Today, I was lucky enough to be listening to a message of wealth from Chinkee Tan, a well-known author and financial coach here in the Philippines. I said lucky because NOT many people get to hear him speak and NOT everyone gets his real message. Most of all, NOT everyone who got the message are willing to apply what they’ve learned.
For me, this is the most essential part of learning. To execute your knowledge through well-planned actions to improve yourself, become a better person and pursue a certain goal. Let me share a few of my take-aways in his presentation and hopefully, it’ll be the start of a new YOU.

4 Things I learned from Chinkee Tan

Money is something we all spend but not all of us know how to handle properly so let me show you the 4 things he mentioned that we all fail to do.
1. Create multiple source of income – “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, a famous quotation says. No rich person earns from a single source of income only so as early as now, plan for a multiple-source of income. Start with one and create as many as you can.
2. Handle wealth properly – As soon as you have the wealth you worked so hard for, make sure you know how to manage it. Business may get you the money but the people that helped you get there also makes up your “wealth”. Value the people that shows genuine concern for you, your business and believes in what you do and where you want to go.
3. Grow your wealth consistently – If you know how to handle wealth properly and appreciates the people around you, it is also important to learn how you grow your business in a constant manner. Innovate and update your processes, products and services. Keep up with change and use technology to your advantage.
4. Protect it – Because if you don’t, it can easily vanish.
If you want to learn more about them, CHINKEE TAN will be speaking live on June 20th, Saturday at the Metro Walk, Pasig. CLICK HERE. You may also SIGN UP HERE for a special MONEY KIT webinar series I will be conducting in the next couple of weeks and months.
Going back to doing lesson #1, how can you invest in something if you don’t have anything in your pocket to start with?
This is where his latest product, “The Money Kit” comes in. This is the only product in the Philippines made to teach Filipinos how to handle our finances, get us out of debt and have the ability to invest in any business opportunity in the future.
In his “Money Kit”, he tells us how we all need to practice budgeting through his book, “Till Debt Do Us Part” which comes with the package. What makes the steps even easier is that it comes with templates, forms and a downloadable “Money Kit Program” to help monitor your finances. Of course, this will only be effective if you are willing follow the steps religiously and make a few adjustments on your normal spending habits. Isn’t this what you want?
I am an accredited online lead generator for this particular product but apart from anything else, I believe in the product’s effectiveness and in its drive to teach everyone the value of saving and living within our means. Being financially smart is an advantage we can all use in your future financial decision making and having enough savings in the bank lessens stress and pressure, making life more fun and enjoyable.
Virtual Assistant Costing
The only thing you need is a proven system such as this one and your willingness to follow the program itself. As my gift to those who want the “Money Kit”, I will be creating a video series exclusive only to those who will SIGN UP HERE.
See you in our journey to master the art of handling MONEY the right way. As an added bonus to those who will buy the MONEY KIT, sign up below and get a FREE Chink+ T-shirt!

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