After more than 11 years in the corporate world, Roche discovered the Virtual Assistance (VA) industry. A World where she can be what she want to be without having to leave home. A world where people connect, do business and exchange information through the internet.
At first, she didn’t know what to do or where to start but with the use of Facebook communities and some industry coaches, she managed to get started with a few clients, doing Social Media Management, Blogging and Admin Support. Four years later, she was able to grow her skills in Online Business Management and Consulting and build her own team of like-minded virtual assistants who want to build their own businesses from home, too.
As of to date, the team has a combined expertise in the following fields:
1. Website Development
2. Website Design
3. SEO
4. Website Security
5. Graphic Design
6. Accounting
7. Event/Summit Organizing (online and onsite)
8. Facebook Ads
9. Content (copy/blogs) Writing
10. Video Editing
11. Social Media Management
12. Customer Service
13. Recruitment
14. Human Resource Management and consulting
15. Admin Support
16. Online business set up and consulting
17. Online business training
She believes that all Virtual Assistants should be treated and paid equally regardless of their location as long as they can do the job well and meets expectation. Her firm belief to equality and high degree of customer satisfaction made her manage her clients’ tasks and give training to new and aspiring VAs at the same time through the www.professionalvas-academy.com.
Using the internet as their main tool, the team’s combined experience will be of great help to any business owner who wants to do the “more productive things” or just spend it with their families for a more quality time and life balance!