After more than 11 years in the corporate world, gaining experience and perfecting her craft, Roche Rivera decided to take another leap in her career.
To stay at home and take care of her kids.
While attending to her full-time-mom role, she discovered the Virtual Assistance (VA) Business and decided to finally do the things she love doing the most. Writing (blogging/ebooks), social media, training and coaching. With these as her initial services and her corporate training in various fields, she started learning and building the business at the same time.
She believes that all Virtual Assistants should be treated and paid equally regardless of their location as long as they can do the job well and meets expectation. Her firm belief to equality and high degree of customer satisfaction made her manage her clients tasks and give training to new and aspiring VAs at the same time.
Knowing she can’t do it alone, she gathered experts with different skills and background to provide a variety of service to Virtual Assistants like her and other business owners from all parts of the world. Together, they aim to help meet client’s GOALS and make a difference in the Virtual Assistance industry and promote their advocacy of VA equality.
Using the internet as their main tool, the team’s combined expertise in Linux and Microsoft Administration, Networking, Website Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Graphic Design, Social Media Management and Administrative Support will be of great help to anyone who wants to FREE-UP their time to do the “more productive tasks” or just spend it with their families for a more quality time and life balance!
They believe in three things:
#1. That all VAs and business opportunities are equal. Talent, skills and the value of their service should be the basis for pricing, not Nationality, location or anything else.
#2. In meeting and exceeding client satisfaction, do they find pride in what they do.
#3. The only way to succeed is to help others get what they want, not the other way around.
With this as their main goal, they would surely go out of their way to deliver the best service to their clients and VA partners at any given time.

What Clients Say

Nick Nekoo
Nick Nekoo - Professional Virtual Assistant

  “Rochefel is by far the most dependable and reliable VA I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She’s extremely dedicated to her job, she works hard and smart, she has a wonderful attitude and her ability to think outside the box gave me the peace of mind to not worry about unforeseen ...

Marie Gray
Marie Gray - Professional Virtual Assistant

  “I cannot say enough good things about Rochefel and her team. She worked with me across time zones and some password problems to make a small fix to my website that I was simply TIRED of fiddling with. I gladly paid for a full hour even though it didn’t take that long. I will ...

Rommel Remonte
Rommel Remonte - Professional Virtual Assistant

  “I have the pleasure to appreciate Rochefel for her outstanding performance and devotion in carrying out her job. Rochefel has been working for me since December 2005 up to date as a PERSONAL ASSISTANT. Her main responsibility is to handle my banking and finances. She is able to perform multi task aside from her ...

dronico espina
dronico espina - Professional Virtual Assistant

  “Rochefel has been my proofreader, since 1998, she was still in college then and has helped my petitions and other business correspondents look more professional. Although I’m doing the petition papers, they still need some editing and proofreading and that’s one of her expertise that I take advantage of until now. She really is ...

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