his dream , all the universe conspire to make it happen.” It’s true, right? Because when you’re satisfied with what you have and don’t aim for anything, you’re less likely to achieve more.
JL Aquino and Joseph Chan came next who both discussed about their personal experiences in the blogging and e-commerce industry. JL and Joseph shared how they started by simply doing they love and turned it into a profitable business. Joseph Chan even partnered with his girlfriend and has become an inspiration to other young models and students who’s been following his blogs.
Two more speakers left, Jeoff Solas and Saison Montes, though I will be leaving Jeoff for a special post about another summit that you all have to wait for so let’s jump for Sai’s presentation for now. From being a blogger to e-commerce and social media entrepreneur, she managed to diversify and grow in the industry using “social selling”.
In getting started, you must have a business plan first. A clear view of what you really want to do and stick to it no matter what. In order to do so, you must think of your P’s and C’s.

P’s and C’s of Online Selling

P-and-C-of-selling for business
Once they’re all in place, you should also learn the following:

For WHAMS and Bloggers: The basics of selling

1. Make a commitment to grow daily
2. Value the process than events
3. Don’t wait for inspiration
4. Be willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity
5. Dream big
6. Plan your priorities
7. Give up to grow up
She also quoted Bob Hooey who said, “If you are not taking care of your customers, your competitor will”. Being in the social media most of the time, she also gave inputs in building your social media pages and posts stressing on how you can take advantage your cover photo by putting an attractive picture with your contact information there.
The famous 80-20 rule has also been shared, 80% of your social media posts should be relatable to your ideal market and the 20%, business related. Not all posts should sound boring and pushing for a sale. They should relate to the audience first and build relationship before attempting to sell something, thus the new term, relationship marketing.
The last few slides talked about planning ones content and what to post, branding and learning the accounting basics. The simple cash flow which shows your plus (earnings) and minus (expenses) in the business will give you an idea if your business is growing or not. No need to complicate your accounting. Well, not yet for starters.
blogging for summit 2
Almost done here, though I’d like to thank the organizers specially Janette Toral of Digital Filipino and the sponsors who made the event possible. Profriends, Island Rose, Best Western Antel Hotel, A. Venue Mall, Bangs Hair Salon and Skin Philosophie UK, by Doctor Nikkita Talens.
Without them, this event would not have been possible.
See you all on my next post as I talk about Jeoff Solas‘ presentation and a special announcement. If you’ve been in the Summit or liked this post, let me know in the comments below. You may also add me in Facebook and join our Group of professional, new and aspiring virtual assistants to learn the business and be able to multiply the usual $2-5 hourly service rate. Curious? Watch the FREE video training in our Youtube channel.

buckingham signage
Aug 21


By rochefel | blogs , Content Marketing

Last two posts I had was about what a USP is and the virtual assistant’s guide to craft one. Today, we are going to tackle the virtual assistant’s guide to craft a compelling USP using the four important things to consider, as per Mark Acsay and 10 more detailed steps.
Before we proceed to the main topic, let us review the “Four Things To Consider” in writing USP form our last post.
1. People don’t buy from websites. People buy from people.
2. You don’t optimize websites. You optimize thought sequences.
3. To optimize thought sequences, you must enter into conversations.
4. Then, you must guide the conversation to a value exchange.
4 books on a shelf
Now that we remember them, here are the 10 ways to start the creation process.

10 Ways To Craft A Unique Selling Proposition

1. Identify the value proposition question.
2. Identify 5-10 claims of value.
3. Rate the appeal and exclusivity of each value.
4. Identify 2-3 evidentials for these claims.
5. Craft a clear argument integrating the top claim/s of value with supporting evidentials.
6. Develop the long-form value proposition statement.
7. Develop the short-form value proposition statement.
8. Develop the supporting value proposition narrative.
9. Develop the essential value proposition graphics.
10. Develop the brand-focused value proposition linkage.
You can still download the whole presentation from slideshare if you want see some visuals. To explain each of them, here’s what I have to say.
empty stage with chairs
1. Identify the value proposition question.
You have to identify what value do you have to offer to your ideal market? And, why should they buy from you rather than someone else or the competitor?
2. Identify 5-10 claims of value.
What is it that they’ll get from buying your product or service? Do they really need it?
3. Rate the appeal and exclusivity of each value.
ON a scale of 1-10 or 1-5, ask your customers how appealing are your claims of value? Or how exclusive they are? Can they get it from the competitor?
4. Identify 2-3 evidentials for these claims.
Have some testimonials backing up your claims. Some real life proof from your happy customers.
bicycle body trade marked
5. Craft a clear argument integrating the top claim/s of value with supporting evidentials.
A clear definition and argument of your evidentials will add to your audience influence to buy from you or not.
6. Develop the long-form value proposition statement.
A long statement explaining your value proposition. See #1, saying the
identification of your product/services’ value to your ideal market and, why should they buy from you rather than someone else or the competitor?
7. Develop the short-form value proposition statement.
A summary of #6 that could be adapted in any form of copy you have.
8. Develop the supporting value proposition narrative.
A narrative statement supporting your value proposition to stress your point.
9. Develop the essential value proposition graphics.
buckingham signage
This is when you should work with your graphic designer, where he/she should design something in alignment to your USP. A photoshoot may be needed or a good graphic design depending on what you like. If this is not your area of expertise, I suggest you get an expert to help you out.
10. Develop the brand-focused value proposition linkage.
You have to come up with one message across all your material and copies. This has to be consistent in all forms and focused. One message for your customers that they’ll always remember.
Banco De Oro (BDO) : We find ways
Metrobank: You’re in good hands with Metrobank
See how they craft a USP? BDO didn’t even mention any product. They are selling an exemplary service. Metrobank is selling assurance. That you are in good hands.
Now, this is the part that I’d have to stop and say “see you on my next post” as we all apply what we’ve learned from Mark Acsay. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to type them below or join our Facebok Group, get connected to the VAs and keep yourself motivated to continue working for your home-based business. 🙂

Aug 07

Is Unique Selling Proposition Important For Home-based Business?

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , Content Marketing

What is Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and its importance for home-based businesses? My web developer always gives emphasis on how the website looks, proper positioning of buttons, colors, crispiness of pictures and the over all feel of the site.
Truth is, I don’t have any clue about how the design works until I watched a webinar about the “Three-seconds-to-success’” by Marisa Murgatroyd. I’ve learned that a good Unique Selling Proposition or USP once combined with a strategically designed website that compliments your message is a very powerful tool to capture your audience.
I may never understand how a website is being developed from nothing (just a concept) to a beautiful masterpiece that developers can be proud of but for now, our topic is USP and we’re going to discuss more about that.
In my previous blogs about website development, I discussed the importance of making your audience feel welcomed, relaxed and the easy navigation of menus and buttons to ensure that whatever reason/s your audience has in going into your site will be satisfied, turn it into a sale or have him/her to opt in.
A few weeks ago, I attended a convention and one of the speakers, Mark Acsay, gave a very interesting explanation about it. It’s never easy. A lot of things need to be considered but I must say, USP really ROCKS!

What is Unique Selling Proposition?

USP has many names. They are also called the following:
Unique Selling Proposition
unique selling point
unique selling product
unique selling price
A marketing concept proposed as a theory in 1940’s to explain a pattern in successful advertising campaigns, the term was developed by Rosser Reeves, a television advertising pioneer of Ted Bates & Company.
Knowing how you are different from anyone else in the market is an important strategy to position your brand (product/services) as “unique”. The term has been used to describe one’s “personal brand” in the market. Today, it has been used in other fields to just refer to anything that differentiates “it” from the competition.
In my next post, I plan to discuss how to create a unique selling or value proposition to help you craft an effective one. I am not an expert at this, though I really love to write. This is something that I would prefer to outsource to a more experienced copywriters but for the sake of learning it, I’m trying to craft my own and of course, share what I’m learning to you.
If you’ll be able to read my previous post about the “3-seconds-to-success” by Marisa Murgatroyd, you’ll understand how a website’s look and feel can affect your audience and she also mentioned about the importance of your personal story and message.
Since it’s your business, it’s up to you to decide how you’d like to apply both the website’s branding strategy and the USP at the same time. If you’re not an expert to any of these, I suggest you seek an expert’s opinion.
If you’re a website developer, share your experiences in creating a beautiful website and what do you think is its importance in sales and opt-in conversion.
Be sure to come back for the next post on how to craft a simple but powerful USP for whatever niche you have. You can download the powerpoint presentation about USP HERE.

May 20

Blogging 101 for Aspiring Bloggers and Virtual Assistants

By rochefel | blogs , Content Marketing , recommend

Blogging is one of the best way to increase a website’s traffic and if you’re a Virtual Assistant and you’re not doing it, I suggest you start now or hire someone who can do it for you.
If you’re an aspiring Virtual Assistant and want to offer blogging as a service, congratulations because you have found a niche that will never run out of customers! Blogging is like pancakes! They sell! Entrepreneurs need a new contents at least every week and I compare it to selling pancakes or purified water!
They’re the online businesses’ basic necessity so what I did is I’ve collated a few tips if you don’t know where to start blogging.

WordPress or Blogspot

1. Decide where you want it to be seen. If you haven’t built your website yet and would really want to start blogging, first you have to identify where you want it to be seen. Here are your choices.
a. Blogspot
b. WordPress

If you don’t have the budget for a self-hosted domain and website yet, blogspot and wordpress is your only choice though I’ll be citing a few examples of their pros.
Your blogs can be seen right away. Both Blogspot and WordPress can be setup in minutes and your blog/s can be posted right away. No need for programmers and no expenses, too!
c. Your own self-hosted domain
Whatever audience you built with blogspot and can not be transfered to your self-hosted website. It is very important for a starting blog because it’s not easy to build an audience and you might want to take that into consideration especially if you really want to make money out of it.
If you’re going to create and use your own website, you can setup the SEO foundation of your site (or have your designer do it) so you’ll have more chances of being seen unlike in Blogspot and WordPress, you can’t control it.
Having your own domain looks more formal, serious and credible though I understand that its the content that matters most, sometimes, your own domain also counts and it’s better not to risk “not having it”.

2. If you already have your website and has chosen your “niche”, write about it. Write about anything related to it.

3. Your niche reaches to your “ideal market”, think about talking directly to them. answer their questions, give solution to their problems and don’t be scared to give out information.
4. Write like you talk. You can be yourself when writing! Come on! It’s a blog and not a “thesis” so you can be less formal if you want to. You can crack a joke, show your personality and share your own story and views.
5. Plan your blog topics and titles for the month. You can change anytime but it’s better to have a list of topics and titles to guide you before you write. It also compels you to write and not procrastinate, one of the greatest enemy of bloggers.
6. Create your blog calendar and make sure to follow it!
7. Use your own cellphone/camera for the blog pictures and don’t forget to create a disclaimer if you get pictures online. Using your own picture is always best though if you really can’t avoid it, crediting back to its owner is the best thing to do as a courtesy.
8. After writing it, leave it for a day and get back to it for editing. After reading and final edit, ask a friend or someone to just read it for final proofing before posting it. Two pair of eyes are better than one so if you have someone who can help you with it, why not just ask?
9. Share! What’s the use of your blog if no one will see it? You can’t expect others to just find their way to your site without you promoting it! This is one of the hardest part, even harder than making the blog itself. You have to be present in social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc. For this part, I suggest you watch the Free VA Training Videos I’ve created on how to start a VA business to give you more ideas how to do it.
10. The best part of the tip is, START NOW There is no better time but now. Just write and start planning for it, then work your on your plans.
Your business will not be built without HARD WORK and you need lots of it! Happy blogging and don’t forget to comment if you like the post or share it to your friends!

Apr 17

Stories I’ve Heard: Part 2 of “New Way To Market: Story-Telling”

By rochefel | blogs , Content Marketing , Motivation

In my previous blog, New Way To Market: Story-Telling, I promised to tell you the stories I’ve heard during the webinar. Well, here they are now. These are my favorites. I didn’t write all of it to fit in this post or I might end up having a part 3. 🙂
From welfare to Billionaire. Jo was a jobless, pregnant, divorced and single parent, living on government checks. The money coming in wasn’t enough to pay the bills and put food on the table. She was soooo low and depressed that she even thought suicide.
She loved writing so much, she would always find herself sitting in a cafe finishing her book. Once done, she decided to sell it and it wasn’t that easy. Twelve (12) publishers rejected her right away and some weren’t so friendly at all!
Until one took the risk and gave her 1,500 pounds or roughly $3,000 as initial fee and advised NOT to QUIT her day job, since there was no guarantee that the story can make it to the market and that she has no future as an author.

Stories I’ve heard: JK Rowling and Milton Erickson

This is how “Harry Potter” was born. It was JK Rowling’s story. One of my favorite, I even guessed it was her at the beginning! I’ll tell you a secret…I’m a fan of Harry, too!
By now, I’m sure, you’ll all remember Jo’s struggle as a mother and author because I did, the first time I heard about it.
Picture Source:

Milton Erickson was the greatest hypnotherapist ever. His strategy is just to tell stories to his clients. People often wonder what happened to the session but would often go home with the problem solved. He’s using the story to tap into the mind of his clients and somehow “fix” what should be.

Stories I’ve heard: Ben Feldman and Dr. Harlan Kilstein

Ben Feldman was the greatest life insurance salesman ever. Wherever he goes, he brings the scrapbook of Ernest Hemingway, tell stories about him and never get passed page 5 or 6 and people would ask, “How much Insurance do you think I need, Ben?”… but he never mentioned the word Insurance.
One of the most successful copywriting in history was that of Wall Street Journal. A story of success and failure of two persons. Reason for the successful one is because he reads the wall street journal while the other doesn’t. That copy made millions out of that story alone.
I’ve been telling you a lot of stories now and all of them were also told by Harlan in the webinar. So, what’s my point. I want you to feel what I felt when I was in the webinar. The questions and ideas floating above my head after and the excitement I felt. We may have different interpretation of the stories but we can all relate to them in our own ways.
This is a picture of Dr. Harlan Kilstein
Picture Source:
If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should be telling stories. If you want to sell, stop selling. Start telling stories. There is an art to it that all of us can learn. In fact, based on my own experience, it doesn’t just benefit the listener but the one telling the story, too. It gives the story teller joy, authority, integrity and most of all, fulfillment.
Tell us if this post has interest or helped you in some way and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you liked this one. feel free to browse for more of our blogs and “share” it to your friends, too.

Apr 15

New Way To Market: Story-Telling

By rochefel | blogs , Content Marketing , Motivation , recommend

A couple of days ago, I attended the Traffic Super Hero Summit hosted by Marisa and Murray of and I found out more about the power of stories that I never thought they have.
Picture Source:
I was taking notes when I was watching and even took more than I expected! Their speaker for the day was Harlan Kilstein, a dog lover, teacher and with a doctorate degree in Dissertation.
What is that again? Dissertation. To save you from googling it, here’s what it means, from Meriam Online Dictionary.
Dissertation : a long piece of writing about a particular subject that is done to earn an advanced degree at a university.
It’s teacher’s perception of students’ responsiveness to therapeutic metaphor.
Translation: that by telling stories in class, teachers could increase the involvement of students in their lessons. Study showed that stories worked!
Picture Source:
Now, let’s see why stories create connection, authenticity, authority and effectiveness so you can sell without selling”!

Seven Styles of stories

Harlan gave these Seven Styles of stories we can all relate to.
1. Voyage and Return
2. The Quest
3. Rebirth
4. Overcoming Challenges
5. Overcoming the Monster
6. Rags to Riches
7. Love and Friendship
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And the reason why STORIES are so powerful…
1. Stories are not threatening – a speaker can be angry or loud or anything but it’s okay, because it’s just a story and not about them (the speaker, I mean)!
2. Interesting – everybody wants to hear it. All audiences in all walks of life and ages.
Each person can interpret the stories in ways that are meaningful to them – you as a speaker don’t need to tailor-fit it to each individual because they’re doing it themselves.
3. Stories bypass resistance – when you try to help someone by telling a story, it disarms their resistance. It makes them want to be involved just like the character in the story.
4. Reach people on multiple levels – children and adults understands the story in different levels and works as effective as it should.
5. Encourage flexibility – they can be creative in solving a certain problem depending on how their brain processed it.
6. It taps into the creative part of the brain – maybe because they somehow make the story in their minds and come up with different conclusion or interpretation.
7. They are easy to remember – listeners/readers take the message and make it memorable to them.
Picture Source: connect
“Telling any story helps.” – I agree to this. In fact, as a mother, I use stories to encourage and influence my children on the values I want them to learn. It’s more effective and fun at the same time!
So, to make this post more memorable, I’d like to suggest that you wait for my next blog where I’ll share the stories that Harlan told in the webinar. These stories may resonate with you in one way or the other. Or better yet, why not share your own in the comments below and I’ll share some of mine, too?
What’s your story?

Mar 07

Invite Audience to a Live Hangouts on Air!

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Earlier today, me and my high school friend, Florida, did something very unusual for friends to bond with. I’ve been giving her VA lessons these past few days and yesterday was our first official hangouts together.
I don’t know what came to my mind, but I suddenly found that urge to go live and try the video training I’ve been putting off for weeks due to lack of courage and confidence. Without practice and preparation, I really felt it was the right time and I asked her we’ll be live and she better be prepared with such short notice, too!
A true friend, indeed, she supported me all the way until my VA training/practice video is finished. It has a lot of bloopers, of course, what do you expect? But as I let a few good friends to check the video, they said it wasn’t that bad at all and our future audience can really get something out of it.
So, again, with just confidence and courage, I was able to reach another milestone in my VA business. To create a FREE training videos for new and aspiring VA’s. In that process, I learned a few things on Google hangouts that I would like to share with you, too.

The Google Hangouts HOw to’s

1. Go to your GooglePlus page or profile, Click the Home Icon, then Hangouts. Another page will appear that will show this:
2. Click on the blue tab that says, “Start a Hangouts on Air”
3. Another window will appear same as above. Write the “title of the video hangouts” at the box that says, “Give it a name”. You can give whatever title you want as long as it’s related to the reason why you’re having the hangouts or what the topic is all about.
4. At the lower box where it says, “Tell people what it’s all about”, write a short description about your hangouts on a more detailed manner.
5. Then, delete the default “Audience” in the Audience field if you want to change it or keep it as is if you want. You can delete it by clicking the letter “x” after each contact/circle name (those colored blue and green tabs as example).
6. If you deleted it, you can simply add the name of the person you want to invite or simply leave it “public” if you want everybody to see it right away.
7. You can click the “Start” NOW if you want the video to broadcast NOW or LATER if you want to talk to your audience in private for a short briefing before the “SHOW” starts or at least, before it goes public. It would look something like this once all information is typed in the proper boxes.
8. You can now hit the green box that says, “Share” to share the link of the hangouts to your audience. That means they’ll be able to see the video live or join in the actual video.
9. After hitting the “Share” button, your window would look something like this.
10. Click on the blue box that says, “Start”or just the play icon at the middle of the window.
11. Then you’ll see yourself and your logged in participants already on the video with you on the main screen and the participants below it at a smaller window.

The hangouts upper menus and what they’re for

12. You’ll notice the upper menu above the video and they are as follows:
a. menu-1-professionalvas – to add a video participant
b. menu-2-professionalvas – to mute or unmute yourself
c. menu-3-professionalvas – to turn on or off camera
d. menu-4-professionalvas – to manage volume control
e. menu-5-professionalvas – settings
f. menu-6-professionalvas – to terminate the call

The hangouts left side menus

13. The Side Menus are the following :
a. side-menu-1-professionalvas – To get a phone number that participants can contact to access hangouts on air live via their phones. They can still join, though can’t be seen in the video, his voice can still be heard and he can ask questions, too.
b. side-menu-2-professionalvas – Shows the chat box
c. side-menu-3-professionalvas – let’s you share screen with audience
d. side-menu-4-professionalvas – Question & Answer tab for audience not in the call
e. side-menu-5-professionalvas – Capture picture
f. side-menu-6-professionalvas – Camera Man
g. side-menu-6-professionalvas – Control Room
h. side-menu-7-professionalvas – Hangout Toolbox
i. side-menu-9-professionalvas – Google Effects
14. The URL above the video is the URL needed for the audience to view the video on Youtube. They can’t participate or join the the actual video but they can watch it live and can ask questions at the Q and A field as stated in #13.b
15. Notice the small window at the lower right corner of the video, those are the video participants. The Host can click on the picture of the person she wants to be seen at the main screen to avoid the picture from moving from one person to another as they talk.
Hangouts automatically switch the main screen to whoever is talking so to avoid the screen from switching, manage the switching of the screen properly.
16. You can hit the green tab that says, “Start hangout” if you’re ready to go live and stop when you’re done.
17. Once the hangout video is finished, you’re still on the active hangout call with your participants and may stay as long as you want to continue the talk “off-air”. Your audience would no longer hear or see you.
Before you can do the hangouts on air, you need to have a Youtube account and it has to be linked to your Googleplus page or profile. If you want another blog for this, please let me know and I’ll be glad to make one for you.

Feb 28

How to Catch that “3 Seconds to Success”? by Marisa Murgatroyd

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Have you been digging online trying to get the most out of the free ebook and webinars to catch that 3 seconds to success that you’ve been wanting to have?
Here’s something I learned from Marisa Murgatroyd, a brand and web strategist, blogger, “Message” Expert and founder of
For me, this is something every business owner or aspirant should follow in order to build a successful business and make it online.
She gave a 6-step-plan that everyone should follow and must do so religiously. At the end of this blog, you will realize why it has to be in that order or you might end up going on circles.

The 6-Step-plan to your 3 seconds to success

Step 1. Make Your Road Map
What is a road map? For me, it’s an imaginary road of where you want to go and which way. We all want to become successful. We all have dreams. But identifying those dreams and creating a plan on how you’re going to achieve it is difficult specially if you have your own career to worry or a business to handle.
Not all people know what they want. Sometimes, we need someone or an expert to show it to us. We need someone like Marisa to show it to us. A coach or a mentor, perhaps.
Try Answering these questions:
What is your goal?
What do you want to become?
Where do you want to go?
Bring out your BIG VISION! Write it down.
I remember Zig Ziglar said, “How can you hit a target which you do not have? ” Now, who’s ready for the next step?
Step 2. Empower Your Message

In step 1, we identified your dreams. Your goals and vision. Of course, most of us want to do something for a purpose. If you’re an author, you may want to write a book about relationships or motivation. We all have this message that we want to convey but we don’t know how. Specially, we don’t know how to monetize it.
In this step, I learned that everybody has a story to tell. Everyone has a message that want to be heard but if nobody will hear your message, you’ve reached no one. You’ve helped nobody.
Marisa gave a few examples of the things you should be doing or not.
When you’re asked “What do you do?”
Don’t just say I’m a lawyer or a life coach. Say it with a little more specific. Example: I’m a Holistic Coach. Or you may try this simple formula she mentioned.
I help (my ideal client) do (result, outcome or transformation) so that (benefit).
I actually used this formula and here’s what I came up with:
“I help stay-at-home individuals create and maintain an online business so that they don’t have to go to the office and have more time for themselves and family. “
Don’t you think they won’t say, tell me more? Or ask, do you have a card? They’re likely want to work with you when they hear that!
Next is, give them the BIG PROMISE! Ask yourself this question.
What specific outcome or experience can I promise my clients that they want but they just can’t get anywhere else?
Have you noticed some successful books? What do they have in common?
They all make a BIG promise that is both credible and inspirational
They’re all clear, specific and simple
They all evoke curiosity
They’re all unique to the messenger by alluding to your promise or framework
They exclude people who aren’t in your audience
Best Seller in a Weekend – x outcome in y time (attainable goal)
The 7 day back pain cure – x time to achieve outcome
The 7 Habits of Highly effective People – x steps or systems for your outcome
Step 3. Shape your Brand. You are Your Brand
Here, Marisa showed the essence of getting noticed the right way. The essence of creating the BRAND that resonates with you and your message. Something your audience can connect with.
These are often seen on your Logo, your website, the packaging of your products and your social media presence.
Once you’re noticed, they’re willing to listen to what you have to say. They will follow and trust you. They will listen to what you and your product has to say.
Your Logo, Business Name and Tagline is the first representation of your brand. YOUR MAGNETIC BRAND. But it’s deeper than that. You should apply your brand into everything that you do. It’s called the Brand Extendability or some kind of a “product motif”.
Step 4. Architect Your Content Strategy
Humans are literally busy thinkers and one way to really get noticed is to care about them and listen to what they want to hear.
People look at your product or website with what we call, “The Product Reading Sequence”. This is how our brain processes information. If you don’t capture their attention in the first 3-7 seconds, you’re most likely to lose them.
1. You should capture their attention first
Get noticed (the right way) by means of color contrast, shapes, pictures and words in strategic places of your website and product.
If you want your website checked, “Get the three-second website test” here and see how your website performs. Does your website suck?
2. Then they would ask, “What is this? Where am I?” once they get into your site.
So you have to set your message strong and clear
Back it up with graphics, designs and pictures
3. Why should anyone care about this? What will I get?
Now you have to write a good content
4. What are the features and benefits?
Here, you get to tell your product’s benefits to them What’s in it for them?
Step 5. Build Your Site So People Buy
Build what you have perceived. Build your Brand. Build your site. Build it with your audience in mind.
Step 6. Grow Your Tribe
In growing your tribe, you have to market, market, market. There are many doors to market your product. Most often times, we want to do them all that we end up getting stuck.

How to catch that 3 seconds to success: Your Business Universe

It’s called the “Doorways to Business”. These are the things you need to do to market your business. To sell your product and grow your business. There are so much of these “DOORS” that we often find ourselves overwhelmed. We get stuck. Like the “Analysis Paralysis” thing.
Remember to always focus on yourself. YOU are your BRAND and MESSAGE.
Here are the the Ways to Market Your Product
Partnerships and Referrals
Social Media
Event Speaking
Books and Media
How do you Choose?
1. Choose stuff you like to do and where your strengths are
2. Consider where your audience hangout and how they interact with you
3. Choose the ones that best support your vision and message
Do only 5 of these Things and you’re on your way to MORE FREEDOM!
Are you overwhelmed by what I shared now? You would feel more than that once you watch her actual webinar here, . I was in fact so happy that I tweeted her and asked if I can write a blog about it and I’m glad she said yes!
I’ve been following her for a couple of months now and all of her webinars and ebooks are really amazing! This is mind-blowing for me and I am happy to be given the chance to relay her message to everyone using my own voice.
Everyone, what are you waiting for? Let’s go and live our message!