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May 16

Business Permit Renewal, A Must For Every VApreneur

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , recommend

Registering a business has always been a pain for all SMEs here in the Philippines due to unpolished processes and too many requirements that needs to be taken from different offices miles away from each other. I never wanted to do this myself so I asked my bookkeeper, Perci Bysshe Schelley R. De Ocampo to help me in creating a post about this to educate other SMEs like me especially those in the online industry. I believe, Business permit is a must for every VApreneur.

Now, let’s begin with everything that you need to prepare before going to the Municipal’s office. Don’t go there with incomplete documents or else you’ll end up going back and forth for these…

Initial Requirements in Business Permit Renewal

1. DTI Name Registration Certificate – if you’re a new business, you need to go to the nearest nearest DTI office and get your company name registered. If you’re renewing a business, check if your DTI certificate has expired. If not, no need to go there. Just bring your DTI Certification.

2. Philhealth Clearance – go to the nearest Philhealth office and get a certification that you’ll need in registering your business. Make sure to pay necessary fees. It all depends if you’re already a Philhealth member, with updated payments or just to enrol yourself as new member. Clear all financial obligations first. If you’re renewing a business registration, make sure that you paid your dues for the past year to avoid future problems.

3. PAG-IBIG (HDMF) Clearance – just the same as Philhealth, you need to be get a certification from them to register your business and in renewal, too.


4. Community Tax Certificate of the business owner – you need to get one from your barangay or municipal hall as part of your requirement

5. SSS Clearance – just the same as HDMF and Philhealth, you need to get a certification from SSS, too. They have different requirements there, too so make sure that you comply to that. If you don’t have any employees, you may tell the in charge and explain so they’ll give you the clearance that you need. Be sure to explain nicely, properly and in lay man’s term. You maybe talking to people with NO knowledge about online business whatsoever, so make sure that you use terms they understand. Be as polite as you can be.

If you’re renewing a business, you need the updated payments record or the past year’s R3 forms for employees.

The Renewal Process Itself

The yearly Business Permit renewal deadline is every 20th of January, so please make sure that you accomplish all requirements before the said date.

STEP 1. Get the Business Renewal form from the Municipal Hall and fill it out diligently.

STEP 2. Go to the Municipal Hall’s Sanitary Department to get your Sanitay Permit. If your business concerns food, you’ll be asked to provide some clinical tests like sputum, chest Xray, etc. so make sure you have extra funds for this. If not, they will give the clearance right away without the need for inspection.

STEP 3. Next is the clearance from the Engineering department – just the same, they will let you fill out a form and give you the certificate. Always bring cash since each departments ask for different fees, with or without receipts at times. Just make sure you ask for your official receipts, though.

STEP 4. Another clearance from the Municipal Police Department – again, the routine of forms filling out, payment and getting the certification.

STEP 5. And the clearance for Valid Fire Safety Inspection – this is where the tricky part comes in. Some officers asked for a fire extinguisher to be installed in your home-office. Some doesn’t. So I guess it depends on the municipality police officials. Other officers also sell or have contact to the seller. If they don’t ask, you are under no obligation to provide one. It’s just always better to be safe than sorry, though.

STEP 6: If everything is done, go to the mayor’s office with all the requirements. You may have to wait for 2-3 days before your permit is ready for pick up.

It may sound simple but the process of getting those requirement alone may take more than a day or even up to a week especially if the government offices are located in different places. If you have problems with the documentation, make sure that you bring everything that you may need. I suggest that you also bring in sandwich and water in case theres a long queueing. Or just expect that there really is. Better if you have someone to accompany you so that the other can help with the photocopying, payment or running here and there for missing or incomplete documents while you line up and make sure you don’t miss the queue. It’ll also help keep your cool when all else is about to break loose.

Pray before you leave the house, bring in a basket full of patience. See, I really have to warn you. 🙂

Feb 08

VApreneur Workshop in Iligan City

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , Motivation

Last January 28th, 2017 was a very special day for us, the Professionalvas Road team since this is our 2nd VApreneur road tour workshop held in Iligan and our first out of town, at that! You can imagine how excited the whole team was and so as the participants, so let me share with you what happened in the event and how the participants love the training.

Workshop Proper…

Doing their seat works…
Sharing their goals…

Did you get excited with this, too?
What’s event more fun is how they willingly shared their goals, skills and business plans that they didn’t know they have right before they attended the training.
Look how serious they were…

When I first realize the business side of the virtual assistant industry, I said to myself, “This is something all Filipinos should know about”. Lucky for them because they can start younger and with a group of people to start them with.
You see, the hardest part of starting a business is to unlearn the usual things that we do, how we behave, think and even act. Since we’re brought up as effective and efficient employees, we missed the part of building our self confidence to become CEO’s of our own empire.
We’re trapped in the box of our school curriculum and the environment’s own version of “normal” lifestyle. Sleep, work, pay bills and do it all over again like a guinea pig running his wheels endlessly until we all get old, sick and leave without a legacy or never even try to live the life we wanted.
Take a final look on how they’re all excited when they had their certificate of completion.
VApreneur awarding of certificates
10 years from now, I hope to see familiar faces from these people, living their dream life. I would love to hear how the Workshop has opened their minds into pursuing what they want and earn from their passion.
I know it’s not an easy road ahead and not all of them can make it but for those who will endure, see you there… Keep going and don’t forget to keep in touch.

Dec 20

VApreneurship, The Road Less Travelled

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , recommend

I have been in the Virtual Assistant business since 2013 and I pretty much saw the different possibilities of earning online and how to do it. As I chose VApreneurship, the road less travelled, I knew right then that it’s not going to be easy.
You might be wondering why I chose this path rather than simply polish my resume, send online applications to many agency sites, wait for a successful job interview, do as the Job Description says on the specified time and wait for a fixed paycheck and/or benefits if any. This sounds easier than becoming a VApreneur, right?
I won’t take it against you if you think that my choice of path leads to a narrower, more difficult journey. But my eyes are focused on a “THIN CUP“:
1. Time flexibility for my family
2. Help more Filipinos realize what they want and find a way to get it
3. Inspire more mothers like me to build their own business from home
4. Network and learn from/with other business owners like me
5. Charge what my skills are worth
6. Uncover more about myself
7. Pursue my passion and offer what I love doing
Choosing the easier way by becoming an employee VA (some call it a remote staff or freelancer) doesn’t mean you’re weaker. It just means you chose another path.
If you’ve been following me for quite a while, you may have read my blog about “Define Your Success”
where I cited that each of us has different definition of success based on what makes us happy and what we want in life which may fall in any of these categories:
1. Family and relationships
2. Spiritual
3. Career and Passion
4. Financial
If we find ourselves fulfilled in any one (or more) of these categories , then we are successful in our own ways and that’s all that matters.
However, if you’re one of the few people who likes challenges and thinking without a box, VApreneurship or online business might be for you. Find out what your passion is and how you can earn from it from the comfort of your homes.
Aside from the benefits I mentioned above, there are more possibilities ahead of us when pursuing this path. Because we’ll be working in a global setting, our career/ business possibilities are endless. The only limit is our imagination and fear.
Because of the success of the first VApreneur Workshop last October 2016, the VApreneur Road Team would like to help you decide which path you want to go. We’ll be holding more workshops in 2017. If you think this interests you, kindly CLICK and FILL OUT this FORM so you can take advantage of the early bird special offers.

Nov 05

Our First VApreneur Workshop For Virtual Assistants

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , Motivation

Last October 22nd at the Bluefin Grill in Metrowalk, Pasig, we held our first VApreneur Workshop for virtual assistants and aspiring ones. This was a long time dream for me and the whole Road tour team. To empower VAs in competing to the global market and help fuel their business right at the comfort of their homes.
As I always say, the road to entrepreneurship is not an easy road. A lot of battles needs to be won. A battle to yourself, the people around you and the series of events you’ll encounter along the way.
If you’re one of those who attended the event, you know what I mean but if not, let me tell you the battlefields where you need to rule.

5 Virtual Assistant Battles to be Won

1. Getting to know yourself
2. Deciding what you really want
3. Committing to doing it
4. Learning and unlearning things
5. Keeping yourself on track
Now, let me tell you why those 5 battles are important for a VApreneur and every person wanting to build their own business whatever they may be.
First. Getting to know yourself. A lot of people doesn’t know themselves pretty well, would you believe that? Sometimes, they have dreams they don’t realize they have or talents they don’t know the value of. This is crucial for a business owner. Without knowing who you really are, accepting your weaknesses, appreciating your strengths and hold on to your dreams, there’s no way you can focus to get to where you want.
Second. Deciding what you really want. Once you had a successful communion with yourself and discovered the many things you can and can’t do, what you want or don’t want, the next question is, what do you want to do for the rest of your life? What is that something that gives you inspiration and motivation to keep you going even if other have already quitted?
This may seem to be an easy question at first but as you think about it more, you may find yourself in deep empty thought. It is to your advantage if you’re one of the few who already knows what they want because they can skip this battle and go to the next.
Third. Committing to doing it. Doing what? Your answer to the second battle. See how everything needs to be done in proper order? Miss one and you’ll surely go back to square one. Commitment is doing something without any assurance of winning. Are you willing to fight for it anyway?
Fourth. Learning and unlearning things. Would you agree that you don’t know everything you need to get to where you want? Would you also agree that you need to unlearn things that might hamper your journey? If you’re up for this, then you’re ready for the next battle.
Fifth. Keeping yourself on track. Plans are easy to make. What’s even harder is to keep yourself going in the same direction regardless of what’s happening around you. This is the stage where most entrepreneurs fail. Because they let their current situation dictate their business decisions. They lose control of the steering wheel and let it loose. And then they fall.
What I mean is, in every business, we all have to be ready for anything that may come our way. Whatever outcome we may encounter, we always have to be prepared to back it up a sound plan and solid decision to keep going.
I may not make sense to some but if you’re already in business, any business you can think of, I’m sure you may have gone through these battles. Remember, we should always win our number 5. We need TONS of prayers, faith and perseverance to do it. You’re not alone.
If you want to learn more about VApreneurhsip, join in our FB group so you can ask questions and take advantage of the FREE training materials accessible only to members.
All thanks to God for making the VApreneur Workshop possible and sending us partners like Payoneer PH, The Happy Organics, Vansol Travel and Tours, Awe-Mazing Photography and When In Manila to help make the event possible.

step up
Apr 30

Virtual Assistants and VApreneurs Should Master Financial Literacy

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation

I strongly believe that everyone, especially the Virtual Assistants and VApreneurs should master financial literacy. This is where it all began…
18 years ago, I read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It had a great impact for an ambitious young lady like me at that time but no matter how I tried to put up a business, I always fail. What I didn’t know was that I lack the business foundation that every entrepreneur must have. Though I have business mindset, I lack these three things.
Road to Success
1. Goal
2. Passion
3. Roadmap
Well, I can’t put all the blame on me since I was raised to become an employee. My parents were employees and the society dictates that we excel in academics to become successful employees. But that’s NOT what I want! I want to earn money doing the things I love. More than enough for my family’s expenses to have the opportunity to help others and have more control of my time.
Only when I took Susan Mershon’s The VA Starter Kit (VASK) and VA Business Blueprint (VABB) in 2013 did I realize what my reasons for failure were.
Having to realize this, I remember the “Four Baskets of Income”, also known as the Cash Flow Quadrant that Robert (yes, I want to be on first name basis with him) was preaching in the book, which I was so hardly trying to do. First, let’s enumerate them.
Employee – E
Self-Employed/Small Business – S
Big Business Owners – B
Investors – I
Since 1995, I was an E (employee) until I was able to successfully got out of it to become an S (self-employed) in 2014. It was never easy. Lots of rough roads along the way, no client stability and money was depleting consistently on a monthly basis.
I was a risk taker and I know that. Most of the time, I follow what my heart says but in business, you have to be brave, bold and wise at the same time. Though I already know the theory, I’m only starting to apply its lessons at the moment.
step up
Thanks to the online technologies that opened a worldwide opportunities for Virtual Assistants and VApreneurs like me and to the newly introduced applications such as AirBnB, Grab, Uber and a lot more. These new ways of earning gave an array of options for everyone, even those who doesn’t know how online works.
In his video that inspired me for this blog,
(, he said that there are 4 types of people out there. Those who liked to be:
Winning and success takes sacrifice and if you’re one of those people who want to win, there’s so many work to do, many failures to learn from and a long way to go. The challenge is to keep on going.
keep going
From E to S quadrant, I plan on transitioning to B and I. To WIN, acquire financial freedom and be able to use my gift into something more meaningful.
I hope I’ve shared enough stories with you today that will inspire you to make BOLDER decisions in life. Nothing will be achieved without the will of our Creator, so before doing anything else, let’s pause and seek for His guidance first and don’t forget to give thanks at all times.
See you on my next post!

juice and shades
Mar 16

Multiple Intelligence for Virtual Assistants and VApreneurs

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , recommend

I planned to host a FREE Webinar last week about Multiple Intelligence for Virtual Assistants and VApreneurs like you and show you why it’s important but due to unexpected technology issues, I had to move it. Good thing I didn’t let technology put me down!

It was sad and panicky but we have to deal with technology glitches at times, right?

Being in my daughter’s home schooling parents’ training gave me this AHA moment and I thank her school, CFA, for that. Now, let me chunk the topics on by one and share them with you, just like I did in the webinar.

As a Virtual Assistant, why do we need to determine our Multiple Intelligence?

We need to understand ourselves in every endeavor. I mean EVERYTHING. Whether it’s our job, hobby or learning process. I suggest you answer these questions first before we proceed so we can be at the same pace.

juice and shades

Getting to Know Yourself Questions

1. What do you want to do that makes time pass without you knowing it?

2. What kind of work makes you happy when you do it?

3. What kind of work keeps you going even if all else has stopped?

4. What triggers your creativity?

5. What makes you do things beyond your regular scope of work?

6. What types of activities you feel most fulfilled with?

7. What is that one thing that you can do for the rest of your life and you’ll never get tired doing it?

By understanding yourself and answering all these questions, you get to realize that we all need to be doing what we do BEST and those things that we LOVE to be able to maximize our true potential. We tend to be happier at work or business and has a better purpose.

But how do we know what our zone of genius is? First, here’s the 8 Multiple Intelligence as proposed by Howard Gardner, an author and psychologist from Harvard University, with a representation of some of the activities that people do in line with their gifts.

Multiple Intelligence


howard gardner

Photo Credit:

Now, you may already have an idea what your zone of genius is. But that’s not all. Here’s a link to the Multiple Intelligence assessment test that you can take to see if what you’re thinking is correct. It may not necessarily be 100% accurate but it wold us understand ourselves better.

After taking the test, would you do me a favor of going back here and sharing your zone of genius? I would appreciate it much. 🙂 You may also share it to your friends and make them guess what you got! That would be more fun, isn’t it?

Next thing is to find a business or work that actually does the activities that you like or even compliment with your gift. For example, if you’re a linguist, you can write website copies or blogs or become a journalist. The list could go on but I know you got my point there.

This particular topic is an excerpt in one of the Modules that we have in the VApreneur Program. If you want to learn more about discovering your zone of genius and making a business out of it while you’re at the comforts of your home, feel free to email me and let’s about you.

It’s not easy to discover what you do best or what you love doing but until we take time to understand ourselves better, there’s no way we’ll realize what can make us happier at work or business.

Let us pause for a while and commune with ourselves and share us what you’ve discovered on your gift. We all have one or more. It’s time for us to unravel them all!

Little Girl Rowing
Jan 28

How Can A Virtual Assistant Transition From Employee To VApreneur

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , Motivation

It was 2013 when I first had a taste of the Virtual assistant (VA) industry and I admit, I love the privilege of working from home regardless of the pay. For me, it was already a blessing to be helping out in the family expenses while taking care of my kids. But then, I learned the business side of it. My question then, was… How can a virtual assistant transition from employee to VApreneur?
Back then, all I was doing was research, watch TONS of webinars a week, read a lot of blogs and implement what I’m learning to the business that I want to build. It was a shot in the dark. I’m a foreigner in the ocean of Western VA’s who all know that we, Filipinos accept a $2/hour VA rate. It was sooo frustrating, considering the fact that I know my skill is at par with theirs. I had to believe I am worthy of the real VA rate before they do, so worked for my online credibility and authority using social media, blogs, eBooks and FREE Webinars.
I didn’t stop from there, of course. Knowing that marketing is one of my weaknesses, I worked on my sales funnels, built a solid plan on how to do the business, prayed harder and true enough, hard work and prayer works. From one client to another, I was able to discover a part of me that’s already there from the very beginning that I wasn’t taking notice of. Teaching.
Little Girl Rowing
Because of a blogging challenge I started last September 2013, all of my ideas were poured into that blog. My passion for writing started when I was in high school but I don’t know what to write back then. I was just writing poems and essays before but now, as I look back at all my posts, I came to realize that there is a “teacher” inside me that wants to share something to the world.
If you have been following my blogs and webinars for a while, you’ll also notice that even if I inject a new topic on my post, it’s always about “teaching someone how to do something”. And since I was in the VA industry for 3 years now, the theme of my blog has slowly gathered Filipino mothers wanting to earn from home but don’t know how.
This is how the 6 months VA Coaching Program started in 2014 which I continually crafted until the end of 2015, teaching 35 more students how to build their online business from home and capitalize on their skills and passion just like I did.
Not all of them made it, of course. Some of them stopped, applied for regular jobs and some have applied in VA agency sites. But there are few who continued and faced all the business challenges and were able to make it until now. They were able to transition from employee to #VApreneur. From a virtual assistant that accepts $2/hour to the real acceptable VA rate.
Little Girl in the bank with cash
It was never easy for me and surely it wasn’t for them, either but for those who are brave enough to try and cross that gap, imagine what part of your life will change once you take that plunge. Where will you be 5 years from now if you pursue your dreams? Regardless of what you have or DON’T have right now, chasing for your dream is a choice.

What Hinders a Virtual Assistant from Becoming a VApreneur?

1. FEAR – We’re so scared of financial security, we never realized that our employers bought our time and dreams so we can build theirs. Until when we’re going to build our own?
2. SELF-DISCIPLINE – A very important trait that a business owner must have since no one would be there to police yourself if you’re doing the right thing at the right time.
3. MOTIVATION – One of the main reason most business fail is because of this. Motivation is something that we should all learn to find everyday because it’s not always around. Without this, we can’t be consistent in pursuing our goals.
These are just some of the things that I want to share with you. The lessons I learned, the experiences that I had, the ups and downs of my business, until I found out where I should be. If you want to be a part of the #VApreneur: 6 Months To FREEdom! Program, batch 2, check out this link and feel free to email me from the CONTACT PAGE for a Discovery Session to answer all your questions about the course.
You may also type your comments below and let me know what you think and what you want to learn. See you on my next post!

Virtual assistant newbie
Dec 06

10 Obvious Signs Of Being A Virtual Assistant Newbie

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation

When I started this Virtual Assistant (VA) business back in December 2013, I was a completely lost. There was sooooo much fear in me and I’m scared at most things. Without anywhere else to go, I had to give it a try. I have to face all my fears and give all of my strengths and weaknesses. Yes, both of them. If you have these 10 obvious signs of being a virtual assistant newbie, you’ll surely outgrow all of them in 12-24 months time so don’t be scared. You’re not the first person who felt that way!

Well, truly no one can learn how to build a business in a month. To show you that you’re not alone in your journey, I compiled all of my personal experiences when I was starting. It would make me feel better if you’ll comment below which ones you currently have or had. It would also make other new and aspiring VA’s determine where they are at the moment in terms of business. For me, it doesn’t matter where or how you started as an entrepreneur, as long as you keep on going. As the old saying goes, “QUITTERS NEVER WIN and WINNERS NEVER QUIT”!

10 signs of being a virtual assistant

Here Are the 10 Signs I had when starting as a Virtual Assistant

1. Online Terms sounds “ALIEN” to me

I felt like I need an online dictionary for the terms that are completely ALIEN for
me! I have written a few examples below. I would love to know how many sounds
unfamiliar to you now. Don’t worry, because you will learn it sooner than you think
and NOT knowing all of them doesn’t mean you’re not skilled enough, so let’s have some fun and share what seems to be “alien” to you. I won’t be listing much, just enough to tickle your memory. You may “comment” below for the meaning of some words you know, too! 🙂

Virtual assistant terms and jargons

2. Scared to try new things and tools

When I first tried Google Hangouts, I was scared to death! My hands were cold
and numb and my voice seems to tremble. You can watch my first Hangouts Video with my friend Florida Napalan here:
and see what I mean. Both of us weren’t that prepared but for the sake of being able to pull it off and face our fears, we both did it even if she doesn’t have a decent webcam. Pardon for the video quality but that’s the best example of how scared I was when I was starting. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I hope you won’t criticize much. hahaha!

3. Don’t know groups exist in Social Media and what to do there for business

When I first discovered they exist, I tried to look for all groups I can imagine and it
was fun! It made me feel like I want to pull my hair for NOT learning it soon enough, though. Knowing that they’re ALL (felt like everyone except me) “there”, having fun and making money but I don’t even know it existed. Ugh!

4. What to do FIRST to get started.

Tools for virtual assistant

It really isn’t easy to get started especially if all you know are online agency sites
like onlinej*, freel*, od*, my* and the likes. Of
course, it’s easier to just update a resume, search for job vacancies and send an
application, right? But easy is not equivalent to success. Good thing I learned that soon enough and I hope you are, too!

5. Don’t know what skill or service I need to offer

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t know what to offer as a service even
though you have TONS of working experience. You’re not the only one who
thought that your skill may be mediocre than others. I even though the
online industry is for techie persons, only. Those that know how to code and
programme. And I’m glad I was wrong.

6. Can’t decide for your service price

Who can say they know how to price their services when they started online? I
don’t think anyone can! When I started, was too scared to quote a project
especially if it’s done face to face, if Hangouts and Skype count. 🙂

7. Scared of client “interviews” or what we call “Discovery Session”

What I was scared of that time is the fear of how they will react when I quote a
“standard” VA rate knowing that I’m located in the Philippines when they can get
VA’s from their own country. Yes, it was really hard to boost my confidence
and I believe that I can compete with VA’s from other countries where my Ideal
Clients are.

8. Don’t know how to “Look Out” and pitch for Prospects

Of course, I didn’t know how to “FISH” in the beginning. But as time goes by and
as I see every VA’s I know are doing the same thing online, I came to realize that I have the
same skills set of skills that I can offer, the way they’re doing it. And so I did.

9. Very low self confidence and not business owner-like

I don’t know, but at that time, all I feel was that I am inferior than those in
progressive countries. Until I am able to make friends with them and found out that
we’re all the same. We all have the same fears, needs and the same
dreams, in one way or another. We may differ in skills and values, but that’s what makes the
Client-hunting fun! It’s like finding your best “mate”.

10. Don’t know how my skills can to get noticed

I’m not fond of “parties” while I was growing up but I didn’t know they have one on
Facebook! I started making friends and networks by joining these parties and
groups and that’s where I learned most of what I know today. You’ll get noticed
by being “YOU” and by giving benefits to others. By focusing on what they need,
not yours, you’ll be able to gain more clients rather than always offering your

These are just some of the things I felt while starting my VA business. Looking back two years after, I can’t believe I still have sooo much to learn and more things to do.

If your gadgets are not enough to get started, you may check out these new HOT DEALS in Lazada PH for the cheapest laptops you can use! Check them here:

And to get started as I did, here’s the link to my ebook,
which may be of help. Follow me in Facebook and JOIN our Facebook Group of new and aspiring VA’s for support. I’d love to see your comments below if you like this post. Do your friends a favor and share them this if you think it may help them in their career. See you on my next post!

Nov 16

10 Questions Virtual Assistants Should Answer And What To Do After

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation

May 2013 when first had a taste of the online industry. I never knew anything about it but I capitalized on what skills I have from years in the corporate world. In my first 6 months, nobody helped or mentored me until I found Facebook groups that supports starting Virtual Assistants like me. I never looked back since then. Now, I’m going to share the 10 questions Virtual Assistants should answer and what to do after in order to successfully start an earning home-based business.

10 Questions Virtual Assistants Should Answer

1. Do you want to become an (A) Employee or (B) Entrepreneur?
(If your answered (A) employee, there are VA jobs available in different agency
sites but if you answered (B) Entrepreneur, you may proceed answering the next questions)
2. What kind of entrepreneur do you want to become? (A) Traditional (B) Online
(Again, if you answered (A), you may stop answering. If (B), you may proceed)
3. What kind of services do you want to offer?
4. How much do you want to earn?
5. What is the fair market value of the product/service that you’re offering?
2 calendars
6. Do you have the credibility and/or authority to offer such product or service?
7. Who are your target clients?
8. Where can you find your ideal clients?
9. What are the things that you need to get started?
10.What are your plans today and in the coming years for your business?
There are more questions that you need to ask yourself but so far, this is the basics. Once you have answered these, you can use your answers in determining if the Virtual Assistant business is really for you or not.
The act of deciding is the hardest part. Then committing to it. Because once you’ve decided and committed, all work should start. Here are some of the things you need to do first in order to get your business up and running.

10 Things Virtual Assistants Should Start Doing

1. Set up your social media pages
2. Create your website with portfolios (if you can’t afford it yet, you can use’s free hosting)
3. Regularly post in social media accounts and start building authority and relationships to your ideal clients
4. Prepare your contracts, company policies, client information forms and pricing
5. Start looking out for clients and submit your application
6. Prepare for a discovery session and make sure to take control. Ask questions and
offer advice if possible (offer how your expertise can help the client and don’t
wait for him/her to ask you)
7. Clients pick their VA’s based on their expertise, attitude and trust.
If they don’t pick you, proceed with the next client, move on and take what
you’ve learned to the next one until you finally get a YES.
8. Repeat the process until you get more clients than you can handle.
9. Build your authority by always offering valuable things to your market.
Create regular relevant contents like blogs, videos, podcasts, e-zines, etc.
This will also build your confidence and your clients will see that you
really know what you’re talking about.
10.Expand your business if you want to but prepare for plan B. In case something
happens with your VA business, make sure you have a back-up business or other source of income.
SocialMedia  Dependency Syndrome_professionalvas_3
These may look simple for some who knows more about the online industry and the technology that supports it but for those who just learned how to do social media postings, this is a tough road to start with. Don’t lose hope. Just start with what you know, learn those you don’t and apply them right away.
If you don’t have a laptop that you can use, LazadaPH is now offering a variety of brands on sale at the moment. You may check them out here, and who knows, you might get one at a knock-off! Make technology your best friend. A business doesn’t have to start big but your vision is.
Always remember, we all started with nothing. In fact, we’re all born naked. With enough faith, perseverance and the will to get to where we want, we can make all things possible.
What else you want to talk about next? Here’s another related post if you want to know more about making a VA business survive.

Aug 24

How To Make Your Virtual Assistant Business Survive

By rochefel | blogs , Business Foundation , recommend

People are often misunderstood. We shouldn’t always assume that people understands what we do, what we want and how we want things done. It’s sad but it’s true, both in our personal lives and business. As a working mom and a business owner, I learned this as I continue to build my own business and at the same time, find ways to teach you how to make your Virtual Assistant business 6 Steps to start your Virtual Assistant business survive in the online industry. Education and motivation is the key. But how?
It’s not easy. We all have to plan it right, stick to it and never give up. Now, it seems so easy as you’re reading it. It looks so simple but as you apply it everyday, you may get frustrated in the process, get demotivated and feel like you’re not progressing at all. If you find yourself in this situation, find someone you can talk to My VA guardian angel . Better yet, find an accountability partner. Both of you may lift each other up when the other is down, keep you accountable for the tasks you set yourself to do and inspire each other with your little accomplishments.
You see, I get a lot of emails and private messages every day asking where to find clients, how to get started and how do I manage to maintain my online business, homeschool my 5-year-old daughter and still do coaching and training on the side. My answer is always like this:
“I have created free training videos in my Youtube channel where you can train yourself and get started. There are home works available and I recommend that you do them, too to help give you clarity and commit with your business goals. As you go along, never quit no matter how hard it may seem. Things aren’t easy but once you do it right, things will fall into its proper place. About me having to juggle so many hats, it’s a matter of time management, self-discipline and task prioritizing. Try to make a schedule for the day and check out the things that you’re able to do and you’ll see and appreciate how many tasks you’ve done.”
At the end of the day, our productivity can be measured by how much we accomplished in all the hats we’re trying to put on. Asking yourself these questions may help you with your daily routine. Give it a try and share your answers at the comments below.
How much time do I need to allot for my house hold chores? 1 hour? two?
How much time does my clients’ tasks need?
How long does it take for me to constantly do online marketing each day?
How long can I answer RFP’s (Request for Proposal) from prospective clients?
How much time should I allot improving my skills?
How much time should I use in my business tasks? Accounting, blogging, etc?
Do I still have enough time left for my kids? Husband? Myself? how much?
These are just some of the things every VA should understand and should have answer for in order to have a work-life balance. Let’s say we have 12 hours a day to spare for all those tasks, try to chunk them out. You don’t have to do some everyday. Some may be done twice or once a week and you can also set your own days off. When things get rough, a Virtual Assistant finds a way
Now that you have created a nice chunk of hours, I suggest you print it in a nice, decorated paper and put it on your desk, where you can see it every day. Surely you won’t miss a task from now on!
Now, going back to the basic question most coaches are asking. “What is that thing that you would keep on doing even it’s for free?” Something that you’re so good at or you really want to learn and become an expert of? What is your ZONE OF GENIUS?
The reason why I always ask this is because it’s always been related to your inner goals. Ask yourself these questions.
1. What kind of job I like doing?
2. How much do I want to earn?
3. Why do I want to set up a business? Your story and message.
4. If I’d be doing something for free, what is it?
5. Apart from reaching your financial goal, what else would you want to do? Something that will make you feel happy and fulfilled?
6. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 10 years or more?
7. Who would you want to share your dreams and struggles with? Why?
Some questions may take you weeks or months to answer. Take your time. Top 10 Business planning essesntials for Virtual Assistants Business building can’t happen overnight. It’s like you’re building a physical building. It needs a visual of what you want in the beginning, then the structural design where the foundations are laid, then the architectural design. It takes a lot of skilled hands with different expertise to finish it so don’t beat yourself when you can’t do accounting or logo design for your business. If you can’t do something, find someone who can and concentrate on what you do best.
The road to building a business isn’t a smooth ride and I always say this in every blogs, webinars and videos that I make. The road is rough, with lots of twists and turns. Find your WHY’s and the HOW’s will follow.
Please feel free to answer the questions above and share them below. You may also find my previous post helpful, about “5 ways virtual assistant can train for free” Until my next post. 🙂

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