Need more time in your BUSINESS?

Are You an Entrepreneur Starting to Get Overwhelmed with Tasks that are not Profit-Oriented?

Maybe it’s time that you get help without paying a FULL-TIME employee! Yes, you read it right! You can hire someone, pay him/her by the hour of service he/she does without the benefits of a regular employee!

Want to know how?

A virtual assistant (VA) offers services that might be of help to your business. Mostly, VA’s do different types of services based on their expertise so you’re sure that you’re hiring the best!

To know more about getting a VA, you can click this link and I’ll bring you to a complete eBook that will guide you in detail, how to work with a VA, its benefits and what to expect from them.

Virtual Assistants and Friends Made The Jeremiah Girls Happy

January 21, 2016 by rochefel

  Virtual Assistants and friends made the Jeremiah Girls Happy last Monday, January 18th, 2016. We were so blessed to be given a chance to meet these girls from the Jeremiah Foundation to give our combined gifts of love.   The girls are between the ages of 11-18 but all are happy and excited to ...

To all Virtual Assistants, #VApreneurs and Dream-Reachers

January 8, 2016 by rochefel

  Sometimes, I wear my creativity hat and just let ideas flow on my head. I let loose and absorb things. I try to remember and forget at the same time. I try to remember my dreams and the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing. I also try to forget the pain, the sadness ...

Virtual Assistants and Friends Joined For #ProjectJeremiah

December 21, 2015 by rochefel

In December 2015, Professionalvas, together with VA friends and families initiated an event called “The Virtual Assistant Gift-Giving Project”, making 100 kids happy with a simple Noche Buena package given to them. This year, interested Virtual Assistants and friends joined for #ProjectJeremiah, a small effort to help a foundation for girls in Green Park, Manggahan, ...

10 Obvious Signs Of Being A Virtual Assistant Newbie

December 6, 2015 by rochefel

When I started this Virtual Assistant (VA) business back in December 2013, I was a completely lost. There was sooooo much fear in me and I’m scared at most things. Without anywhere else to go, I had to give it a try. I have to face all my fears and give all of my strengths ...

3 Steps to get a Virtual Assistant that fits

Identify The Tasks For Your Virtual Assistant

Every business owner needs help and I can attest to that! I have a Virtual Assistant business and I need help myself so I decided to write about how to identify the tasks to be given to your virtual assistant. As for me, I got myself the best VA I could ever have. My high school best friend.
She didn’t know much at first but I like her motivation and attitude. Maybe I just don’t care about skills much because I wasn’t looking


Define Your Ideal VA!

Once you have defined the need for a VA, our next step is to make your VA come to life. I don’t mean anything superficial but it’s simply defining the traits and characters you would love your VA to have.
You can start the definition by gender, location, age, education or work background, hobbies, advocacies or anything you’d like your VA to have. You can even give HIM/HER a name if you want! This helps you to get the exact fit to y


Find Them in Groups or Networks!

Now, are you ready for VA hunting? This is where the fun and adventure starts! Finally looking for your “Ideal VA”! Depending on your preference of the VA’s gender, location, industry,etc., you can find HIM/HER in most VA groups.
VA’s have this special way of supporting each other so they normally hang out in social media groups, mostly in LinkedIn, Facebook and sometimes, in Twitter. You can try these simple steps to finally meet